How do you break out of the wageslave rat race hell?

im 22 years old and I work retail and I've just about had it. I never went to school for anything because nothing interested me, and now I can barely afford to survive. the only thing I'm really passionate about is collecting reptiles, but that can't be turned into a career. I dont know what to fucking do but im almost at my breaking point. I just can't keep stagnating like this. the thought that I am going to die poor and unhappy with heaps of wasted potential fills me with dread.

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There is a reptile and snake exhibit where I live, maybe you could work somewhere like that?

loads and loads of ppl die poor but not unhappy
infact the majority of the world is poor
what wasted potential are you talking about, you have absolutely zero potential

>dont want to work
>dont want to learn
>want to fap to reptiles
>no vision
>no goals

gee it's almost like you live in the future and could start any digital business or train yourself in any thing you wish without even having to leave your house

you're retarded and you don't deserve this but in order to get out of the rat race is to stop being a rat.

be creative, what could you fucking do with reptiles to make money?

oh gee wow did you know people look for information about caring for reptiles online and on youtube?

gorsh user maybe if there is value in something there may be a way to profit off it *thinking emoji*

>in order to get out of the rat race is to stop being a rat
this is really sound advice but I dont think I can apply this to reptile keeping since the market is beyond saturated. there are so many reptile youtubers online who are struggling to make pennies. I can only think of 2 you tubers who are successful, and they both work full time jobs also. I would have to build myself up through a new hobby or something, but I have no idea what.

I want to work and learn, but I have no vision or goals...

should have went to school faggot

school?? for what??? to get in debt and drop out once I realize I'm not invested at all in whatever I'm doing?

Work for the fish and game department.

you can try taking care of nearby pet reptiles of others. you can start with that and start expanding on your business.


>he doesn't want to fap to reptiles
come on buddy. Come OOOON buddy. Everybody knew as soon as you made that god damn post that you is supposed to be jerkin to reptiles!

haha what, like a dog sitter?

working and learning what exactly?

sugar momaaaaa

>the only thing I'm really passionate about is collecting reptiles, but that can't be turned into a career.

Pet shop
veterinarian specializing in reptiles
professional breeder
words first real life snake vore website (that I know of)

there's a pretty successful snake vote youtube channel called the reptile channel

Anything that pays. If you had the choice of doing a shitty job you hate for minimum wage or a shitty job you hate for $20 an hour which would you choose?

I am not talking about animals

I think I just need to simplify my life and start doing random things I like and see what sticks
neither id be unemployed, or id work a min wage job I love, but those are really hard to come by too. also I asked how to get out of the rat race, working 20 dollars an hour at a job u hate is still very much in.

You retire is how you get out of the ratrace. You will retire decades earlier with a well paying job.

breed them and sell them

Honestly I'm more concerned about the potential of the thousands of very smart/capable people, who might benefit our civilization, but will never have the chance to, because they will live and die in poverty in some god forsaken hell-hole.

You had the chance to study and do things. You didn't. You're 22 and still have the chance to completely reorient your life, but instead are asking anonymous people what to do and fapping to reptiles.

I'm not so sure you have that much potential.

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>thousands of very smart/capable people, who might benefit our civilization
automation is so advanced, that most people today are rendered completely useless. advancing society is a meme.