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Y'all think a lotto win, a dead rich uncle or something would improve your life beyond just being no longer financially restrained?

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Yes, substantially. The fuck kind of question even is that?

>does money make you happy
Yes, nigga, tf? Capitalism places values on everything in life and the lockout is severely painful, emotionally and physically.

Yes, even though technically I'd just be hanging myself with a longer rope, if you catch my meaning. I don't deserve nice things.

Eh, not really, no. China will still be a shitter country, Islam will still literally have a passage permitting lying deadass to anyone not 'of God's people,' and rich people will still command power to bend and break the only things protecting any of us.

It would be a reprieve, sure, and money is indeed fantastic but it wouldn't fix what genuinely pisses me off about all this.
Granted, I wouldn't say no to money. A brother's gotta eat.

I won a lottery of sorts and while it did improve me monetarily, it didn't help much else.

I was thinking about how much money I would need to fix my life at this stage. But money can't buy you back your teenage years can it?

Money can't buy you happiness but I'd rather be crying in a ferrari. That being said I c


Gonna turn 27 in a few days. Khv never had a GF. Don't have enough cash to buy an escort. My job is so slow and boring. I don't have the skills or motivation to do anything else so I'm doomed.

Turned 27. I have an ok job which is starting to give me a ton of stress since. I've had one gf, who I broke up with a couple years ago. (she had BPD) and left me even more broken.

I've been made lonely. I have no friends and I'm starting to so people around me getting married. I can go days without having a conversation that isn't work related.

Now, I'm starting to have constant anxiety attacks. I don't know if this is related to the loneliness or if it's something else. I used to just be depressed (which now I prefer at this point)

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You know, most people aren't good human beings.

The good seem to exist on a different tangent to me, I watch them glide through a garbage world as if they're on a different plane of existence, insulated.

Who'da thunk that working in at a wageslave customer service job in an upmarket area, that you'd meet the exact same type of nasty people you'd meet in a ghetto area? Like even with money, they're just the same beasts.

You know as shit as my life is right now, I'm happy that I grew up before social media and before Jow Forums and even before the internet was a standard household appliance.

People under the age of like 30 are f u c k e d.

I don't mean it in like a "the polar caps are melting and ocean are turning acid: cause that'll affect everyone regardless of age if it ends up being the worst case scenario. I'm talking about the whole internet identity politics thing. People who roleplay as fascists vs people who roleplay as socialists. Incels vs trysexual polyamorist bloggers. People who politicize anything from either side like Dave Chapelle or video games or whatever else.

Back in my day, a skinny awkward kid could hook up with a fat girl at a pop-punk concert and it would all be peaches and cream. Now all the young millenials and zoomers are too busy being mad at each other online and picking sides on everything and anything and are too stupid to know how to even live a life.

Had I been born like 10 or 15 years later, I'd be one of them for sure.

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I dunno, there's no way I could've done worse than this lifetime.

I can't imagine what it's like being a zoomer or even younger than 30.

All that stuff I wrote, obviously, but then the whole nightmare of cell phones and social media. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love having a futuristic space computer that fits in my pocket and grants me immediate access to nearly all of the world's recorded history and media - but back in my day a kid could shit his pants and cry in class without having 29 cameras pop up and instantly transmit it for everyone to see. Also kids were mean enough with gossip and shit back in my day I can't imagine that extra level of OMG Did You See Becky Liked Kevin's Post On Instagram What A Slut

>Y'all think a lotto win, a dead rich uncle or something would improve your life beyond just being no longer financially restrained?

I'd probably end up dying of a drug overdose if I won the lotto, I'd end up doing all sorts of hard drugs and have my own personal doctor and pharmacist lol.

I'd prolly have all of that money invested living off the interest getting wasted and traveling the world banging top notch whores and eating the best foods lol.

>but back in my day a kid could shit his pants and cry in class without having 29 cameras pop up and instantly transmit it for everyone to see

I know that feel senpai. I hate when people are at their lowest and everyone feels the need to take pictures

The whole point of being 27+ is to realize that those years aren't important anymore.

Money bought me a plane ticket to emigrate to another country where I'm an "exotic stranger with foreign charm and great learning" rather than "the local nerd incel who hangs out at the library too much", and using that I can date girls 10 years younger than me.

So it KINDA did buy me back my, eh, early 20s if not teenage years.

what country is that friend?

I'm 31 years old. I make average money (70k/y) and live in a small house. The only things that make me happy anymore is porn, strippers, and prostitutes. Video games are a chore, coworkers I put up with, friends I hang out with out of obligation. I wish I could be getting laid every hour on the hour because I crave women that much. If it wasn't for strippers and whores I'd go crazy due to not getting that touch.


