How does one overcome the fear of death and consequence outside of ones own willingness

How does one overcome the fear of death and consequence outside of ones own willingness

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Usually after going through a traumatic experience or a life/spiritual journey
Or psychedelic drugs maybe?

Just accept it. It is going to happen. You are already dead and forgotten.
Ultimately no matter how hard we try it will be the same had we never came to exist at all.

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>How does one overcome the fear of death

by having a family and seeing your children thrive

Fear comes with the possibility of death.
Calm comes with the certainty of death.
You are certainly going to die.
Be calm.

So the hell what you reproduced, so can a germ. that doesn't give you any meaning. By that logic you might as well be a brainless single-celled organism. Having children doesn't give your life any particular special meaning it's just a happenstance of your biology

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you are mixing purpose and meaning.

meaning is what derives from purpose.

also meaning and purpose are not driven by logic, as the totality of human actions are not driven by self conscious rational choices.

What you have to do is make sure your life is so shitty and deplorable that you would love to die rather that continue

Humans have no purpose or meaning all life is just a cosmic accident. Life has no meaning. We are all going to die.

fucking grind that shit down. cardio, strength training, running, rock climbing. eat whatever the fuck you can handle. DID YOU HEAR ME? NOT HOW MUCH YOU WANT. HOW MUCH YOU CAN HANDLE.

fucking live life nigger. go skydiving. work in the sport. be a base jumper

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and after all you still made this post, it nothing has a purpose and there is no meaning, you making this post is in contraddiction with your statement.

By realizing there is life after death and that god loves you

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*Just starts screaming in your thread like a complete and total fucking rerarded autistismo psychotic maniac and than leaves*

Prove to me God exists

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The entire basis of the bible revolves around jesus's death and resurrection. All you have to do to disprove it is to prove that this didnt happen and yet despite being a religion in its infancy the most powerful government in the world couldnt disprove and squash it, and droves of people were becoming martyrs without any motivation for personal gain. I would start any investigation into christianity here

That’s fucking dumb. The Us government didn’t disprove Mormons or Scientologist yet those are clearly stupid religions too.

People have been martyrs because they are stupid and it’s what hey believe. It is for personal gain. All those dumb martyrs wanted to die

It’s pretty easy. We can’t change what we can’t change. Just repeat the logic over and over.

>talking about the US government
He referred to the Roman Empire as it was the most powerful at the time and the fact that they tried to stop or at least delay people converting.

There is no “meaning” to life, I mean what do you think it might be?

We just need to live life and experience as much as we can. I mean you already paid for the trip here, might as well enjoy it. Or not.

So? That doesn’t prove anything, morons will believe literally anything.

If Jesus was actually God why do such dumb miracles. Why not lot implant in everyone’s mind that he is God? Why not raise all dead people in the world for like 10 minutes? Why not write Jesus is God on the moon?

He created the universe and he does these dumb miracles?

Clearly fake, you’d have to be a moron to believe that

I just pointed out the fact that your assumption was wrong when it came as to what government was the user reffering to.
Sadly you cannot simply understand that and just wants an meaningless debate about semanthics.
Imagine being so incompetent and appealed about your own life that you cant fathom one devotion to a cause even if it means death.

Jesus is the Son of God , you can say kind of an incarnate of His but I do not agree on your definition because at the base level they are 2 different entities.
While you can implant everyone mind and say that you are God why would you do such thing ?
To prove that you are God and show some user on the internet that you exist.
Religion is optional and how you live your life too , be kind and even if you may be of a different religion or not believing you will still find salvation in the afterlife.

Martyrs get hit in killing them selves, it’s for their own personal use.

I know about life, you clearly don’t by believing some cobbled together beliefs just make no sense. Religion is all fake dude. Jesus is just Dionysus

Jesus was not the son of God, he was just some dude.

Religion is just a way to control man’s natural affinity with the spiritual.

Look you want to be stupid go ahead. But you’re stupid

It doesn’t matter what we believe we all have the same fate when we die.

You are just scared of dying so you have this dumb concocted religion to make you feel better.

Here’s the thing: you’re wrong, you’re dumb, and there is nothing to fear.

Believe in Jesus, don’t...makes no difference.

>yeah dude , you believe in something that doesnt fit in my perspective so you dont know shit cuz God is dumb and shit dude

>Someone who suffers, or is even killed, for his or her political or religious beliefs is called a martyr.
Martyrs do not kill themselves , they are either killed or suffer due to their conviction to a cause.
You can say that by being killed is selfish due to the fact that they know will be martyred thus furthering their cause but this is wrong to fundamental level.
Being selfish means doing something for himself without regards to other needs but the cause of the martyr isnt on an individual level but on a collective one and he pays for the effect of martyrdom with mental or physical pain and even death thus you saying that they do it for their own is wrong.

>doesnt even read what I said
I specifically said at the end that no matter what religion you worship and even if you do not worship one as long as you are kind and caring you will still have a good afterlife.
I would ask for more attention from you and not just blindly insinuating something .

It seems that I misinterpreted your message
I am sorry for that, let me rephrase.
Believing in something or not makes no difference as you said , I completely agree on this one.
But I still stand on my point when you are insinuating the fact that " I am scared of dying" because just jumping to conclusions isnt something you should do in a debate.

Martyrs do kill them selves dipshit. What do you think all these terrorist bombers are?

Why do they do it? Delusion and their dumb beliefs have warped their brains into thinking murdering people is wha God wants.

Shows the mentality of religion

Actually that’s not true either. We all have the same fate, regardless if we are kind or not.

We need to be kind in order to make our life efficient and thus allow for more brain expansion over time, but that has nothing to do what happens when we die

Well it’s the whole raison d’etre of Catholicism:
Don’t be scared of dying, believe in us and you will go to Nice Place
Don’t be lonely or sad you had a fucked up childhood, God will be your dad and Mary your mom and you can get love

Those are the pillars of why Christianity spread. 0 to do with it being true

Yeah, all religion appeals to our fears and desire for intimacy, desire for community.

Over the centuries we have come up with countless dipshit tales, they are all fake as shit but that appeals to our psychology in some way.

Yeah so some dudes over the course of two thousand years made up a religion that is incredibly consistent within itself and appeals to human nature and historical events for the sole purpose of appealing to your psychology and making you happy, oh and also many of them died horrible deaths and in the case of jesus and paul verifiablely happened.

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>Prove to me God exists
Unrelated to the point of the post you're responding to, I can prove to you that God exists. I can't prove that he gives a shit about your favorite football team, but I can prove God exists.
But before I do so, you'd have to honestly answer one question first:

>Tom and Fred are on the same Bowling Team
>Fred is having an affair with Tom's wife
>Tom has no knowledge of the affair
>Fred obviously has knowledge of the affair
Does the Bowling Team have knowledge of the affair?

Magic mushrooms, seriously. A big enough dose so that you cant teeter on the edge. It needs to push you over the edge of not being in control. The ego hates that, and when you teach your ego that death is natural... it becomes much more bearable to think of.

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