It is child abuse?I studied until 2am at crammer

When I was 13~14 years old, I have to study until 1am or 2am at crammer. It is illegal in Korea, that study over 10pm at crammer, but I and many students had to study at crammer.
It is normal in your country?

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What is crammar

It is school which individual teacher teach. How can I explain, not school, but we can go there and give money and study

In Korea there are really many those individual teacher teach school, which is not real school, but each students give money and study. Family go to town, where, there are many such individual school. Maybe in other country, there are same individual school. Right?

Ok like a tutor. I would say that if your parents or whoever forced you to study till 2 am, that would be not right. Abuse? Maybe a soft form.

>It is normal in your country?
no. some people don't study at all except before tests and in university. studying until 2am might happen sometimes before deadline for someone who needs good grades, but rarely so school, and certainly this is extreme case.
it's difficult to say much about this because Korea is completely different from the Asia. in Christian countries, there's no such cult of the parents, and no such authoritarian treatment of kids as in Asia. it's considered immoral here to squeeze everything rom kids like this.
my opinion is subjectively Western, but I think this is abuse. children are people and have rights too.

Those problems were really hard and I really hated to study at there T.T I didn't know it was abuse but not I am adult, and I think it is abuse T.T But in Korea, no one think it is abuse T.T

Sorry I misread you question. Nah that is not normal. US students often study late, but not with tutor/crammer past the evening.

Yeah we call them tutors. Depriving a child, with a developing brain, of sleep is pretty serious. You should be getting about 9 hours of sleep a night at that age.

Some students studying there had some white hair on their head. And when studying their, we only ate Instant food at Convenience store. Now I realize it was abuse

Every one or two day at week, even not exam term, we had to go there and had to study at that time T.T
Yeap I was really sleepy and I slept in parents car driving to home

I really didnt like it so I told my parents and I quit it. I thought I am loser that time, but I had right choice

if you ask me—yes, this is abuse. there's a reason 8 hour working day is considered a norm. and we're talking about children here. this is plain exploitation.
but I know that sadly, this is accepted as normal in Asia… having a day schedule where where you have no free time. exhausting work every day. high suicide rate for those who didn't pass a university test. then people repeat the same on their kids. this is really dark, to be honest. why do people want to keep this hell? I don't know.

There is a similar situation where I'm from, so I understand yours. I don't know if you can call it abuse, but it is really counterproductive. is right, you can't learn if you don't sleep and eat well, your brain is too tired to form long-lasting synapses. I had a friend who went to cram school and studied like mad for his exams, then couldn't even figure out what he did wrong when he failed, all because he burned out from too much cram.

If it hurt you so much, you can try and help other children who go through the same thing. If it is illegal to cram after 10pm, try and stop them, tell them it is illegal for a reason, to protect your health.

If I have child, I will not let my child do same with me T.T Thanks for your advice. I really did right choice, I quit the tutor.

I am now adult, and it was when I was young student. I insisted to my parents that I wanna quit it. Really thanks your recommend. I wanna help other child, now touch situation because of studying.

I really like math but after that tutor, I didnt like math. Now I am studying math again, with my own studying

yeah this user is right. research says that 7-8 hours of sleep is physically necessary, any less and eventually you might harm yourself. and we are talking about children. this is just not humane.
I hope one day things will change in Asia. some people say children should be forced to work hard to succeed. but I think happiness is more important. it's not good if your hard work leaves you drained and scarred for life, not wanting to do anything. if you worked hard to only to hate your life, then what's it worth if you're not happy?

You are really right T.T It is really sad that so many children suffering nowadays. I didnt know that it is abuse, but now I realized. I wanna Asia change soon.

Ive only ever heard of cram school being common in Asian countries. Im in Canada and here its not normal, we do have private tutors parents can hire to spend a couple extra hours with struggling kids. But generally if students are around average nobody pushes them any harder.
I've seen some documentaries of cram schools, and those kids spending every waking hour studying looks like abuse from my perspective.

I pulled all nighters all the time in high school, not sure if child abuse, but it sucked. Legally its definitely not child abuse, but its pretty reprehensible to strip someones childhood based on the fantasy that top grades = top college = top job. Go live an actual life. Skip class or something. Go to a party. You might get in trouble but you wont regret it in the long run

In Korea, students go to cram school most day. The day, when they don't go gram school, they study at school until 10pm.

In Korea, there is no party when student. The only Korean's hobby is playing game at net cafe sometimes. Now I am adult, so I am trying many things. I hope Korea change soon

At my US school there werent really parties with my classmates either. Thats why you gotta seek them out. Sneak into a club or something, meet someone who goes to a really easy school. If you can hang out with "bad influences" while not letting them influence you youll significantly improve your live

I am not outgoing person but maybe with care, meeting people will be really helpful. Thanks for your advice.
Now I am enjoying many hobby like practicing piano, or drawing, or making some thing with crafting tool. Even other Korean adult dont enjoy hobby like this. I wanna try various hobby.

Hobbies are very good, thats smart. Theyre also a great way to meet people if you have trouble socializing. Doing a task with another person inherently creates a bond and a level of trust, this has been scientifically shown. Maybe go play some piano at a bar or an open mic night and talk to the people afterwards. Work life balance is very important, and as someone who went to the US equivalent of a cram school, I can say for certain that its really not worth it

>I will find some place where I can play piano. When even I was young, sometimes I play piano at people. Your recommend is really helpful. I need socializing. thanks you ;)

No problem! You may be an adult, but you have lots of life to live. Make up for lost time. Best of luck my dude

You have good day too ^0^

The cult around study in Korea is insane.

I was tutoring for a Korean senpai in country and sometimes even I was too tired to give them class so we just fooled around. I remember the mum asking me to give them class from Monday to Sunday, no days off for me but the pay was good and the food was awesome. I found that the kids also responded better after I gave them a day off or time to vent out their teenage frustrations. They were sweet nice kiddos, very intelligent, and I felt bad when I heard they had to go to cram school until late at night. The oldest girl told me it only gets worse when you're in high school and had to cram until 3am from monday to friday and go to cram school on weekends.

In the other hand their mum was worried because their school here, while private and exclusive, had too many holidays and excursions according to her lol she was a good woman and I doubt she wanted to cause any harm to her kids but I can see why she was so worried about their education. The das was cool, looked like a drama actor and had a top tier job. I think Koreans biggest fear is having good for nothing children.