My biggest kink is someone being attracted to me physically, how do i go about to fullfill it...

my biggest kink is someone being attracted to me physically, how do i go about to fullfill it? another kink i have is getting compliments. im a male.

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Go to the gym eat well and look after your skin


hasnt gotten me any compliments so far

Post body

Agree post body

Girls commonly don't compliment guys unless they're dating yknow.


do they find men attractive?

Yes. We just show it in different ways; e.g shy glances, laughing every 10 seconds while speaking with you, or in some cases even avoiding eye contact -- just generally being hypersensitive of the presence of the man in question.

So they act like autistic idiots?

Yes. The problem is that it's a self-fulfilling situation. Women don't typically compliment men, so when they do the guy tends to read a lot into it and think she's showing sexual interest. This makes women more reluctant to compliment men because it becomes a big deal. There are plenty of men who think something as simple as a smile or holding eye contact for a second or two means she wants to fuck, that makes women more withdrawn with stuff like physical touch, compliments, personal questions towards unknown men.

Having said that wanting someone to be attracted to you and wanting them to compliment you are virtually universal turn ons, far from kinks, unless I guess you want to sit on a chair for an hour while she sings your praises. Being complimented and desired by your partner is the norm in a healthy relationship. In most cases someone falling in love with you is enough, but to be 100% sure, look at how she acts during the process. If even after it's clear that you have mutual feelings she does not compliment you, don't expect her to do a 180 in the future.

I think this user explains it really well, I suggest you read it.

Pretty much

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Pretty much this. It can't hurt to dress well, too.


I need to know more about that extremely attractive shiny green donut/cake.

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Mirror glaze is such an aesthetic.
Post yourself, hastily.

How are your facial gains?