Do you know your life's purpose/ what you are passionate about? what is it and how did you find it?

do you know your life's purpose/ what you are passionate about? what is it and how did you find it?

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>what is it

my passions are mountaineering, math, astronomy and homebrewing beer.

>how did I find it

by chance and then I followed what I felt it was a good idea and which also was working for me

>life's purpose

hell if I know

I am at an impasse about this problem.
It seems no matter what I do and how hard I try no one acknowledges any of my accomplishments or achievements and my motivation seem to be linked with the approval and appeasement of others cuz in some ways were always the child who wants to do the drawing that Mom puts on the fridge right and says wow how talented but like when no one in your life will acknowledge any achievement you have no matter how great then it's hard to find any motivation to do anything. Because if your base value to them is 0 right off the bat then nothing you do will ever be good enough no matter what they'll just keep moving the bar.

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interesting mix of things, neat
can I ask what you do for work?

My passion is working on computers and creating algorithms to automate things.
I always found computers interesting and took a computer class in high school and it was the only class I actually enjoyed studying on my own.
My life purpose is just to be happy, healthy, and live as independently as possible.

>do you know your life's purpose?
To love my wife. Sounds cheesy, but it's the truth. My life got a lot simpler when I finally met her, as I had been loving her for twenty years at that point.

>what you are passionate about?
Writing fiction.

>what is it and how did you find it?
Always loved stories, slowly refined my fascination until I needed to create my own.

damn, I can't relate to this at all but this sucks. I'm so apathetic with what others expect from me, that I have done absolutely nothing with my life at 22. I'd say to fuck approval and do what you want, but I have no idea what I want and I've fucked it all up.


Become an expert.
A field where people have to bring you in to explain things when it's too complicated for common sense.
The more specialized then the more your ego will be boosted.

not them but I have no idea how to achieve this, because the only things I'm truly autistic about are things that aren't useful or practical.

make a list about those things and I bet I can find at least one application

I am
I have passed the PC 832
I have over 200 hours of training
I have graduated college
I have passed the United Nations IED/AED/UED awareness exam
I have psychological first aid cert from John Hopkins University
I have a evidence based understanding gun violence from John Hopkins University
I have a cert from UC Davis in Coaching as a manager
And over ten years expericance.

They literally just hire losers off the street over me and constantly throw shade at me. My life is trash.

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why did you pursue those things?

I think that's the question to ask

For advancement in my field. And... you know money. The reason why most adults go to work.

and you decided to get money for which purpose?
also, advancing in your field for which reason?

TO PAY THE RENT AND EAT MY DUDE! LOL TO LIVE! I am not a spoiled fancy lad. If I stop working I WILL BE HOMELESS

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Ok, so now your basic necessities have been met, right?

now what do you desire?
I'm being serious, not asking silly questions

>Because if your base value to them is 0 right off the bat then nothing you do will ever be good enough no matter what they'll just keep moving the bar.
Why do you believe that they felt your base value to them was zero right of the bat?

If that's the actual truth, you need to metaphorically tell them to go fuck themselves. Seriously.

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>It seems no matter what I do and how hard I try no one acknowledges any of my accomplishments or achievements
I am a bona-fide genius, in the Mozart sense, in one very specific niche area. In my entire life, it has only been appreciated once, by chance, and I don't expect it to ever happen again. I can make connections in half a second that takes others thirty seconds to several minutes to make, if at all. And this in an area where the time taken isn't really an important factor at all. This is the best thing I do and the thing I am best at and nobody will ever care. Ever.

I may

I was always fascinated by the human body so I became a medfag. I like looking at body parts and poking them.

what is it user, u can tell me, I can appreciate it

Well, I like telling the story of the one time it was appreciated, but I've never typed it out before. If I have time later before the thread dies, I'll try posting it.

please do Im legit Interested

>do you know your life's purpose/ what you are passionate about?

Music & audio production. Also cosplay & fashion.

>what is it and how did you find it?
I found them by first going through all sorts of shit jobs and failed education to find out what I wasn't passionate about and what I didn't want to do. Then one day it just clicked.

how's that going?

It's going good thanks how's everything with you

terrible, I'm trying to escape retail and im going into a call center while I figure out what makes me not want to kill myself

Yes, asset management
I don't know how I got into it but when I did I didn't want to do anything else. Fortunately it is a passion with a direct path to financial gain.
Pretty sure it was watching opening bell before school in 08.

>it's only been appreciated once
So, here's the story:

In a drawing class at university, the professor planned a trip for us to go to the zoo to draw the animals. This is a good idea because the animals tend to hold still. She was also bringing her husband and baby along as an opportunity for a family trip since we would be mostly drawing independently. At the time, I had thought that bringing a baby to the zoo was stupid because I had not yet learned how desperate young couples with a baby are for something to do together. I was surprised to find out that her husband was my writing professor.
So anyway, the whole class climbs on a bus for the trip across the city to the zoo. We're all chatting about various nonsense as a group for the next half hour to forty-five minutes. The topics included: Whether or not the saying "Find a penny, pick it up, and all day you'll have good luck!" had anything to do with Benjamin Franklin's gem about "A penny saved is a penny earned"; The possible origins of the tiny fifth pocket in a pair of jeans; And the worthiness of the kazoo as a musical instrument.

Eventually, we get to the zoo and pile out of the bus into the parking lot. One of my classmates says "Oh, lookit! A penny!"
Without a second's pause, I call out: "Hey, Pick It Up, Save it in your Fifth Pocket, and maybe Earn enough for a Kazoo!"
None of my classmates acknowledged that I had said anything. My writing professor, a published author and master of metaphor, froze in his tracks to my left. He slowly turned his head to look at me with a stunned expression on his face and his baby child strapped to his chest. He simply said "That... was... ...beautiful."
I realized that here was someone truly capable of appreciating what I do actually witnessing it in real time. And we both knew the beauty of elegantly threading together a trip's worth of conversations with a single line. I beamed, said "Thank you." and walked towards the zoo.

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neat, why don't you pursue writing? start a blog about literally anything

It's a goal. See It's been too long since I've written anything notable. Life has been grinding me down fairly consistently, but I'm starting to get my head above water.

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