>So it KINDA did buy me back my, eh, early 20s if not teenage years.

That's a really narrow interpretation of your teenage years.

Most of poor people's problems are due to lack of money. Most of rich people's problems are to do with paranoia of people taking their money, or such boredom that they create other drama.
Why are you shocked?

I think you're replying to the wrong post

Senpai, I just need money to live a steady life. I would buy land out west and build a home and do some light traveling with a camper. Then I would take a few classes and start a few small businesses to consume my time.

I may still be sad but at least I can kill myself in a nice suit.

Stop talking like niggers and Yes. You cunts

Yes, I would be able to afford decent quality healthcare, fix myself up and at least stop looking like a freak.


That is average. I am smack dab in the middle class.

Sneaking out to the titty club would be a lot more entertaining with more money. That’s about all I see changing tho.

I think the novelty would wear off after about a week or two

Fuck you shaun

No, I'm from Baltics, our medicine is government funded only on paper. If you need something more than Ibuprofen you have to either go to private clinics or pay bribes.

I'm 28 and the same way. Imagine being in high school, doing you, being you, only everyone's got a fucking high-powered camera literally five seconds away from filming you at any given time-- if I pull my phone out of my pocket (maybe 2sec) and give it a little wank motion (another 2sec maybe) it pops out the camera. After that, it handles motion blur pretty well so if I get it pointed at the target (really in a second), I'm filming whatever's going on.

i made millionzzz of sweet eurozzz from bitcoin with no effort, just cause got bunch of them for free when it started, nothing changed, nothing, still do same thing as always, but im kinda minimalist so i dont ever spend much money

Not even a small change?

You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to my teenage years. I am 36 and am the most attractive and financially we off than I’ve ever been. That said, money always makes life better...if used correctly.

Yeah, I make $167K and I feel it’s average

Fuck you.

Every now and then some richfag moron will cry on my shoulder about "how hard life is" and how "money gives them no joy". I always tell them to try the poorfag life for a week. Just one week. Get a job moving heavy shit under the rule of a psychopath yelling boss for 8 hours a day, in a really cold place that's 2 hours from home and that you can only reach by taking 3 buses. Work there surrounded by co-workers that have had a brutal life and have been treated like animals since they were born and get paid a laughable amount of money at the end. Do it for a week and I guarantee you once the week passes your "depression" will be cured.
I've got other cures for depression if anyone is interested.

why don't you just get into the skilled trades so you won't have to do nigger work for the rest of your life?

I would need a lot of money to improve my life and I'd probably waste a bit of that on surgery to make my body less awful to deal with.
I'd like to be able to live on my own without being dirt poor though, that's more important.

I'm doing alright for myself now, but I had to go through several pretty shitty jobs as a youngfag. To the point of crying in a fetal position because I have to be "there" in 3 hours, to do "that again" with "those people" for that "tiny money" *crying intensifies. It's been a teaching that has accompanied all my life. I basically swore to myself that I'd do whatever necessary to avoid that kind of life. As it's literally inhumane. But richfags or even middleclass fags don't know that and tell you that money makes no difference, lol

No. Having money is nice in that you don’t have to worry about it, but it can’t bring happiness.

Beyond the financial relief dude.

I spend plenty of time in a shitty wageslave where the customers hurl all sorts of abuse for problems not related to me as an individual, and am always on the verge of being physically assualted.

Yes, because then I could dedicate 100% of my time and energy to finishing my novel. It’s the most important thing I’ve ever made— to me, anyway— and nothing would make me happier. I’m about 76% complete with the first draft.

It'd take away my financial concerns, but that's all. I'm not miserable because I'm broke, I'm miserable because my life is a stagnant pond of shit and I don't know how to, or what I'd fix it with.

>Video games are a chore, coworkers I put up with, friends I hang out with out of obligation.
Get out of my head, Charles.

I will turn 27 at the end of next month with an annual income of about $90k and a liquid net worth somewhere around $400k. I doesn't feel like it's enough and at the same time I couldn't care less about my job or career.

As I was in my final semester of university once again getting shamed for being a kv my roommate said something along the lines of
>once you graduate girls are definitely going to pay attention to you bro
and then it all made perfect sense. I was being groomed into being betabux and the one attractive feature is the income I can provide to used worn out roasties
so now I'm stuck here
either stay like this forever or download Tinder and man up to provide for an overweight worthless waste of space

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You're 27 dude, you have plenty of fucking ahead of you.

