Why do women complain so much? Whenever my gf talks its 90% complaining about life...

Why do women complain so much? Whenever my gf talks its 90% complaining about life, how can I get her to be more positive?

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By cutting contact and blocking her number.

Find a healthy woman, you got a defective model.

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She lives with me, it wouldn't be that easy.

>Why do women complain so much? Whenever my gf talks its 90% complaining about life
It's what they do, bro. She's not looking for solutions to her problems, she's just venting.

I get that venting is natural to a degree, but she is negative to the point that almost nothing she talks about is in a positive light. None of my ex's complained as much as she does. She's great in every other aspect but goddamn I wish she would shut the fuck up sometimes.

unironically get her into therapy.

>Why do women complain so much?
Your girlfriend sucks. I don't see why women should collectively take the blame for your poor choice in partner.


I dated a girl for close to 4 years.

Year one was amazing.

By year three things started to decline as the layers of her false persona started to peel back. Started getting lazy, started being super jealous of others and started bitching ALOT.

I sat her down, talked to her about my concerns. I told her i'm her partner and not her friends. If she wants to just 'vent' do it else where, I want to help and if she brings problems to me, I will try to fix it. I don't want to be apart of this exhausting exorcise.

By year 4 I finally broke it off because it was too much stress looking after a woman - child.

After all that, my advice? Run. Its not worth the mental gymnastics for such a sorry sack of uselessness.

Complainers want emotional validation. You need to act like you really care and complain with her.
Yes that's right. If she bitches about Suzy being mean or whatever you just start lambasting Suzy. "Oh I know, she's trash, hope she gets hit by a bus"
Now the point here is you're going overboard. If she's complaining at an 8 you complain in accordance at a 9. Why? First you validate her feelings. Then you flip the script so her natural response will be what you're probably doing now (oh, it's not so bad)
Eventually she will run out of shit to complain about and/or will psych herself into being more positive.

Threaten to beat the shit out of her or fuck her in the ass dry if she doesn't shit the fuck up. Actually follow through if she doesn't. But I know you won't, otherwise this wouldn't be a problem to begin with. Sje treats you like her girl friends because you behave like one. She would treat you like a man, and thus only a tough, sexual being, if you behaved like one.

Grow up and ball up, don’t be such a pussy.

“I think we should break up and see other people. I’ll be leaving when the lease is up.”

is she a perfectionist by chance? is she overly stubborn and procrastinating?

I like your style.

so you can make jokes about her whining or say something positive

why are you complaining about women, are you gay?


but people won't take your advice lol this generation needs to be babied for some reason before they can bring themselves to lift a finger to help themselves. and i dont even know if the latter happens, i think this generation is just a bunch of faggotboys lookin for a master to take care of them. or something. shitty analogy but i fucking hate this generation and it's desire to be babied. parents have really fucked this time period up in a weird fucking way

Modern generations grew up playing video games and didn't learn to socialize. We’re an entire generation of isolation monkeys.

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you got that right. it's fucking weird. actually being good at socializing makes you stick out like a sore fucking thumb. I fucking hate the idea of it, i'm a god damn fucking psychotic schizophrenic bipolar sperg i shouldn't be expected to do this shit but the fucking lack of social skills is every god damn where i don't have a choice. This shit blows fucking DICK

I blame parents, kids don't just spawn with games. Honestly, the mouse utopia experiment is a good example.

it is a bonding mechanism, they complain because that means that somebody is there to act as support, which relaxes them.

if it bothers you too much let her understand that it is taking a toll on your mental wellbeing, she will modulate herself if she loves you.

Thanks, fellow enlightened user.

>I blame
>I blame
>blame blame blame
There ya go. With chronic depression I feel most failings are my own, in not realizing what many others picked up on early. I put my own head in the sand-- what's worse, probably knowingly.

I think this culture of blame escapism is stupid. What the fuck good is blaming parents? We gonna make them feel bad for failing to properly raise autists or people who actively isolate themselves...?