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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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I'd need a good, in depth conversation with someone to determine how I felt about their political beliefs. Labels are unfortunately fairly useless considering the different ways people interpret the same ideas.

Almost every girl I write responds with emojies, even if the conversation is work related.
Is there any chance they.. like me?

No, 90% of girls use emojis unless they're weird or the conversation is very formal.
I had my university professor texting me with hearts and kiss emojis.

Is it normal for a female friend to casually talk about her periods to a dude friend? I carpool her, so i understand if she has some cramps and can't go to school on some days, but when she talks about it in person like whatever, it feels off. We're not even "closest" of close friends. That's like me if I talk to her about awkward boners that you can't put away. Probably not the best comparison, but I feel the same awkwardness.

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No, she assumes you're her female friend.

It's more like you telling her you had a headache. It's not icky, or sexual. It's just physiology.

if girls say when he "married" on girl in school she is lesbian?

I'm really struggling with my feelings for my long distance ex. We split a few months ago and I'm not getting any better, if anything I've gotten worse.
She was adamant she still wanted me in her life but when we talk its not the same. Sometimes we have good conversations but oftentimes she takes hours to respond to my messages. Its killing me inside and I'm thinking it may be time to walk away. We've been really close for fucking years, even before we got together, and I don't want her out of my life.
Is there any point in laying out my feelings to her, saying I messed up and would like a chance to change things? Just for some form of closure even if she says no? Or am I just gonna look like an idiot. Should I just block and disappear? I truly don't know what to do but I can't keep going on like this, it's fucking killing me.

It depends. I'm a more formal person and if I use many emojis, it means that I'm comfortable with you and I like you. I think I'm noticeably cold towards people I don't know well though. I was a bit thrown off when one of my coworkers sent me hearts after I was able to get a payment through same-day, but he just apparently is Like That. Both of my sisters are much more outgoing that I am, and use emojis like hearts and stuff constantly, whether they know someone well or not.

>bf gets mad when I wear skirts
>go to the store in a skirt with him
>couple people in the store obviously, i stick next to my bf
>we go back home and I'm walking in front of him
>I step up to the door and when we walk in he starts
>"no wonder those guys were looking at you I can see up your skirt"
>ask him what guys because I didnt notice any close to us
>those guys! it doesnt even matter WHO
>hes mad at me for a couple hours afterwards
I'm fucking sick of this shit, I want to look cute and I wear shorts under my skirts as well so what's the big deal? can you males give me some insight
you cant see up unless I bend over, which I dont. and I'm short so it's not like some midgets are running around looking up my skirt

I've had bad experiences dating. I always went after the wrong girls or when I thought they're right they either turned out manipulative or slutty or just incompatible with me in too many ways. I've grown very skeptical and careful of girls and how I got to know them because of that. Usually they came to me and I sort of took it from there.

This time I know I need to make a move because I see this girl around college that I already know I'll like, she just seems more like me and she seems more "normal" or quiet, not very out going, much like me, but I don't know her, I just notice her looking at me sometimes when I pass her.

We don't know each other and we never spoke. How do I approach her? what do I say? a cold approach seems like a bad idea, not for this kind of a girl, but I don't even know how to become friends with her. How do I play this so I don't fuck it up or scare her with being too forward too soon?

It just sounds like you're uncomfortable with periods. I consider it pretty normal. It happens to most of us for literally an entire week out of every month for over half of our natural lifespans, so it eventually gets to be pretty whatever. I would also consider it about the same as complaining about a headache, unless she's telling you specific details about the state of her menstrual blood. Which would be kinda weird!

Are you trying to say a girl told you that she married another girl in school?

She's your ex, which should be closure in itself. Or did you guys talk about keeping things open? What did you do to mess up exactly?

you'r bpyfriend not right.try speak about it with him.And yes, skirt is very short?

It's not something easy to do in practice but you should definitely consider leaving him. I imagine for you to be with him in the first place the must be something good about him, but shit like this never gets better, only worse. This is a major red flag and you'd be much better off alone and/or looking for new people. There's plenty of worthwhile men who won't say stupid bullshit in the name of their possessive paranoia.

>She's your ex, which should be closure in itself. Or did you guys talk about keeping things open? What did you do to mess up exactly?

