Cheating on my girlfriend

>be me
>at university
>have 6.5/10 gf
>find a girl who is absolutely my ideal gf, 9/10, like pic related
>ask her on a date before I remember im taken
>she says yes and we've been msging a bit since
>realise that I'm either going to have to cheat on my gf or break up with her
>mfw she was a virgin before we met, and she's only just now gotten on birth control, but to balance it out she has flaws, such as having tattoos, and being politically opposite to me (sjw), plus shes a bit on the heavy side, whilst the new girl has abs and is better in almost every way
>make mistake of asking step dad for advice on what to do here
>he freaks out, says I should settle for my current gf
>ask Coach Red Pill
He says:
>"The only people who freak out over cheating are the people who no one wants to cheat with. Men who have options aren't bothered by bourgeois morality, and do what they want."

So now I have to ask you guys if I should cheat or break up with my current gf, or if I should cheat, how to do it without getting caught? Thanks!

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kill yourself

Why would I know better than you what YOU want ?

>ask her on a date before I remember im taken
End yourself

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>t.people no one wants to cheat with

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Post the abs op

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>By the holy light i can shut down all dissent parroting this idiotic line

No people critisizing could also be of high moral standard

You should break up with sjw cunt regardless since you dont honestly want to be with her regardless of outcome with new girl

The fact that you are even considering it means you don't really care about your current gf so you might as well break it off and take your chances on the hot one.


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What was even the point of asking op

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Does the new woman know you have a gif? Is she ok being the sidechick?

break up with your current and go fuck the new one

this is the best way since you'll be happier and you don't end up wasting your current gf's time, sure she may not be happy but it's either you or her and i say you should always put yourself first

Boils down to whether or not you want to be the kind of guy that cheats on his girlfriend or not. Because that's what's permanent here, not girlfriends or boyfriends.
I'd go for the new girl, but that's me basing this on the extremely limited info you gave us.

Just do what your gf would do in this situation: Keep seeing the new woman, date, fuck her a few times, etc. Then when you're sure it's worth moving on to her, drop your old gf.

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This. +1 for midriff.

Won't risk it but I imagine they'd contract and quiver with my cum on them desu
I agree but she's pretty infatuated with me at this point. She's a decent nice girl but the fact that I've taken her virginity and breaking up with her will come out of the blue is either unbelievably based or/and would be utterly devastating for her- she has a history of self harm and depression
Should I truly risk closing this door before I've fully opened another?

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You plan to marry and have kids with your current gf? If not it's going to end eventually.

>The only people who freak out over cheating are the people who no one wants to cheat with.
That is coach red pill's cope with how shitty of a person he is and how his wife left him

Kind of this. I'm all for people questioning what goes on and rejecting what they don't agree with, but a lot of what that guy goes on about seems to be him just being a bit of a dickhead.

As much as I'd like to make my life a harem anime rather than a reverse NTR, seeing the Mumkey Jones debacle has made me shit myself in regards to taking risks in this matter

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What's holding you to your current girl? If the new girl is better in every way then obviously you would pick her, will the new girl stay with you tho? That's your gamble

>He's son
Anyways, just break up with your old gf, sounds like it's something that WILL happen in the future anyways (Not happy with her bodytype/politics, the only defense you can find for her is being a "nice girl") so you might as well do it now

it is clear that you'd like to have a relationship with the hotter girl, not just sex.

this makes the issue complicated, because it means that you are dissatisfied with your current relationship.

should you cheat or break up.

well, it depends on which issue your relationship has, or you have, or both.

you could also cheat with the new girl, but then that would mean that the theoretical new relationship starts on a tainted foundation already.

but it also might work out, there is not a perfect solution for these things.

Break up with your current gf, both out of respect for her and because it will minimize the damage. If she finds out you cheated on her, she'll most likely feel super hurt *AND* will break up with you.

By breaking up with her before fucking the other girl, you save the stress of cheating for the new chick you dig, your current gf, and yourself.

Cheating on others and getting cheated on is awful, man. Don't do it.

Do you want to go to Hell?

Coach Red Pill is literally autistic and is giving you life advice based on his extensive studies of Nietzsche’s Wikipedia page.

You should 100% break up with your current girlfriend. There is no reason you should settle for someone you’re not completely happy with, life is too short. Especially if there are better options. Even if things don’t work out with the new girl, it is better to take the risk.

BUT you should do it the right way. If you cheat you will be a literal pussy cocksucker who didn’t have the guts to break up with his current girlfriend and instead betrayed her trust. The new girl will resent you if she ever finds out. And rightfully so, because it is a lousy thing to do.

Part of the reason Coach Red pill and the rest of the psuedo-egoists are so awful. They pretend to be operating according to master morality or something when they are just weak, pathetic losers making excuses for themselves. Don’t be like them.

Be polyamorous and it'll all sort itself out.

