I just took a look at my wardrobe, and realized I need to grow out of it. These clothes were fine when I was in college...

I just took a look at my wardrobe, and realized I need to grow out of it. These clothes were fine when I was in college, but I'm 25 now, and need to get a new look. I've got money saved up, and am willing to drop about 300-400 dollars to start my new wardrobe. I don't feel comfortable asking my friends for help. Is there somewhere I can go to have someone with an eye for fashion help me figure out what looks good on me? I'm not exactly sure what I should wear, but I'm definitely sure of what I shouldn't be wearing.

Pic semi-related. I don't know if I can pull off hip-and-trendy.

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/fa/ can help

whatever you do, dont go to /fa/. dressing like the guy in the photo is easy, get a few nice button ups that fit you well (fit is the key here) and like 2 pairs of chinos, maybe tan and navy. 99% of clothes looking good on you is them fitting you properly, if you take care of that youre going to be fine for pretty much whatever you wear. Also get a nice haircut, pair of sunglasses, casual dress shoes. Its easy bruh

>I just took a look at my wardrobe, and realized I need to grow out of it.

But most men nowadays dress like manchildren so you already are up to date with current trends.

Always wear a collar OP

Thats the "secret"

IDK why people judge appearances, but they do.

I read their sticky on some basic concepts of fashion. It's given me some vocabulary to help find out what I want, but I don't know if I'll take individual advice from there.

It's not that I don't know how to look like him, it's that I'm not hip or young looking anymore. I've got to maintain a professional look for my work, so I think I'm going to lean into that and have a more professional looking wardrobe. Won't hurt to try though. You've convinced me to at least find an outfit like his to try on.

I refuse to look like a manchild anymore.

dress similar to how people at work dress
look up how clothes should fit
where sleeves should end and how shoulder should look

>Is there somewhere I can go to have someone with an eye for fashion help me figure out what looks good on me?
Clothing stores. Obviously the information is biased towards selling you shit but they can offer oppinions that can help you.

I hardly see my coworkers outside of work

I'm cautious about going to a clothing store. They probably are my best bet though

Thanks to everyone giving me advice though

this sums it up. a universal, current year look is Ivy League style—slim chinos/denim + oxford/chambray button down (optional with sleeves rolled). for accessories, maybe sunglasses like wayfarer, loafers/sneakers/clarks desert boots. for hair, any haircut that is long top & short sides (undercut etc). either full beard or clean shaven. wristwatch helps too.
but, no one forces you to follow trends. the basic rule is, just don't look tacky. stick to classics that don't go out of fashion, like shirts, denim, boots, etc. avoid overly flashy clothing or short-term trends, all sorts of prints, jackets with a million zippers, flared jeans, etc. don't pick flashy colors, either wear muted/pastel colors or stick to red/navy/tan/teal. keep pastel colors for spring, bright colors for summer, earthy rich colors for autumn and bleak colors for winter. that's about it.

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>I'm cautious about going to a clothing store
Wat? You said you wanted clothes. There are literally stores all over that sell this to people just like you.
They even offer free fashion tips so they can sell you as much as possible.
You can go in there and try on every item in the store, get some good tips and then walk out without buying anything.

You know those dummies with full outfits on?

There are people whose job it is to decide what the dummies need to wear. They do this to show the clothes in flattering combinations so they can sell more. You can buy the exact same outfit and wear that.

Minimalist capsule wardrobe. it's simple yet classic. I would suggest h&m. I imagine if you ask any of the women working for recommendations they would help...
Try on a bunch of different sizes/styles and see what looks best.

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I should clarify what I meant. I'm just hesitant about going to a store, and them selling me on a style that isn't actually appropriate just to get me to buy stuff. I'm pretty naive about fashion, and was hoping for a place that could give me an unbiased assessment

Do you work in an office? What do the guys one step above you wear?

Study capsule classic basic wardrobes for men. Pretty basic: top, jacket, pants and shoes. Stick to neutrals (black, white, tan, grey and navy blue) you can't go wrong with a leather jacket, just make sure it's classic and modern as opposed to colombine.
Fit is important. Make sure things aren't too loose or too tight. Do your research! It should be fun, not a hassle.

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Don't go for H&M. If you have a minimalist capsule wardrobe, you want quality pieces with good cottons that you can wear constantly.

With 400$ you wan't make a new wardrobe, OP. I spent around 1000$ when I lost weight to make a nice wardrobe for myself.

>With 400$ you wan't make a new wardrobe, OP
I'm just starting out. I'm very aware that if I want a new line that isn't from wally world, that I'm gonna need to spend upwards of $800 or more

If you're trying to find your style, it's mostly just a lot of trial and error. Few rounds of trying stuff on and seeing proper fits on you will probably do the trick. What genres are you looking towards? Average white guy? Alternative? Sunshine boy? Male Sexworker?

They wear the same thing I wear. I'm in the military. The go-to look is the slacks/tucked in polo combo, and I fucking hate it. It's so vanilla and basic, and instantly pegs military from a mile away.

I don't want to sound try-hard, but I want to look a little sophisticated and professional.

Like towards Buisness Casual or Old Dad with Money?

Business casual like this. Maybe more classy looking shoes.

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men dont need to be fashionable just functionally stylish.

you can never go wrong with a dress shit and at the very least jeans. I know some guys see it as too formal to wear dress pants but if you have to get it tailored.

shoes nowadays are way more flexible. you see CEOs rocking Air Jordans or Yeezy's, New Balances or Nikes. It's just something that serves a purpose that is stylish.

If you want to go deeper you can use colour and how to combine those in your outfit as well as accessories.

Those guys look awful