Basically its been long distance since I moved a few years ago. We split for a year once but tried again and it was going really well. I should've put more effort in though. I was subconsciously scared of my feelings and that led me to be more distant eg not calling regularly, not organising another visit, etc. I feel like a fucking idiot because of it. I genuinely just want a chance to show her that I will put a ton more effort in, and that I believe in us and want to make it work.
When we split I basically just let it happen because I didn't want to look like a bitch saying how much I love her and all that shit, so I haven't told her any of that. When we originally spoke about it she said she didn't know what would happen in the future and was kinda vague but I don't know if she was just trying to be nice. She also said she still wanted me in her life but like I said we've barely been talking and its fucking me up.
Is it worth just spilling everything? Telling her how I feel? Or should I just walk away? I don't want her out of my life because she's been in it so long, and if she doesn't want me out of her's its gonna be really hard for me to just disappear but my mental health is fucked right now.

Its above knees but again I wear shorts under so
I've been really considering it but I dont want to. We are great otherwise, every relationship has its problems no? :^/

For girls: I stare at this girl a lot by accident in one of my classes and she looks at me sometimes and we hold eye contact but no smiling or moving her hair or anything. I think shes really cute but I'm not sure, is she looking back at me a sign? Or does she just think I'm creepy?

If a girl I just met gave me a friendly punch in the arm, does that mean she likes me?

I know this girl has a boyfriend, and I'm not interested. But sometimes she sits beside me and I feel like she's looking at me every couple of minutes. She would play with her hair, almost like an excuse to move her head towards me and stare for a few seconds. Do girls actually do that? pretend to play with their hair or fix their hair just so she can tilt her head and have a closer look at the guy beside her? Last time she did that I ignored it completely and each time she faced my way I had the urge to look back because I felt like someone is watching me. She eventually got my attention because she made some funny noise with her mouth and at that point I had to look.

Why was she doing that and was she actually doing something or was I misreading the situation? still, I felt like she tried to look at me. She came into class with about 3-4 other guys, they all sat near me, but she sat right beside me and she didn't look at them, just at me, or so I felt she did anyway, like I said, I tried not to look back but I felt like she's staring

Not necessarily.

I'm a girl and recently I invited my guy friend to go with me to an exhibition. I made it clear that it's just a friendly outing, and that I thought of him because he is also interested in art and likes similar styles to these being the subject of said exhibition. Anyway he is taking weeks to decide and even though he initially agreed, working out details is impossible because he's ignoring my messages.
Any idea why? We are both single so it's not like his gf won't let him go. I don't think time is an issue either, we can go during weekend or after work. Was my suggestion strange or something? I'm at loss

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ask him why he's taking so long and if he doesn't answer your messages call him.

we're not mind readers

If you mean that you actually love her and believe in you two, then absolutely spill it. Successful relationships are fucking BUILT on the vulnerability of looking like a bitch, doing that and assuring one another that you can mututally trust each other in vulnerability is the whole point. It's hard to do. It hurts sometimes, and sometimes your vulnerability isn't always rewarded. But I've been with my boyfriend for about a decade, half of which was long distance, and it is mutual effort and vulnerability that made us strong. No risk, no reward.

Personally, I'd dump him unless he was honestly willing to talk about it in a good-faith way. Every relationship has it's problems, but when the problem is the creation of a power dynamic things get nasty over time. If you give in, I can almost promise you he'll find something else he doesn't like and wants to control. I really suggest you read Lundy Bancroft's book Why Does He Do That, it's freely available online in .pdf format and isn't that long.

Can't say with such little information. How are you staring at her on accident? She might just catch your eye occasionally, or she might think you're cute too. I knew a guy with super green eyes that would get my attention- I didn't know him at all but I had so much trouble not looking at him because they were so bright.

got a tinder date with a supremely cute chick who LOVES YA fiction, even wrote her own YA romantic web novel. Seems smart and kind too, 23yo PhD chick and also teaches children. Into anime and manga too. Got a great fashion sense, shes kinda popular on IG and gets lots of compliments/attention from dudes, dunno how to deal with it since I don't even use ig and all that.

Shared my poetry with her, and she said she loved it and wanted to read more of my shit. Told her that I have a better idea, that I'll recite poetry on our date and she seemed to love the idea.

