What would you do if you were in pic related's situation?

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That sucks man, I had a friend back in my days that was pretty short but I never made fun of him for being different. He's doing ok now but I'm pretty sure somewhere in his mind his height bites him every now and then. You just have to learn to live with it.

Fake and gay.

I'd kms

if it is real (which I doubt because reddit), it's just a company of dicks who think being an asshole is cool and impresses women. usually these people either blow up their fake persona because of insecurity in front of women. I wouldn't be shaken by it and just cringe at them.

Realize that the world is unfair. That's not just pessimism, it's just reality. Some people are just born worse off and that is their fate until the day they die. Personally I'm 6'2 but I have a lot of sympathy for short guys. It's socially acceptable to make fun of them and that's not okay, but what can you say. We apparently live in a world where most people are just dumb animals that can't make use of the empathy and sense they have been given. Some carry the will to be good people and some don't. And that guy who made fun of him chose to take advantage of his position in that moment. The world is really just inherently unfair.

this is all true.
I want to kill myself


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I have a lot of trouble thinking this is true, a partner of 3 years leaving just because she ''wants someone taller''? It isn't like his height was a surprise that she just noticed 3 years in. I don't think you should make fun of short people, but these dudes are clearly just embarassingly stupid. Why should you care about what someone embarassingly stupid thinks?

Only 2 options to come out on top (sorta). 1) Say you didn't hear him and make him repeat it. If he does stare at him smiling and just say "that's funny". Be very robotic and stare at the kid while smiling and make him very uncomfortable. Or 2) you could just be like "you wanna say that again" and if he does just say "alright come on let's talk about this outside". If he doesn't shut up after that just start punching.

Or you could be a sane person and tell your manager that some customers are being rude and they'll probably kick them out.

one of the few jobs not to piss someone off in is a server. maybe its because hes redditposting but it was pretty shocking that the most revenge the cuck got was being slow on a refill

Fake. Also
>Screencapping Reddit posts
Go back, thanks.

>Why should you care about what someone embarassingly stupid thinks?
And also giving a care about rando customers at your job in general is poor for your mental health, serve and forget.

Be professional and brush it with a joke. I would be used to be short anyways.

>he thinks I can look that far down to see all those manlets and their tiny problems

I'd sit down with them, look them straight in the eyes and ask "what's your deal? What's your reward for saying this to me?" They'll stop laughing, because people don't know how to react when you calmly confronting. No salty feelings. No pettiness. No big words. Just calm down, ask and watch them comically struggle with it. If they say something like "I'm sorry" they'll loose the women's respect for taking it back. If they continue being an asshole, the rest of the restaurant will notice and will either intervene or better yet, record them to upload it to social media once things get heated. You literally cannot loose if you just confront them without showing that it hurt.

People definitely do make fun of you publicly for being short. I remember a girl once saying to me "aren't you a little short to be a stripper?" when she found out I did a stripping singer act at a local place

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Only if tall girls actually want to fuck you. No tall girl approached me in life.

>50$ tip off one table
>all you had to do was say "yeah man, my parents gave me the short end of the stick" and roll short puns all night

Look, fags. If you don't laugh at yourself, someone else will be happy to do it for you.
Bitch, piss, cry and moan if you wanna. You aren't gonna change shit doing that.

unbased and blue pilled, getting butthurt is cringe, but being a self deprecating Manlet is ultra cringe

Your mom would cringe if she read the stupid shit you post online.

You spending your life looking for unicorns as well?

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Wouldn't really do much, other than seethe a bit internally.

Honestly I think when people are being like that, it's usually because they're being ignorant and don't totally understand life of the person they're mocking. So it's not really the person being malicious, insomuch as being a bit dense/clueless. It makes the world seem a little less grim, the shitlord a little less nasty.

girls dont approach but they do show interest first. if you just cold approach, you get pegged as a sex offender creep.

>if you cold approach you get pegged as a sex offender creep

come on man this is just bad

>unless you are tall and attractive
there fixed it

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