And serious advice, if you feel like you didn't get pussy when you were young, delay the marriage stage for a while and try to get it now. You're not going to survive in a marriage with the constant noise of "you didn't enjoy life" in the background. Download Tinder and learn to play those bitches, know how to sound like a 'sure bet' and get them to fuck you and then ditch their ass. Womanize, the lack of it is the reason you're talking like a broken drone.

> (OP)
Absolutely. And yes, I've read all the reports and horror stories of lottery winners. In my eyes it's easy.
>Win big lotto jackpot, buy nice plot of land, house, build thick tall ass walls and fortress-like house nearly inaccessible to others. Add a dropbox for Amazon & food deliveries. Never leave home again, play vidya all day, and get everything I need delivered. Buy each family member a house and ignore them from then on out, change all contact information, get rid of all social media, etc, just drop off the face of the planet.

When the wife complains she wants to go out, we'll just book a vacation to Disney World or Japan. I don't see how this isn't a happy win situation by becoming rich. Just make sure I pre-pay all my utilities for 60+ years, get solar panels and everything is electric, and I'm set. even if I blow all my money, I'll never need to work again so long as I set enough aside to pay property taxes for the next 50-60 years of my life.

Not having to go there "to eat a disproportionate amount of shit because there are bills that need to get paid" is one of the most liberating things I've ever experienced. Being able to walk away from jobs that are just inhumane is the healthiest. Because, let it be said, some people are true sadists and will make everyones life a nightmare, and what a better place to do that than a workplace where people can't leave because they are terrorized from going broke? Same with some customers. I've seen people cry at work, I've seen people end up in a psychiatrist warden, people being yelled at as if they were animals, people pushed, bullied, injured from repetitive work. I was young and told myself I rather dumpster dive than end up like that. So I organized my life in a way that I didn't have to take any of that shit. Some people couldn't do that, they found themselves with responsibilities and without alternatives and the only way to survive was to keep eating shit, enduring the crazy person, take the yelling, the pushing, the retarded pointless orders that just mean extra work for nothing...
Money helps way beyond financial relief, that was the point I was trying to make at least. Or, to put it in an other way, financial relief oftentimes means physical relief (not having to do a physical extenuating harmful job, for example), emotional (not having to deal with sub humans yelling at you for no reason), mental (not having to do repetitive OR very badly designed tasks over and over until your mind melts down and you want to die), etc. All those things make you happier, the same way that being able to afford a car makes you happier than having to take the bus.

When you are in a relationship, how do you guys deal with her when she has her period? Any solid advice would be appreciated. Once I tried the "YES I KNOW YOU HAVE YOUR PERIOD BUT I DON'T CARE, STOP BEING A CUNT NOW". It kind of worked but there was a bit of backlash.
Ideas? Anyone?

Wrong thread. Soz.

>get them to fuck you and then ditch their ass
so basically lie to strangers?

Not him but I personally don't think it's going to work for you.

you should elaborate on that

im with same gf as before, same hobies as before, same ambitions, eat same food, live same location, feel same when was broke and now being rich, i think its like alcohol if u fucked up mentaly u find it nice to get drunk regulary, but i am all balanced and have no need to get drunk, same with money if u balanced individual it does nothing, like only difference i can point to is that i have "emergency fund", i live in canary islands spain so healthcare is free idk what that emergency would be

There seem to be a bunch of middle-class and rich 27+ people here; please, I need your advice:
I'm about to turn 28 in a month and I am fucking petrified because I have no money saved, no house, no car, no assets of any kind, and no career to maybe even start working on those things. This, to a khv at my age (which I wont harp on about), is a significant source of insecurity- both literal and figurative.

All I've accomplished is graduating with a shitty degree at 24 (Bachelor of Science) and I've been bouncing around doing unskilled admin/HR work for the healthcare industry since. My income currently is ~35k USD.
How do I turn this around if I have no marketable skills or experience?

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But what about work user? Do you have to work? There is a huge difference between having to and not having to. Being able to walk away from ANY job at any time is like the most liberating feeling ever.

>I was being groomed into being betabux and the one attractive feature is the income I can provide to used worn out roasties
>so now I'm stuck here
You're still talking roasties and betabux at 27?

Depending on the quality and quantity of answers you get we'll see if those anons were legit or if instead they were adding inches to their dicks. :^)
>pic unrelated

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I wonder if richfags get some kind of training in eluding / surviving gold diggers and shit like that. I mean, in school, or later on in business school or something.