How to not fuck up and make second date and third and eventually her my gf? She seems special desu

She probably likes you in a friendly way, as indicated by the friendly punch on the arm.

She sounds autistic as shit, I certainly can't fit this behavior into the framework of my own experiences.

Don't let this guy trail you along and don't feel insecure. There are lots of a reasons why someone would do this, whether it's unrelated personal issues, being a spaz who has trouble with details (I can sometimes be this way when I have multiple pending things and they get to be overwhelming), or simply being socially awkward. Call him and ask him about the details. Make sure you tell him that if he can't make it you need to know so that you can make your own plans.

Anyone, please, help me out here.
>best friend's ex is also my friend of about 2 years
>they broke up, she starts acting more "friendly" or so she claims thats what it is
>treats me like her bf, asks me "what kind of girlfriend would you like?" or she'd say things like "I wish I never met your friend so I could have met you" or "you're perfect for me" "you're very handsome" "I actually love you", that last one got me hard
>she would give me those "lets fuck" eyes and she would cuddle in bed with me and ask me to stay the night
>I feel like a rebound so I decide to distance myself
>she is devastated but c'mon, her ex is my best friend, can't do that to him and I don't like being her rebound, thats not how you treat your friends
>7 months later she reaches out to me because she wants me back in her life
>says she fucked 4 guys and that its my fault because if I was around she wouldn't have done that
>I tell her its her life, her responsibility
>before, she also said that she feels bad about being slutty and she'd stop, and referred to slutty people with contempt
>call her out on it now
>she says "well, I didn't say I promise"
>makes some other bullshit up, acts very manipulative
>says she never loved me and that I had no reasons to believe she did
>I tell her I want to cut all contact because she hurt me and used me too much
>she is upset but agrees and says that from now on we avoid each other in college
>then I see her in college all the time, she keeps looking at me, sits near me with her new "boyfriend" who she's only been seeing for about 2 weeks
>guy is pretty much a copy of me, except younger and looks like a fuckboi
>but she never liked ME that way, interesting
>she keeps finding ways to get close to me despite agreeing we should ignore each other
>yesterday I was sitting with my friends in the canteen, her and her "boyfriend" sat behind us, it was awkward, she did it intentionally
What does she want? how do I avoid her? I blocked her on everything already

She sound adorable and like she would appreciate you just being genuine with her. Don't pick a poem about about chopping up 23 year old teachers and you should be fine.

This is controlling, manipulative behavior. She's just trying to get what she wants- which is probably to date you, which may or may not be to fuck with your best friend or stroke her ego. Does your friend know that she's doing this? Have you confronted her yet and clearly expressed that you don't want any further contact with her? It isn't really illegal for her to follow you around in public places (I've known two women with actual stalkers that followed them across states that had no legal recourse at all) but you could still threaten her with police action in an attempt to scare her out of doing it if she keeps it up.

It's not really full on effect all 7 days every time though right? And I thought they vary wildly by person and even month right?
Is this the only thing he gets this way about?
Try having a conversation, no blaming like "you get mad when" just ask why he feels that way, and let him know how it makes you feel.

When she reached out (last week) we talked about everything.
>This is controlling, manipulative behavior.
I know, I told her I feel she's manipulative.

>She's just trying to get what she wants- which is probably to date you,
I believe so too but she keeps saying she doesn't see how I could think she loved me and that she was just being friendly. But when she was with my friend, she never done those things and saying "I wish I never met him and met you instead" pretty much acts as a dead give away she was attracted and wanted something more now that she was single.

>Does your friend know that she's doing this?
I told him about it.

>Have you confronted her yet and clearly expressed that you don't want any further contact with her?
Yeah I told her I want us to cut all contact and just pretend we don't exist, she realized thats the reality we live in now so she agreed and we're not in each other's lives anymore.

Its just that we don't speak to each other anymore, and we agreed to just move on with our lives. She even said "now you're just some random guy in college to me". Then the next day I see her in college and she either finds excuses to hang around me, or deliberately sits close to me with her friends and her new guy, as if to spite me because I'm not in her life anymore. Can't really talk to her, I said everything already and don't want to be in contact with her and calling her out in public in front of her friends would cause drama and she loves drama, she feeds off of it and will most likely cause a scene or deny everything, like she has when we spoke that one day. I don't know what to do and I'll have to see her in college for the next 2 years, we also live fairly close to each other. She's been trying to get my attention for the last 7 months now and now that that we cut all contact and had closure, she still continues but as if out of spite, and acts like she's not doing anything. I don't know how to confront this, she'll deny everything again

>How are you staring at her on accident?
Cant help myself really, shes just really adorable looking. I'm not smiling at her or anything either because I'm a little scaredy bitch. I'm just rambling at this point, I'd like to go and talk to her but I dont have the balls. Thanks for the answer though.


