Why do I keep getting ghosted after 1 dates?

I’m not being creepy. We generally are having a good time. And before the date ends I make plans to go have some food somewhere for next date which they agree to. After the goodnight text they stop responding.

This is like the 5th time this has happened recently and it’s really killing my confidence.

Am I just ugly or something?

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gertstulp.com/pdf/Stulp et al 2013_Anim Behav_The height of choosiness.pdf

Happened to me earlier this week, and it sucks. I think in the end we just didn’t click romantically. And while she was the one to ghost, I realised we were mutually incompatible, and it was for the best.

Still hurts though

Happens all of us. I've had dates where me and the girl where what felt like a great time together. Making out, swapping jokes, telling each other stories etc. Then we kiss one last time before the date ends, i ask her if we'll meet again and she enthousiastically answers ''yes i would love to!!''. Then i start texting her and a few days later she stops responding. Literally happened to me just recently.

You can't always know what happened. Maybe she was high on drugs while going out with you, maybe she just felt lonely and wanted someone to spend the day with, maybe she secretly had a boyfriend while you went on a date with her and she decided she doesn't want to risk losing him for you so she ghosted you.

Sucks man. Move on.

>23-33% of women intentionally mislead men they are not interested in for free meals

its happened to me, it's part of the game.

Currently living with my 2.5 year gf, had to take some lumps along the way. I know it's hard to not take personally and it erodes your confidence, id try going out with a girl who is maybe a little below what you're usually attracted to to get your mojo back.


>Taller men report more satisfaction in their romantic relationships than shorter men

>Women are happiest with their partner's heights when they are 8.24 inches / 20 cm taller then them

>94% of women will reject a man for being "too short"
gertstulp.com/pdf/Stulp et al 2013_Anim Behav_The height of choosiness.pdf

>Women are happiest with their partner's heights when they are 8.24 inches / 20 cm taller then them

>Short men have twice the suicide rate of tall men

>Taller men have more partners and father more children


>Facial plastic surgery significantly changes how a man's personality is perceived

>Women feel sexual disgust when they imagine even talking to an unattractive man

>Attractive men are perceived as funnier, even when they are actually not

>A man's physical attractiveness predicts how long he waits before a woman will allow sex

you come off as needy. Also need a perosnality. dont agree to everything they say

Man yall retards got it wrong. The only reason a woman who has gone out on a date wuth you, does not agree to a second one, is because she wanted you to fuck her tgat night bu you didn't. In a primal sense, you demonstrated genetic inferiority by being a complete and weak bitch.

Now, rejoice, for this can be corrected. Simply ask her back to your place mid date, and as soon as you enter your place you begin to fuck her. Any other course of action and you sorry fucks will not know the true light of women's sexuality.

They just weren't into you lol. ON to the next

I had the same thing happen to me earlier this week, except I got to second base with her by the end of the night. There was definitely chemistry, so it makes it even more confusing. I have no clue how to rationalize her behavior.

Spin more plates, remember you are the prize user... not them. Also listen to the rational male audiobook

Man this just happened to me. I'm looking for a relationship, I didn't make any moves because I want to respect her.

God dammit. I don't want to be a fuckboy user, that's a blackhole I will never save my soul from.

I'm a 5/10 guy and I've never been ghosted in any of the ~10 dating site dates I've been on in the last year. Hell I went on a date with a hot Indian chick last night, way above my level, and she's been texting me Russian trivia out of the blue today 'cos I mentioned I like Soviet history.

I don't know which hypothesis this supports though. I guess the suggestion is that it can't be an "I ghosted him because he didn't have Chad muscles, blue eyes, and blonde hair", because I don't have Chad muscles, blue eyes or blonde hair and I never get ghosted.

I was going to make a thread on this myself OP. Basically exactly this happened to me twice this summer. can't be the answer.

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>Man this just happened to me. I'm looking for a relationship, I didn't make any moves because I want to respect her.