>women are young and cute and sleep around
>women are no longer young and cute and need financial support
want to explain to me what about the word betabux is inaccurate?
want to explain why it is that any time anyone tries to hook me up with their desperate fat friends they preface it with my company and job title?

As you grow older you'll see an interdesting female behaviour, year by year. Around 30 their bio clock kicks in and they start to get off the dick carrousel and looking for someone to pay the bills, but they of course still think they deserve some kind of Adonis that worships them. So they discard pretty much everyone and keep looking for the perfect betaprovider. As each year passes they find themselves willing to kill to settle down with the dudes they refused 5 years ago. This goes on year after year after year. IMHO it's pointless to settle down with those girls (in fact adult women, but they still to call themselves "girls"). Past a certain age, it's not worth the trouble. Females that age that have ridden a thousand cocks become damaged goods and a liability. You're better off alone, fucking prostitutes or dating young girls. I wish I was a better writer so I could really make you understand how important this information is.

I'm guessing Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines or Indonesia... Am I right?

what do you expect us to tell someone with either a shitty degree or a good degree that they didn't leverage, then spent their 20's fucking around not doing much?

Either get training needed to get into a lucrative field and be willing to move far to get to where the jobs are or don't.

Fuck off Sam

>want to explain why it is that any time anyone tries to hook me up with their desperate fat friends they preface it with my company and job title?
probably because it's your only redeeming feature as otherwise you're just a 27+ year old angsty teenager still posting about poopoo peepees and normies on Jow Forums.

You're not being groomed into anything. You have no qualities beyond money. You YOURSELF haven't given us any qualities beyond your salary and savings AND you seem to think, despite being an "overweight waste of space", that you deserve some sort of young supermodel.

Jesus, I used to think that a lotta anons just had the bad luck of being born in shitty circumstances but some of them really lack the self-awareness of the terrible people they really are.

There's grains of truth about golddiggers and dating in your late 20s/early 30s but everything been twisted out of proportion.

>cock carousel
>damaged goods
>basically all the r9k buzzwords in one post

I can't believe that there are grown adults, people that are like 30 years old, that unironically believe in this still.

Not really. I already earn more than I spend and don't know what to do with the money beside saving. I don't really care for money, just want to live a comfortable life and work an engaging job with enough spare time for my hobbies. If I suddenly had millions I would travel some more, I guess. There's a chance it could also kill my aspirations and lessens the enjoyment of my job. So if I could choose I'd rather not win a significant amount of money.

That's ultimately what I'm asking: what's a lucrative field that's still open for entry to someone our age?
Because assuming training is required I'll be over 30 by the time I'm qualified.
I can't choose incorrectly here, and that's why it's so terrifying.

Its shocking, as I know plenty of 30 year old women who didn't do any cock carousel and seek someone to settle

women, how old are you and long are you willing to wait to start a family with someone you just started a relationship with?

>I'll be over 30 by the time I'm qualified
unemployment rate is 3%, unless youre a yuropoor in some shithole
time to let go of recession-era boogeyman stories
if you have the qualifications, you will be hired

>There's grains of truth about golddiggers and dating in your late 20s/early 30s but everything been twisted out of proportion.
The fun part starts past 30, and specially, past 35. Idk why the fuck everybody thinks this is a linear thing, when in fact is logarithmic. By 36-37-38 you'll start to see some real crazy shit and distracted nerds with decent jobs being hunted down left and right by pre wall women. It's not that I've been told, nor that I've read about it. I've seen plenty of insecure guys with good jobs, good careers and a great life suddenly "hit the jackpot" in their late 30's and getting together with a pre-wall "girl" way above their league, just to loose EVERYTHING in less than a decade. I've seen them turn into literal zombies following their girls around like some puppy and loose all control of their finances, time, everything.
Pretending that this is some sort of conspiracy theory it's a quite vile thing to do.

>You YOURSELF haven't given us any qualities beyond your salary and savings
in order to address OP's question, not give you a dating profile
the fact that you expect me to sit here and list out qualities to you at all, while everyone else just got naked and had casual sex in college for fun, based off mutual physical attraction, is the problem I'm trying to point out

>you deserve some sort of young supermodel
if we're talking about a serious relationship I want a woman with a similar age, equivalent level of education, commensurate income, roughly similar values, level of fitness, and some kind of common experiences
the fact that you go off the deep end and suggest I want anything more only provides the first piece of evidence to me you are some kind of ass blasted femanon and that I struck too close to home

>There's grains of truth about golddiggers and dating
and here's the second piece of evidence; brushing off the concept as though it's some fringe thing, it's just "gold digging" that "good women" don't do
we're not talking about sugar babies wanting a new pair of shoes, the fact that you're being so obtuse about the lifetime expenses involved in getting involved with a woman seriously just gives it away

>32 years old
>want to do a masters in English second language teaching and move to Japan
Bad idea?