Guys and gals
How do you start conversations with strangers?
I've been struggling with socializing for a while now, I want to talk with my classmates but we have very little in common, I have the confidence to approach them, I just don't know what to say to hit it off, especially to the girls
Any ideas?

>If you mean that you actually love her and believe in you two, then absolutely spill it. Successful relationships are fucking BUILT on the vulnerability of looking like a bitch, doing that and assuring one another that you can mututally trust each other in vulnerability is the whole point. It's hard to do. It hurts sometimes, and sometimes your vulnerability isn't always rewarded. But I've been with my boyfriend for about a decade, half of which was long distance, and it is mutual effort and vulnerability that made us strong. No risk, no reward.

I'm scared she's not gonna take it well and it's gonna fuck me up even more. She takes ages to respond to me and she's currently taking over a day.
I've given her chances to say she doesn't want to talk anymore and she's always been adamant she wants me in her life but I don't know what's going on with this.

you don't know? what does it even mean?

Stop. Look them dead in the eyes. Never blink.
Once they blink, that's your greenlight to enter comfortable conversation distance (6 inches) and tell them about things you like.

I don't do it either, but I guess you can go with
>have you done this exercise? I'm not sure if I get it right
or stuff like that. Talking about school things at school is usually a good idea to not sound weird. Shallow conversations are better than crippling silence.

Not sure they'd be interested in the things I like, I'm not a typical zoomer
Sure they are interesting to me, but how am I gonna introduce things such as infosec, some vidya, politics and anime
I have other hobbies but it's mostly personal stuff, like writting stories, I'm not comfortable in bringing those up if I don't know someone well

I don't have a lot of money or possession. I don't have a nice car and while I work in the city I am constantly moving and doing shirt term rentals because I don't have enough money to rent a nice apt or buy a house. I know that women prefer guys that have their life set up and a large disposal income. How much of a deal breaker is this? I feel so outcompeted when compared to other guys.

I just want to be friends

>girl in same uni film program as me
>seeks me out on a couple of projects, so we work together
>she's super talented and we have a lot of fun
>over the summer she asks me if I want to go horseback riding with her
>we go, have a great time, and text a bit afterwards
>hang out again over the summer when I'm meeting up with friends and invite her to come with us
>asks me where I'm gonna be on campus so she can come see me
>as soon as we get back to uni she just completely shuts down whenever I see her
>I just act calm and say hello, nothing crazy
>today I stopped to say hi to her and a mutual friend when I was leaving the department building
>we're all into script writing and they're talking about it so I ask what they're working on
>friend she's talking with and I leave because we want to go get food but she just acts really strangely around me

It's usually to the effect of "okay, you can go now" or something like that, and it's really odd when I'm just saying hi or waiting for someone else. I haven't flirted with her at all but she's just acting really strangely/ coldly towards me even though we hung out this past summer. Some of my friends think she might have a crush on me but I'm not convinced. What causes a girl to do a complete 180 like that? I just don't get it.

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I'm a very jealous kind of guy in relationships, to the point where yes, there are certain things I don't want my girlfriend to be wearing, but...the fact that you care enough to have shorts under the skirt is a momunmental indicator that you're not trying to get the attention of other guys. Even then I personally don't have a problem with skirts as long as they're not too short. Above the knee is probably the highest I'd be ok with, though. I think you guys need to have a serious conversation about trust. Whether you dump him or not, you'll have to go from there.

It's definitely different between women, but 5-7 days is typical. For me, the cramping and stomach problems start before the bleeding and lasts for about 7 days, and the heavy bleeding lasts for about five with spotting (minor, intermittent bleeding) for two more two days. I also get cramping on the first day of ovulation. If it varies wildly between months, it isn't a good sign and points to hormonal imbalance or nutritional issues.