Your heart is in the right place, but when a guy doesn't make ANY moves towards physical intimacy in the first date, the red flag that he's some sort of sex-phobic introverted wierdo is a lot bigger and redder than the alternative red flag that he's a pushy semi-rapist who only sees you as a cum rag.

A girl wouldn't go on a date with you in the first place if she was repelled at the thought of physical intimacy with her. At least ask if you can kiss her goodbye at the end - the proof that you're not an autistic, frigid robot is very important.

A year ago I would meet girls from online and act like a fuckboy, kiss them and stuff, but that's not me. I want to find a girl to marry, and that means confining that stuff to a relationship doesn't it?

Probably because you are a frog poster that women hate you. They can smell your folder on you and its a huge turnoff.

>and that means confining that stuff to a relationship doesn't it?

No. You couldn't be more wrong.
If you are *in a relationship already* then yes, don't flirt with other girls. If you're *single*, then - in the context of a literal date - women absolutely expect you to want to be touchy. If you're *not*, that's a big red flag, either that you are scared of sex or that you find them undesirable.

I'm not saying, like, force your tongue down her throat above her protests. But you need to be seen to try to get at least a kiss off her, as proof you're not an asexual wierdo / a homo looking for a beard.

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>meet the girl of my fucking dreams
>Spend 15+ hours talking on phone
>Over 20 days snapstreak constantly talking
>She's conservative just like me
>Agree on almost everything
>Chemistry is fucking insane
>I'm part Jewish, she's raised a Nazi
>She says she's afraid we are falling in love
>She can't keep talking to me because she thinks she won't be able to stop herself, virgin btw
>She can't have my mixed blood messing up her bloodline
>We both realise it will never workout
>I can't be with a woman who constantly regrets that decision
>We stop talking all together

This happened yesterday.... Hurts so fucking much bros
Literally laying in bed crying, the worst part is that we liked each other so fucking much, it was not the fact that we did not click that stopped her, it's the fact that it was falling in love with that stopped it

I dont know what to fucking do.....

Man both of you can't be this naive. That also goes for everyone else in this thread. Just because women want to fuck early in the relationship doesn't mean that you need to hop from girl to girl. You can apply it wih your future wife for all they give a fuck.

Also, the fact that you don't like this being the truth doesn't change reality. Either you start taking my advice, or some other less neurotic guys will, and they will get the girls.

But hey, you people do you. I mean it has worked out so well for you, it's not like you are having a consistent problem f women not liking you. It couldn't possibly be that you are doing the wrong things, no, it must be some bullshit like your looks, hypergamy or the universe itself conspiring against you personally. Again, please do ignore the obvious solution and keep doing the exact same thing over and over expecting a different result. Fucking Mongoloids, you really do get what you deserve with women.

I am woman but just it was, you were not their type. Woman have really high standard when sex or have relation with man. For woman, the standard is totally differ with man. Just meet other girls more. Dont think about you must have good relation with her. Just enjoy date, if she like you, she will text more after date

Umm I read all reply on this thread and I was really shocked so many guys get hurted at this situation. Maybe guys don't know about girls. I heard that most guys can sex with 85% of any girls. But girls can sex with less than 3% of boys. And girl's type is really differ.

And if you wanna sex or serious relation too much, girls feel afraid about guys. Just enjoy date, and don't expect. Than it will be more easy

And the situation can happen same to really handsome guy. Guys think wrong about girls.
And I don't know about OP, but I guess the reason. The OP wanted relation so ardently, than any girl will be afraid.

Your viewpoinyt is appreciated, but hardly practical at all. What do you do with that information, it's not like we can read a woman's mind to know if we are their type? What these guys are asking is what can the do differently to not get ghosted after a first date. And by that time of course the woman has seen how they look physically, so types are not the problem.

See just what I said, it's in their personality not their looks, assuming it is the first date

I am woman, and there are really not handsome guys, but meet many girls. And usually a little handsome guys, but didnt met many girls, think like OP. I just guessed, of cause I dont know correctly.
If you guys have female friends, and talk a lot with them, it will be helpful. Tell them to get advice.