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have you ever been to Japan?
have you ever been specifically where you would work in Japan?

I've been to Japan before, but admittedly a long time ago.
However I've lived in rural/remote areas as well, and am pretty confident I could enjoy living wherever I need to. The city has it's comforts and smaller towns are cozy- plus the countryside in general is very beautiful.

yeah that's not gonna cut it
you need to actually go and stay exactly where it is you intend to work for some time
it has the potential to be very rough living

In what respect, if you don't mind me asking?
I expect it to be a hard adjustment, but I can speak the language so I imagine it's doable.

I smash overtime to ensure I can afford things like car repairs and insurance without using a credit card, I live hand to mouth most months, any money I do save serves as a buffer for unexpected bills.
If I want to go out and socialise or do things I want to do (not regularly, just a couple of things I want to do, dating, a night out or a new coat/pair of trainers) I'll either live off noodles a few meals a week or eat out of the cupboards the last 7 - 10 days of the month.

I live in an expensive area an hour away from London (terrace houses in the less desirable areas cost upwards of £300k), it is near impossible to save for a mortgage, my best bet of getting on the property ladder is for both of my parents to die.
I play the lottery once a week just to keep the dream going, but I only ever knew one person who won £1k, more often than not when I do get a result I just win a free ticket. I also do premium bonds but that's turned up two £25 prizes in 10 years.

absolutely not, and it would have some chance of actually making my life worse

Yeah. You can invest in your own future and the future of your family/loved ones. That is pretty significant.

yes, I'm not in a great situation, not the worse, but could be better.

There are probably like 3 at most here.

you can speak the language even though you've only been there a long time ago? are your parents japanese?

if you are just some weeb stop now you are asking for trouble
all the other problems associated to that aside, the most fundamental reason is that the pay will be shit and you will have taken out credit hours at graduate level tuition, likely financed through loans

I've self-studied to a conversational level.
I can probably hit N2 if I brush up during the masters, which is good enough for teaching since half those JET fuckers are monoglots anyway.

Yeah the pay will be mediocre, but as long as I'm not in Tokyo it should be liveable.
Not a weeb btw. Longer-term, I might come back to my home country to be a Japanese second-language teacher.

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I’m 27 and have been fighting the urge to an hero every day.

Feels like I should be on “the next level” married,kids,the whole nine and I’m “stuck” being single. The main facotor is my weight.
I know I’m overweight and working on it but getting to that smaller size is so far away. You have to live out every day you’re not that weight in between and including finding it increasingly difficult. Trying to re orient your thinking and make the sacrifice while being surrounded by couples and families and everything else the seems to elude you isn’t something I’ll have the ability to do past 30, maybe 31. Trying to get fit by the time I turn 28, working on the inside, but I just need advice on how to get out of this.

I have family that loves me but that’s not even reeling me in like it used to.

Kill yourself.

The theory behind loosing weight is pretty simple user. I'm sure you've researched fasting, intermittent fasting, keto, 30 gr of protein within the first 30 minutes from the time you wake up, or just a plain healthy diet and plenty of exercise.
I guess it's the practice that is hard. But man, once you get it going it has to be so fucking satisfying to keep burning fat like a furnace. I get it that it must be hard t loose weight, but it seems much more doable than other hard things. Also keep in mind that there is probably a deep psychological reason why you wat like you do.
>tl:dr take it as if it was a job

28 and got my degree (BS) this year after 10 years of grinding, falling, and grinding again. Starting week 4 of a job making 42K in one of the most expensive cities in my country. Currently living in my hometown on the weekend and with my brother during the week paying no rent or groceries.

No GF, no car, no house. Would it be worth it to get a place that consumes half my monthly income? Alternatively I could get a shared room for about 1/5 my income or I can continue staying with my brother and just travel on the weekends. I'm not super uncomfortable with the current situation, but I've never been outside academia and would like some advice.

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make fitness your hobby. work out at least 3 times a week for about an hour. cook your own meals, meal prep can help if you don't have time. expand your social circles, have people from work or through meetup apps to hang out with which can help get a gf to motivate you.

Yeah I could afford a personal trainer. And a house that is properly isolated

No, I didn't think so. I have problems that money wouldn't solve or likely I think it would just get far worse with money.