If you both are having issues with being open with one another, it could partially be because you withdrew so much and she doesn't want to center you as much/risk rejection herself. If you didn't have any very serious issues in your relationship like cheating, I'd say to just suck it up and go for it. It's your best chance at a positive outcome and it doesn't sound to me like she's actually decided to write you off.

Girls, why speak with my classmates girls if i fell when they infantil?

Tell his faggot ass to stop being jealous of leprechauns. He's trying to micromanage you and you don't need that bullshit.
Take an asprin for your stroke, user.

This sounds like a strange, creepy fucking way to interact with people, friend.

Starting out with benign, neutral topics like pets, schoolwork, or movies is going to be your best bet to find a way in. Music can sometimes be a good one if you're into it. I have some weirdshit interests too, but I don't bring those up first thing either because I don't want to reveal my powerlevel to normies- HELLO FELLOW GAMERS ZOMG TEH REI WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRADE PGP KEYS isn't the way to go. Gently touch on those topics by bringing up things that average people would know about or bring up a related article or event, and if they're into it they'll probably get more into talking about it.

It's not a dealbreaker to me, plenty of us aren't searching for that. That only matters with a man who specifically doesn't want for me to be financially independent (which actually would be a dealbreaker for me). It's a lot more important to be fun to talk to and to have compatible life ambitions.

Honestly, I would think that she's having some kind of personal or emotional problem. Is it directed solely at you? Is there a possibility that some kind of negative gossip about you could have gotten to her? Also you need the MEOWDY version.

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im bad know english you may say easier olease

Does aspirin even help with stroking?
There were a bunch of these semi sentient posts on Jow Forums a while back. The randomness almost makes me think it is machine learning for a shit posting bot.
Call me prejudiced, but I don't want to share a board with a robot, even a sentient one.

guy i bad know english what she mean

>bf gets mad when I wear skirts
>and I wear shorts under my skirts as well

>mfw spats under skirts are my fetish

aha i caused this feel

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>it doesn't sound to me like she's actually decided to write you off.
It doesn't?
Yeah, she said she doesn't want me out of her life and wants to be friends and she cares about me but she barely talks to me. We only text now and she usually takes at least an hour, sometimes several (like 6-7 hours at times) to respond. Keep in mind there's a time difference so on an average day we exchange like 4 texts each. Now even that's stopped, it's been almost 2 days.
I can't tell what she thinks of me and that's killing me as well.

Do you girls like being talked to like a person or a fragile little doll that can't do shit on its own without big daddy men nearby?

U best power down and I'm talking pronto or I'm taking an industrial magnet to you and all of skynet feelme?

Your question does not make sense in English.

Spats don't go under skirts. Embarass yourself somewhere else.

>"Compression shorts, known as spats in Japan"

Election tourists please go.

what she mean under "Take an asprin for your stroke"?

You sound like have stroke, aspirin good for stroke.

>Is there a possibility that some kind of negative gossip about you could have gotten to her?

I hope not. There are a couple people in the same major who don’t like me because we butted heads on set a bit, and I called them out for treating other crew members poorly, but I don’t get the feeling that that’s what it is, but they’re not gossipy and I’ve made amends with some of them. I just feel gross about the whole thing honestly.

she want humilate me?you american so hard

That's standard protocol for treating strokes. Thinner blood can pass around the obstruction easier, but it can also loosen it so it travels. It's a risk that usually buys time.
If you're really trying to say something troll like "Why should I talk to women in my class if I think they have the mind of a child?" ... The problem is you and your ego of not associating with types of people you'd consider lesser than you. By all means continue to be alone.

Sounds like someone's venting their personal issues! Now be honest, did a woman tell you that you were being an asshole, user?

You just have to talk to her. I had a brief separation from my boyfriend (at his request when we were still teenagers) and he thought I was done with him forever because I wasn't all over him after he literally just broke up with me. It feels SAD to want to be with someone and for it to seem like they're unengaged. Unless you say something, this pattern isn't going to stop. You said yourself that you didn't actually try to keep the split from happening and weren't putting in effort in general. As far as she knows, you aren't interested. Why would she prioritize you like boyfriend when you aren't one and, as far as she knows, don't want to be one?

Is it weird for two girls to have matching tattoos? They're both tiny hearts on the finger. Can't remember which finger.