Break up with your gf first.
Follow your dick, just don't be a dick

>>"The only people who freak out over cheating are the people who no one wants to cheat with. Men who have options aren't bothered by bourgeois morality, and do what they want."
Pfft-ahahahaha I love people like your coach. Real tough talk until someone's kicking their shit in.

break up with the fatty.

Who cares? You're just gonna cheat on the new girl with a newer girl once you see the new girl at her worse, which will happen one way or another. That's just how you cheating fucks work.
>n-no! I-it'll be different this time! She's the only one I'll ever want!
Bullshit. Cheaters can't ever settle for just one partner and you've already proven just that by """""forgetting""""" you already had a girlfriend. You'll be getting exactly what you deserve once both girls conspire against you after you give them the slightest reason to doubt you, and considering your current gf is an sjw type, you can bet your ass she won't just let this go. Have fun with that shit show, asshole!

Regardless of the other girl why the fuck haven't you broken up with your gf? Bruh you obviously do not love or even like her she is just a cancerous tumor that you need to cut off right now.

this right here. be a young stupid ho. enjoy being young. just don't be a dick. cut your losses and move on

Man who gives a fuck she will be out of your life and not your problem. Let her be a crazy self harming bitch thats on her for being such an insecure self hating bitch. People with no self esteem are not worth it, you have to constantly validate their existence or they will cry and cut themselves fuck that

I've always hated this advice. Hate it so, so much. Being young is no excuse for being a callous dickhead and hurting people. And yes, being a fickle piece of shit and daisy chaining relationships, trading Person A for Person B for Person C for Person D the moment you find a new infatuation, is being an asshole. I don't give a fuck if you play within the rules and break up beforehand, that's a cold comfort.

>Being young is no excuse for being a callous dickhead and hurting people
According to OP, none of this was on purpose. He happened to find a woman who he liked better than his girlfriend, whom he doesn't find all that attractive and butts heads with on beliefs. Both of these are reason enough for him to get out, and for his girlfriend to find someone who loves her.

so what are people to do? settle down with the first person they talk to because breakups suck? never find their "soul mate" despite the fact that love takes work? I'm forever single because I'm socially illiterate, but op should at least break up with his current gf, as most people enter relationships with the expectation that it is a monogamous one

Please don't cheat on her. I've been cheated on before and the pain never fully heals. If you cheat she will eventually find out. Just dump her before you hurt her, please. Please don't do that to her, man,

what a fucking retard
definitely dropped on the head as a baby

It's just annoying that people always say "omg it will be so much better if you break up first, if you break up before cheating then your partner will say 'Okay' and see you off with a smile and barely feel any pain at all" as though that really means a fucking thing to the person being dumped. It will still feel like betrayal and abandonment to the person being ditched. Not to mention that, in this situation, you can generally assume that some kind of emotional cheating and romancing was going on in order for the person to develop feelings for someone else. You don't have to be with someone forever if you don't want to, but this idea that dumping Person A for Person B doesn't constitute betrayal so long as you play within the rules. It is, and the person being dumped has every fucking right to hate your fucking guts.

The rules is the rules.

I don't think that's neither here nor there and you should put your blinders on. The person who isn't being loved as they should deserves someone who can do so. Ergo the partner whose head is looking elsewhere should break it off. Whether or not he deserves scorn isn't really relevant to the fact that if OP doesn't break up with his gf, neither of them will truly grow.

just dump her you fucking asshole dont cheat on her. give her the respect of atleast lioking her in the eye and saying goodbye you fucking peice of shit

While the betrayal is there before the dumping, what says is what people to perceive to be the high road. You are saying I can not meet your needs properly and so I’m leaving so you may have other opportunities unhindered by our connection. What says also may be true, but is dependent on the individuals in question. They may hate you for leaving anyhow. They may thank you. Assuming you know this person, you should have an idea of their reaction. Your presentation of this news matters as well.

The hedonistic side of me says play them both for all they are worth. Keep both as happy for as long as you can with the understanding that should one discover the other, you lose it all. At your best you wind up with two happy loving ladies, and at your worst you’re still just back down to you alone which is where you started before you had either anyhow. Know that you can’t take things back and if you think you have moral obligations you’re going to regret this.

Tl;drIf you’re just a man trying to live his life and grab everything he can on his way out the door, fucking run with it. Otherwise, pick one.

>is what people to perceive to be the high road. You are saying I can not meet your needs properly and so I’m leaving so you may have other opportunities unhindered by our connection
The high road? It's the only logical choice. How are you and the other guy missing this? Do I really have to break it down to its base parts?
>I am unhappy in my relationship - I am not very attracted to my partner, and we do not share the same beliefs.
>I have just met someone who I am more attracted to and do not butt heads with
>I must break up with my current partner to pursue this other person
That's fucking it. The bonus is that the left behind partner gets a chance to find someone who loves them for them, but it's NOT the purpose.

