Am I fucked

>already nicotine, marajuana, and alchohol addict
>freind brings over some xanax last night and take some for the first time
>really like it and wants more

How long until I am on the street shooting heroin? Not gonna lie this drug feels pretty fucking good.

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1 why do you like alcohol?
2 why do you like nicotine, marijuana and xanax?

Alcohol tastes really bad for me, specially beer, can't stand it at all.
I suppose some drugs have a pleaseant feeling but its not like it magically will get me a bf.

So my advice is to start asking yourself some drug related questions and to get a psychologyst

Pretty soon, you start with taking xanax recreationaly then you'll start mixing things like xans and alcohol and soon someone will introduce you to opioids, before you know it you'll be stealing from family and friends trying to keep your addiction up. Drug addiction always ends with death or prison, it's only a matter of time.

Isn’t that anxiety meds?

All I can tell you is if you start taking opioids you’re going to know what dying painfully feels like when withdrawals hits you.
That said nobody has ever died from opioid withdrawal, but they wanted to be dead for a few days. Alcoholics can die if they cut off drinking, so substance abuse is tempting fate. No high is worth addiction, the money wasted on shit you don’t need to function. Weed isn’t even a drug in my opinion, you can’t get addicted to it. Emotionally you can feel bummed not having any but that’s as bad as it gets.

I’ve had friends die over pill abuse, most end up in prison for stealing of fraud trying to get drugs. Opioids is a great drug if you’re already dying, since I have bone cancer I have to take a low dose to be functional. Otherwise I’m crying in pain in bed all day.

>you can't get addicted to it
I heavily depend on weed, personally. You might not develop a proper addiction, but certainly a dependency.

What you say about opioids withdrawal is very true, though. I spent almost an entire week rolling around in bed, sweaty, in pain, with my body feeling weird as fuck (I felt something similar to vertigo, I guess). I threw two years of my life away for that shit, and is the one drug I'd advise absolutely everyone to stay away from, along with crack.

I was drinking and smoking when I took the xanax last night.

Big chillin yo

Honestly, transference to any other habit helps. Nicotine gum, low-ABV beer. The trick is to try it and time yourself. See how you feel at 20 minutes.

Don’t get into Xanax. They’re the devil’s candy.

Xanax is bad news. Stop now, don't take it again.
>nicotine, marajuana, and alchohol
Stick to the "holy trinity," if you're like most people you will gain self-control and taper down your substance intake as you mature.

Xanax is ridiculously addictive and it will bring absolutely nothing good to your life. Some of this prescription shit is so much worse than street drugs, like you'd be much better off with cocaine than xanax (though I am not recommending cocaine either)

>>already nicotine, marajuana, and alchohol addict
The big normie three of drugs. Caffeine is unironically worse in some ways.

>>freind brings over some xanax last night and take some for the first time
>>really like it and wants more
>How long until I am on the street shooting heroin? Not gonna lie this drug feels pretty fucking good.

Yeah no shit drugs make you feel good and you want more of them when you try them. That is typically how most drugs work.

I don't think that you're gonna be shooting dope anytime soon because I doubt that you're actually addicted to any of those things. You sound like a college kid who likes to party by himself or whatever on weekends and maybe once or twice on week nights. Am I wrong? Or are you genuinely an alcoholic who will have seizures if he doesn't drink throughout the day?

Mostly because they relieve stress and anxiety which I have alot of.

Alcohol I also relate alot to socialization which I realise is fucked but I'm not the only one in that regard. And I genuinely like the taste of beer.

Addictive personalities aren't even funny, just sad.

I'm not college but still young. I drink almost everyday after work maybe getting actually drunk once or twice.

The amount has increased significantly the past year going from once a week to a few times a week to everyday.

Marajuana and cigs/vaping I have smoked almost daily for years

cool advice

try magnesium

I was a functional addict from 14 to about 26. If you want to quit you have to make an effort. I quit Xanax, weed, and oxy, everything except drinking (which I admittedly Do too much of still.) one at a time by quitting and basically cutting myself off from it. If you really have a problem you need to bite the bullet and make it inaccessible to you, which may mean sitting down your friends and telling them you can’t be around it or dropping those friends entirely, deleting whole apps off your phone so you won’t text your dealer, etc. it’s not hard in theory but it’s easy to slip up, so This is if you really want to do it. If you don’t no one can do it for you, rehab never worked for me. You have to get control or you’ll just get worse. Start with the one you have the least problem with, and just handle that

Xanax is fucked-up because it has a massive boomerang effect when you stop taking it. It soothes your anxiety when you're on it, but then it comes back twice as bad as it was before the moment you stop. And this effect compounds & gets worse the longer you take it.

It's a really, really bad drug. Many illegal drugs are safer than this. Honestly don't understand how and why doctors think it's ok to prescribe shit like this

xanax has nothing to do with heroin. I did heroin: snorted and smoked, never with needle.

Imagine that: my sis, who drinks two glasses of wine at dinner, does not smoke weed, never did any drugs, takes a xanax every night since our father died (6 years ago). of course she never went to heavier drugs

If you take one xanax from time to time, that does not make you an addict. And, heroin, is not just something you wake up one day and find yourself in.

You know, there were nights in which I literally picked up empty beer cans from the streets, poked a hole in them, and smoked crack, crouching between trash cans. And, let me tell you that again, I never shooted heroin.

>almost everyday
>maybe getting actually drunk
>almost daily

Yeah so you're not addicted. Europeans and whatever always have wine with their supper. Japanese office work culture involves going out drinking with your co-workers and superiors after hours. There's people out there who smoke weed everyday and still have a life and a career and everything.

That said, it doesn't mean you can't/won't get addicted. Watch how much you drink and try to cut back, smoking is especially bad for you as well and even vaping can cause zoomer's lung or whatever the disease is called.

Above all, don't fuck too much with prescription meds. Most drugs are fine to use once or twice or whenever they show up at parties or whenever you happen to cross paths with them. I used to be big into Ecstacy and the whole rave scene and used to smoke like crazy and did blow at a few parties and whatever else, but you need to know when to pull back and just play video games or exercise instead to destress yourself or change your state of mind.

Heroin withdrawals aren't as bad as Xanax withdrawals. For real don't do this drug except maybe once a week. The withdrawals are killer.

t. man on a 6 week baclofen taper due to GHB abuse.

I may be talking out my ass here, especially since I'm not American and whatever, but typically I would assume that doctors go through a lengthy process of screening your symptoms and personality and then start you off with weaker meds on a low dose and see how those work and if they don't then they move onto other meds, etc.

Like especially with Adderal and other meds that are popular with college kids, the problem comes from when kids are selling their meds to other kids

You'd think so, but many are not so careful and thoughtful about it, at all. And nah the problem is often for the person who has the prescription in the first place. Xanax is one of those drugs that you literally CAN'T stop taking once you've been on it for a while, because the withdrawal can fuck you up so bad.

It's not about the size of the dose, it's the frequency. Even rehab centers admit that binge Xanax use every once in a while produces few or no withdrawal symptoms.
I tell people this that get it prescribed, DON'T do it except when you really need it.

>typically I would assume that doctors go through a lengthy process of screening your symptoms and personality and
Consider this: in "The Exorcist" (1973) there's a scene in which the doctor says "Yeah, who knows, while in doubt, just give her Ritalin".

Twenty years later they discovered ritalin gave you suicidal thoughts.