>meet woman on bumble
>Have 3 ok dates before I tell her I'm not really feeling a spark
>She says she understands, but felt the opposite, thanks me for showing her good men still exist
Now I matched with her again a year later, is it dumb that I'm willing to try again? Reason being mostly I have only dated one person since.

>Also this time she lied down about her height from 6'1" to 5'11" lol
I know she's 6'1" because I'm 5'11" and she was noticibly taller in flats.

trouble in they infantil everytime , i with friends infantil sometime.And yes most beatiful girl in class are infantil like child and learn lessons bad

I like to be talked like a person, but I also think that showing kindness and respect to others is a pretty nice way to live. No need to be an asshole at all times, neither to men or women.

Most humans of the female variety are not into the public humiliation fetish, user. You really need to cancel your bangbro's premium to be able to afford to take one of us on a date.

>You just have to talk to her. I had a brief separation from my boyfriend (at his request when we were still teenagers) and he thought I was done with him forever because I wasn't all over him after he literally just broke up with me. It feels SAD to want to be with someone and for it to seem like they're unengaged. Unless you say something, this pattern isn't going to stop. You said yourself that you didn't actually try to keep the split from happening and weren't putting in effort in general. As far as she knows, you aren't interested. Why would she prioritize you like boyfriend when you aren't one and, as far as she knows, don't want to be one?

Yeah I guess.
Also, I think she knows I still have feelings for her. I just haven't actively told her how I feel because I don't want to come off as a bitch/manipulating her into something

No. I know plenty of girls who get matching tattoos with their friends. My best friend has two matching tattoos with two friends of hers.

>cute girl I've been chatting up at work
>always stares me down, smiles an snit
> start of my shift end of hers
>catch her in the elevator talking to someone
>its now or never
>tell her talking to her's been cool, ask if she would like to chill sometime and for her number
>other person just watching
>she becomes extremely giggly and starts stammering
>her stop comes son she exits and yells out to me she'll be here tomorrow

I failed didnt I

when I become good friends with a girl its hard to tell if she's just a friend or if she wants something more to come out of it.

What do I look out for if she's interested and what could be mistaken for a sign of interest?

a lot of my female friends that I really get along with don't act the same as guys I'm close friends with but I keep telling myself its just because they're girls, so the difference is to be expected and girls just act like that around their guy friends

Nah, I just see a lot of bitches talk about equality but going soft when a guy talks to them like they're a fucking four-year-old.

Do girls really need to be told they should be loved and respected? If you enjoy it, I honestly think less of you.

Ah ok. Thank you very much user. Already dated a bisexual girl once. Never going through that ever again.

aww, but they're so horny

>be foreveralone neet for a long time
>fast forward
>making out with girl
>feels mildly okay at the time, but feel horribly anxious afterwards
>in gym listening to hostile, angry, lonely music
>feel better
>drink after gym while listening to sad music at 4am
>feel even better

how do i turn things around

what is best compliment for girl?

she failed, women are nervous fucking wrecks, although I wouldn't pin all your hope on her being in that elevator tomorrow, if it happens great, if not shrug and carry on

I hate to sound incel, but shit like this is why men are pants on head angry right now.

Women send so many mixed signals. They send so many romantic signals that have nothing to do with their actual desire.

I've had a woman make constant sexual harassment jokes toward me at work. Asking me repeatedly about sex and fucking on the weekend. Later touching me when I was trying to work just to get my attention.

I asked her out and she said she couldn't. Then I later sent a friend request, nothing.

On the other hand, a girl asked me out one time by asking if i would come help walk her cat. I didn't find out later until she confessed After she was in a different relationship.

Half of the questions women ask on here are because of this shit. Men have no idea what the fuck you mean. 50 years from now, women will be able to take your dick out, put it in their vagina, force you to nut, then say she was just being friendly.

You're a good person, you have good taste, you're very empathetic, and any kind of basic praise.

why i may not violent touch her hand?

Yes they're thots

Because women are not physical communicators. I mean, they are but they're not good communicators in general. A pat on the shoulder can be taken as sexual when it's just how guys reassure each other.

dumbass, she literally said she'd talk to you tomorrow.

and i'm sure they're just clamoring for your respect. what else should they do for your approval?

im sorry but you dont give answer how.Im some stupid today say easier

Lol, are you retarded?
I don't want strangers to touch me. I had my roommate give me back rubs and never thought of it as sexual.