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I'm just sick and tired of Jow Forums in general because you guys are disgustingly cold-hearted. You're so fucking cavalier about trading relationships the moment one becomes even slightly inconvenient to you. If your wife isn't a perfect goddess with a porn star body that's your flawless soulmate in terms of personality and beliefs, just dump her for a better model bro and never look back lmao.

Is Jow Forums even aware that working on relationships is a thing? That repair and recovery is sometimes possible?

And even though irreconcilable differences are indeed a thing that exists, why are you all so cavalier and unfeeling about it? If you hurt someone that doesn't deserve it, isn't it supposed to hurt you as well? Why do you just go "meh, who cares about hurting people" as apathetically as though you're talking about changing out wallpaper you've grown bored with with a color you like better?

Jow Forums's first response to any kind of offense is to sever ties. Look at this fucking thread right here. Is this really justification for cutting ties with your sister?

Jow Forums posters need to pull a Jonestown so that you faggots don't pass on your sociopath beliefs to a new generation.

Leave her first quit thinking with your dick dummy

I think maybe you're conflating things
OP is a cheater, the other OP you list is describing an abhorrent person who clearly believes they're beyond reproach or consequence

OP can repair himself and the relationship with his girlfriend, can come clean and together they can push past what was once a trial and will become a fond memory-- I've done it with my girlfriend, as a matter of fact

But likening 'non-action, just thoughts' to 'this bitch is literally walking around proud of having AIDS and being a complete degenerate who seems to think other people are obligated to clean up her messes' is just whitewashing someone's flaws so you can have this moral high ground about what a good person you are, lol
She's clearly demonstrated that repair isn't in her journey, she's just interested in self-indulgence. Not a good person to be with.

"Cold-hearted" is what those who smack of naivete say to those who use pragmatism to protect themselves. I almost never hear it used properly and I almost never hear it from people who have actually overcome actual adversity, as much as from people who believe a lil' Care Bear Stare will bibbity-bobbity-boo all problems away.
Naw man, you have a leg to stand on with OP but then telling us we're the 'cold-hearted' ones who need to die just outs you as a tremendous hypocrite who gets butthurt when things don't go his way or when people don't soak up his advice.

If I were you, I'd just stop posting. You won't appear any smarter that way, but at least you'll stop yourself appearing any dumber.

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I've been through plenty of adversity. I was exposed to violence for the first time during my first month of life. It was a constant thing until I was five, only to be replaced with new and equally bad problems. I've also forgiven people for some really serious, grave shit.

I'm glad that you agree with me regarding OP. Just the same, Jow Forums is entirely too quick to suggest dumping any kind of relationship - romantic, familiar, or otherwise. Far as that other thread goes, your sister having a tattoo and being an annoying feminist is no reason to write her off. She's your fucking sister. It takes a lot more than that to write off immediate family. That OP should stop enabling his sister and inconveniencing himself to wipe up her mistakes, but she's not NEARLY bad enough to sever ties altogether.

I remember another thread where the OP said his grandmother told him about an affair she had on her grandfather in the distant past. An user replied with "Never talk to her again. She's put you in an awkward position where you either have to tell Grandpa or ignore her."

Yes, what the grandmother did was shitty. But Jesus fucking Christ, people do shitty things on occasion. Why is Jow Forums so god damn zero tolerance when it comes to any kind of strain or imperfection whatsoever in relationships (romantic and not)?

>"The only people who freak out over cheating are the people who no one wants to cheat with. Men who have options aren't bothered by bourgeois morality, and do what they want."
Actually based.

Dump both of them.

Cheating is degenerate.
>but my traditional mistresses
You aren't shopping for a mistress you're shopping for an actual partner. So it's degenerate.
A date or two testing the waters is fine but you have to pull the plug on the old girlfriend before you try to actually date the new girl.

>You're so fucking cavalier about trading relationships the moment one becomes even slightly inconvenient to you
If my girlfriend ever fucking called me a 6.5/10, I hope she leaves me because I only ever consider her a 10.
>just dump her for a better model bro and never look back lmao.
You're so blind you're not reading my posts:
>Whether or not he deserves scorn isn't really relevant to the fact that if OP doesn't break up with his gf, neither of them will truly grow.

>why are you all so cavalier and unfeeling about it?
Who says I'm unfeeling? I'm just giving straight the point advice.

Dating to "test the waters" is cheating

>find a girl who is absolutely my ideal gf, 9/10, like pic related
>pic related is a cartoon

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No it isn't. Unless your definition of dating is sloppy third base action after a coffee or something.
Just talking to a girl with a view to dumping your current girl isn't cheating.

Going on dates with a girl, with the intention of seeing whether you're compatible so that you can dump your current girlfriend if the answer is yes, is emotional cheating.

>found ideal girl pic related

K urself