What´s the psychology behind Women with bf´s who like to flirt with other guys?

recently a friend close of mine said to me that the girl i was flirting in college (weeks of flirting i tell you) had a bf, even tho i remember when i first met the girl, i checked his facebook and didn´t say jack shit about being in a relationship (also there are 3 pics of her and one with her relatives in the fb account)

fuck, i mean why women do that? can they just tell me they have a bf so i can move on, fuck, now i want to get revenge, because according to my friend, i´m not the only one she´s flirting with, i fucking hate when girls treat me like a puppy dog, just for mindless attention

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Newsflash: women like attention

In other news, men like sex

>willingly give girls attention

Pretty dumb thought process you got going on there.

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I debated posting this exact sentiment but didn't really want to listen to OP backpedal his way out of it.

It’s evolution obviously. Strict monogamy is a modern western construct. She is constantly looking for the best mate

the girl i was flirting it´s a classmate of mine, if she was upfront about having a bf, i wouldn´t had an issue but she was lying constantly, maybe your gf is like that., sorry for you buddy, i hate normies and i don´t like when girls are playing with my emotions

Oh so you asked her and she said she didn't have a boyfriend then. Or did you just assume and then got angry because your assumption was wrong and then blame her for it?

>Oh so you asked her and she said she didn't have a boyfriend then.


So how do you know that your friend isn't mistaken? She said she is not in a relationship. You checked his facebook page and it said he is not in a relationship.

>So how do you know that your friend isn't mistaken?

i´ve asked her if the girl i like is in a relationship because sometimes i got the feeling that she didn´t reciprocate my advances to her and my friend told me that indeed a few days ago the girl i like was talking with my friend about his bf and stuff

Well you said that you asked her if she had a boyfriend weeks ago and your friend told you she had one a few days ago.

Sounds like you missed your chance.

yeah, i missed my chance from the very beginning i´ve started talking to her, she just wanted a beta orbiter from day one

Shoulda just asked her out instead of beta orbiting her for weeks. Good lesson at least.

oh, so if i meet a new girl, should i ask her on a date the first day i meet her?

Based on your post, I'm 1000% sure she was just being nice to you out of social obligation and you took it the wrong way. Your revenge comment makes you sound like Elliot Rogers. Christ, I hope you kill yourself.

No, don't ask ANYONE out. You used the term "beta orbiter" unironically. Your inceldom is showing.

A lot of women are HUNGRY FOR MALE VALIDATION that is the same as getting ATTENTION FROM MEN.

Take, for example, this piece of shit. She's got a boyfriend, who she is financially dependent on, not having any other place to live in except his parents' house. Yet, she is constantly showing off some bare skin and ass and tits on her videos (and then lying that she did it just for the sake of humor) and also openly flirting with her audience in the comments, humbly thanking all those men as they compliment her having a nice ass or nice dress. She even jokes if someone says they jerked off to her. And her BOYFRIEND IS TOTALLY OKAY WITH IT. I can only conclude that he is a complete KEK, or then he is just using her as a "practice girlfriend" already planning to start dating someone younger. Those are the two reasons I would generally say are the reasons why it is possible for women to flirt with other men in relationships.


KEK supposed to be C U C K.

They're whores
Women's psychology 101

NO WOMAN flirts with a man FOR WEEKS just out of wanting to be nice. Eehahaha!

This is easy OP. I read your replies. If you ask the girl and she lies about having a boyfriend, she is looking to cheat with you. If she is upfront about it, you chances are very minimal unless you are an ex.

However, you fucked up by not making a move the second she lied saying she was single, you could have fucked a taken chick, were it notnfor your autism. Take is a lesson. Also what the fuck is wrong with you, why do you behave like a "beta orbiter" (your words) if you want to get treated like a fucktoy???

You completely missed the "took it the wrong way" part of that post. Her being nice was misconstrued as flirting.

>she was just being nice to you out of social obligation and you took it the wrong way
Then again your sentence could mean that she was FLIRTING WITH HIM IN ORDER TO BE NICE to him and he "took it the wrong way", the way that she wanted to flirt with him because she was sexually interested in him.

So the reason why I missed your point, was that you were expressing it the wrong way.

And yeah, if someone's just being nice to you for weeks, I think that you are capable of realizing it at some point, that they are just being nice, instead of flirting with you. It did not happen in this case, so the person in question probably was flirting with OP, for some reason.

ever considered that that 'close friend' of yours has his eye on her and would like to weed out the competition a bit? Dont always believe what others say and if in doubt and you know the grill, ask her what's up

i just want to be a fuccboi, but i don´t like when girls are wasting my time

Monkey syndrome: they don't let go of one branch until they have a good grip on the next one and they're always looking for a stronger branch.

bitches and hoes OP, bitches and hoes.