They don't need to do anything but be their own person. Too many seek validation and need constant reassurement. I just think it's pathetic to feel empowered by someone saying what your parents probably said to you when you were a toddler.

If that roommate had a dick or was a lezzie, you sent them mixed signals.

No one wants strangers to touch them.

i mean famillar girl

Talk about an overreaction. Women aren't a monolith dude. If you're unsure what someone means you just need to ask them to clarify. Imagine getting this mad over what you think it should mean when someone uses an emoji. Don't automatically interpret any interaction with a woman you want to fuck as being sexual and this entitled overreaction won't happen.

No, I didn't. I have a boyfriend, he has a girlfriend, and he's a physiotherapist.
No one thinks touching is sexual, it depends on the context and where you touch.

I dated a guy for two weeks and we saw each other 4 times in that space. Now he was in another city for 3 weeks and we couldn't meet. Chatted a bit on most days though. Now, we were supposed to meet today but I needed a couple of hours and then he went to bed early instead. It's so early and we haven't been able to meet, I think this thing is doomed and he isn't interested. Do you think so too?

Ah, then that was just a really fucking weird thing to do with a friend.

Back rubs can be pretty sexual, girly. The guy could be breathing down your nape or sitting close. Try to communicate that better next time.

There wasn't any misunderstanding, and there's no need to "communicate better".
If I welcome you in sexy lingerie and ask you "baby, can you give me a back rub?" then yeah, sure, sexual. If I ask my roommate who is a physiotherapist and does this for a living to give my back a quick fix because it hurts, not sexual.

Maybe stop being retarded.

For someone who brought up context, you sure know how to leave it out.

I don't care and you sound like an idiot. Women aren't a hivemind. I made it clear in that very post that the way I communicate is significantly different that what you're describing, and I'm not some kind of freakish exception. It's common for immature people of either sex to completely fail at clear communication. Feel free to note the guy above in this thread wringing his hands over whether or not he should actually -speak- to the person he wants to be dating because he fears vulnerability. The other half of the threads on this board are completely socially inadequate nimrods panicking over whether or not a woman looking vaguely in his direction means that she wants to his dick right then and there.

Men and women are both taught that their value is intertwined with their ability to be sexually desired and be in sexual relationships. Women also receive the message that actually being in sexual relationships reduces their value. They give mixed signals because they have mixed feelings- they want the value of being sexually desireable and positive attention from men, but don't want the reputation and value hit of actually having sex. I have empathy for you dumb fucking incels just as much as I have empathy for these dumb fucking women. Regardless of who you are, if you want to know the cause for any persistent problems in your life, take a good, hard look at yourself.

Have you actually met a person who took a touch on the shoulder as sexual? I don't know about you, but I've requested that people keep their unwelcome little mitts to themselves without thinking that it correlated to a desire for sex.

i have one classmate girl and we have mutual hostility.I not fell romantic to she, i want have medium friend relationship.What i may did this?

>I have a boyfriend, he has a girlfriend, and he's a physiotherapist.
I didn't leave it out. You didn't read.

I'm saying that touching isn't sexual per se, it depends on the context.
A stranger touching your back? He's probably flirting with you and breaking the touch barrier.
My friend patting my back when I'm sad? Totally fine.
Asking for a back rub as an excuse to get naked? Sexual.
Asking for a back rub because my back hurts from my roommate? Free physiotherapy.

Women can communicate physically, probably better than guys.

Yup, in college but it's college so a bunch of crazy ass shit happens there.

Did you explain to them why you didn't want them to touch you like that?

You didn't mention that when you first brought up the back rub, like how I didn't specify which post you didn't input any context in.

We're both eh communicators, digitally at least.

Why would you try to be friends with someone who's hostile towards you?
If you want to keep it friendly, just apologise for being a dick sometimes and do something nice to her, then act normally.

>think a girl might be into me
>turns out she isn't
I'm starting to think my brain is tricking me to make me feel like i have a chance. And that's just a horrible thought. I don't want to go down this pit.
"I miss my ex" is beyond a catchphrase now, it feels like i'm just parroting the words i used to feel last year. And i lowkey think finding someone right for me is extremely rare (her being an example).