If i overdose on 105 mg olanzapine (zyprexa) and 420 mg fluoxetine (prozac), will that be enough to kill me

if i overdose on 105 mg olanzapine (zyprexa) and 420 mg fluoxetine (prozac), will that be enough to kill me

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user don't kill your self bro, you're worth it

no you'll just get really sick

god fucking damn it. what if i take it with alcohol, i just want to die. what about with tylenol too

user your life is worth it. people still love you

You shouldn't kill yourself. But you should also know that overdosing is a terrible way to die. You will be in very much pain as you choke on your own vomit

you'll die really slowly over a 3 day period unless someone finds you, then you'll definitely survive. giving yourself time to regret your decision is probably the worst thing you can do

Tell us ways happening, why do you wanna kys?

i recently got released from a mental hospital. they said they expect me to do something stupid and come back. that's all i'll say

I have overdosed on pills twice
The first time I took nearly 300 pills. Different types of blood pressure medication, Xanax, and Tylenol among other pills.
I blacked out, and woke up in the back of my grandparents truck. Blacked out again, woke up at the hospital with the nurses stripping me, and giving me charcoal. Blacked out again, this time I wake up for 3 seconds and I'm in a plane strapped down with people holding me down. Black out again and I am in a ICU 200 miles away from home.
About a year later a friend told me my grandparents found me laying in between the bathroom and my bedroom passed out, and that they had to drag me out of the house, and into the back of the truck

it is not worth the looks on everyones faces
The pity, saddness,anger, the what the fuck look
It is not worth being reminded every year on the anniversary,every suicide awareness day, every time you look at your self in the mirror for the next year or more after a failed attempt.
It is not worth it
I promise you, you will get through this. Cause it is not fucking worth it

i have already overdosed multiple times before

its not worth it my man.

No you need 200mg heroin and then a bottle of vodka that will kill you, those pills will just make you sick

This is a good thread to post and ask. Different user but I'm planning on killing myself via hanging, I want to get some rope from amazon but don't know much much rope do I need? I was thinking 3 meters
Here's what I was looking at, if anyone could help I'd appreciate it.
I looked at lost all hope in terms of thickness etc but I couldn't find a length for it.

I see,
Am not gonna stop you from killing yourself nor am I gonna endorse it.
But if you really don't wanna continue living then you should do what you feel is right.
Hope the best for you

Sigh.. I guess no one here wants to offer any advice. I guess those who know won't be here to offer the advice... I'm just gonna go for it and experiment on my own to figure it out

Nope. You have a better chance of taking a shitload of ibuprofen and letting your liver fail. It'll be painful, and there's a 33% chance of success you'll live through a liver transplant, but it's a lot better than those pills your considering taking.

you're a retard, many medications are reversible if you are found, but leave you with crippling yet non-lethal damage to your internal organs

it's pretty easy to fucking kill yourself but the easy ways aren't always painless, i doubt you have that level of pain tolerance or acquired capability, so i don't think you really want to kill yourself, and you just need somebody to kidnap you and beat you but also force you to face whatever is bothering you

i'm planning to do it in a week, which is when my antipsychotic/prozac prescription is filled

Again, you are better off doing ibuprofen. Just be aware, it's gonna be painful and you're gonna throw up like hell. But it'll do the trick (unless the docs successfully perform a liver transplant or pump your stomach in time).
If you really wanna off yourself, quick and painless, just use a gun and take a bullet to the dome.
Success rate is pretty damn high.

i overdosed on painkillers twice before and it didn't work either time