Me and gf been dating for 2 years

>me and gf been dating for 2 years
>she recently brought her only guy friend over
>next day, she told me she cheated on me.
>she let him fondle her breasts and such, not actually have sex
>she knows I'm mad but I've the guy stay over. Becuase he's her only friend
>a friend is telling me to break up with her but
>I want things to work out between her and I because I love and care about her.
What can I do?

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She wants a 3 way at the very least, but she is probably just bored and wants more attention. Dump that hoe, you sound pretty young and life is too short if you want someone who legitimately cares for you rather than fucking around.

alright so here's the deal. cut off your toenails and fingernails and mix it in your your oatmeal or yogurt or bowl of cum, whatever the fuck you eat for breakfast

Are you fucking retarded? Like forreal?
>She knows I'm mad but I've the guy stay over. Because he's her only friend
So what?? I have female friends too does that mean I can just fuck them and go to my gf afterwards saying its her fault because she didnt restrict me on having female friends? Its 100% her own fault. Not his, not yours. She let it happen. She will do it again. Next time its going to be even worse. Do yourself a favor and leave her.

Lol drip feeding

She’s done more than that

My advice forgot about her. Keep using her for sex then dump her once you find someone new.

We discussed this a while ago. Im hurting by what she did obviously. But her and I discuss it a lot. She's said she feels immense guilt and that she wishes to not do it again, but I don't know. A friend of mine wrote to me saying, I can fix her, if I put her under control. I just love her too much, we've been together so long. I want to try and fix her and she said she's willing to change. What do you anons think? Pic related, a friend.

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>She wishes to not do it again
>We've been together so long
>2 years
Ah to be young, dumb, and in love... You are going to learn this lesson like everyone else. The hard way.

>I just love her too much

holy dear god this shit right here is your fucking problem. stop believing love is important. It's not. Your fucking sanity is important. It is.

>I love and care about her
Well OP, clearly she doesn't feel the same about you. Kick the guy out right the fuck now. Tell her if she talks to him again you are done with her. Being her only friend is not enough of a reason to fucking let her cheat on you come on man. Also she will most likely not say "okay ur right" she will probably freak out because you are being too controlling because by doing this you will be a controlling asshole but since she broke your trust she should be the one repaying you, either that or tell her to completely fuck off which honestly a better option in my eyes.


I can't kick him out. He is my mom's boyfriend's son. My mom's boyfriend legally now lives with us, and so does his son.

Holy FUCK youre naive. We can tell you a few hundred times, you probably wont listen. Its going to happen again. But yeah see for yourself in the future

She knows that if it happens again, I'm done. That's why I am trying to make this work. Also she didn't sleep with him. It was just him groping her. Which she didn't stop. She however started it. She sexted him at first too.
Thanks for the advice, and no so far she hasn't said I'm controlling.


Okay everyone else has already told you how the shit will roll down to your mouth. Good luck on getting cucked OP I'm out.

You're 100% sure there aren't occationally scenarios where women have been fixed? After really getting smacked with reality. Cuz she's been feeling like shit and nearly suicidal as a result of what she did with the guy.

The trust is broken and things will never be the same. End it for the sake of both of you. And dude, have some fucking dignity, don't offer to house your girlfriend's guy friends (potential infidelity partners) if you weren't already friends with them before dating the girl.

>Cuz she's been feeling like shit and nearly suicidal
I don't to sound like some misogynist or anything, but that is literally baseline for a young woman who doesn't know what she wants.

It's none of your business to fix anyone dude. Stop enabling her. Also your mom is fine with his boyfriends son fucking around with your 2 year old gf? By the way you talk about it I can already tell you are just justifying yourself because you don't want to lose her and I get it. 2 year relationship, I've been there. But shit's only gonna get messier and messier and if you don't draw a line now, as the rest have already stated you are gonna learn the hard way.

Youre so stupid its making me angry. Be honest with yourself, you already made your choice. Im not going to argue with you anymore. But bookmark this thread and read it again in 5 years. Youll see. Cheers bud

this is not the first time and not the last, you are being trained to watch her have sex with other men
she is sick in the head

>hey guys my gf cheated but i'd really rather just be a cuck about the whole thing, can you help me?

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I didnt offer it. He is the son of the boyfriend of my mother. Kick him out, and then me and my mother are homeless again.
Thanks though for the replies. Really? How so? Sorry if dumb question. My mom isn't ok with him, no. But we don't have a choice. Read above my reply. How'd you overcome mentally breaking up?
I will bookmark


Open up the relationship? Have fun. Stay with her if you like her and don't feel it was that much of a problem.


Break up if hurts you emotionally. Simply forgiving/forgetting tends to create grievances that fester.


Dude, there's a huge difference between: I love somebody and want to help her become the best she can, because she helps me too.


I love her so much, but I have to change her in order for it work.

Breaking up is going to suck and hurt. It only means you're a human being.

Currently you have little respect for yourself.

Also, if she REALLY has issues that bother her that much.... she needs to see a professional.
It's foolish to think you can offer the same as someone who does this day in and out.

This is coming from someone who spent way to much time "fixxing" people.
In the end, the effect you provide is quite little despite the amount of time you invest.
Nowadays, I help good friends with small things. One evening of venting, offering distraction, calling them in on my drive home from work.

Still making a difference and we both feel good about it.

>she let him fondle her breasts and such,
Wtf man have some self-respect

You need to understand that she does not respect you anymore, OP. This will get worse. You gotta leave her.

I don't understand how there exist people who don't want to accept this before they're cheated again. I know a woman who was cheating for 2 years behind the back of her bf, and the idiot caught her once but he let her go. To this day he doesn't know.

>Also, if she REALLY has issues that bother her that much.... she needs to see a profession
She did say she didn't feel comfortable with the fondling, but rather, was doing so for validation and compliments.

Okay yeah, you are right OP that changes everything. I mean when I came home to my girl fucking this other dude she told me she didn't even like it so I forgived her.

Enjoy getting cucked OP.

break up, there is no justification for what she is doing

>GF admits to cheating
>tries to down play what happened
>she made you a cuckhold
>not dumpling her like the garbage she is

Dude, read your fucking post. She initiated it and let it happen. Kick her and her partner out of your place or just castrate yourself right now.

Easy on the ball torture man

If you let her associate with him, she will fuck him. That's how this always works.

The only female friends a guy doesn't want to fuck are the ugly/fat ones.

That's a lie. Sort of. I knew of one occation of a guy trying to fuck the fat female friend of his gf, albeit the two were furries. I knew of a guy who cheated on his skinny gf, and exchanged nudes and sexts with a very fat Mexican girl, guy himself was not fat nor anything. Had ex gfs that also were fit, so I have no clue why'd he cheat when he himself whined and had a mental break down when his ex cheated on him before he met the skinny girl he cheated against.

lol you such a fucking faggot dump her, she cheated

no even better, just follow , this guy knows

Break up you fool, just shoot her a lame text and block her number.


That guy needs the russo treatmeant

So what exactly do you need help with

1. Be a Cuck
2. Be a Man

kick that hoe out the curb

Break up. Full stop. You don’t say this shit is okay after the fact. She’s shit-testing you with a side of dick.

lol whore

youre an idiot if you dont break up with her

sorry user, just how it is, love is a drug that should never be trusted above logic. if people who arent under the same influence of your love drug are telling you to break up then believe them, not yourself.

This, sux dood but shits gonna go down.

Wha.. What? Your brother touches your gfs tits? What the fuck kind of dynamic is this

It's over man. You know it in your heart of hearts. Think about the Kubler-Ross model. What stage of grief are you on?

Lmao this has to be a LARP... please god let it be a LARP.

>she let him fondle her breasts and such, not actually have sex
hahahaha sure