Yeap I think the conversation was problem. It is solved, if OP meet many girls.

And it is true that many girls have really different type. Some girls like black hair, some girls like short but muscle guy, etc. I like short but have wide shoulders and have good eye. So you guys have to meet many girls

I mean I personally don't have this specific problem, I'm just posting advice. Every time I get a woman to go out ona fisrt date with me she's basically mine. The only time I fucked it up was because I didn't even so much as try to kiss the girl.

Yes, it's a numbers game. The point is if they are already on a date they are for sure the girl's type. But the root of all this is that the "men" on this thread are extremely weak and shy, scared to make moves to see how far they can get.

I am not talking that the OP is not handsome. Just different type with the girls like. In biology, people can identify other people's DNA immune system, and people prefer someone, whose DNA is differ with them.

Some guys think that handsome guy will be popular to any girls, but handsome don't mean that all girls like him.

You feel you are weak and shy?Why do you think so?It can be problem. What is your fear?

Yes I understand, it is looks + personality + type/style, that determine your success with women, you lovely korean lady.

No no, the other men are weak and shy, not me. Because they are afraid of kissing and having sex with women.

And it will be helpful if you write the text, whice you wrote with her hear. I can give recommend.I think you need female friend, who can advise to you. You don't have to like her, and she don't have to like her, really friend who can help each other

BASED nazi girl

I good with girls. Other men no good with girls I no need help. Other men need help.

Thanks :)

I feel like you have some good information but I can't understand you at all foreign user. Please keep posting tho.

Yeah she was the real fucking deal, fuck this blood of mine

Why so hostile?

Aha I misunderstood with other Anons. :)
Sorry my english is bad T.T

Third reply guy here. Because not only are men like OP shy, sensitive and naive, they also lack the agression and dominance needed tonget and keep girls, so, at least I, am hoping some if it rubs off and sticks to you, from my "hostile" reply. It's only to help you really, I am not actually pissed or hate you.

No problem, keep practicing english.

Since when do you speak english?

I learned English when I was child but I am really bad at speaking. :) Most Koreans are not good at speaking English

She is saying men would fuck most women but women would only fuck a small amount of men.

And that when men get desperate or become intense, the women feels creeped out. This is standard red pill stuff.


Nice. I wish I could speak Korean to you, but I only speak English and Spanish.

>Man both of you can't be this naive.
Both are me. and also I think the reason I don't want it to be true is that I have sisters and most of them waited for the right guy. I want to meet a girl like one of my sisters. A while ago I was doing nofap and really trying hard to get girls. I gave myself permission to try my luck early on and when girls would allow me to do sexual things or even allow me to have sex with them early it really repulsed me. I had to reject them and it felt terrible because they probably felt really slutty and ugly. I would hate any guy who would do that to my sisters, and I like to think they would never respect a guy who tried.

I'm also afraid of just becoming a male slut, a serial mongamist, casual sex freak, or womanizer. I just want to find a girl who I respect, date her, fall in love, and then do all the sex stuff we want while raising strong children and becoming successful professionals. Kind of like my parents I guess. As tempting as sex and even kissing is, I value that more, and finding the right person without corrupting myself is important to me.

If either of you have experience with that I would like to hear it. I tried asking my dad. I really grilled him with questions. He doesn't know. They were just young christians and I guess my mom fancied him. Things were simpler back then.

There will be really few people who know Korean. :)

What country are you from lad?

Why do you, a woman, visit Jow Forums?

Yes, Korean is very hard to learn. :)

>I'm also afraid of just becoming a male slut, a serial mongamist, casual sex freak, or womanizer. I just want to find a girl who I respect, date her, fall in love, and then do all the sex stuff we want while raising strong children and becoming successful professionals.
this doesn't happen any more lmao, jews put a stop to it

Costa Rica. Why? Is it the way I talked about women? Maybe a trip to central america could help you greatly friend, you get redpilled and good with women real fast here.

Ok mate I see, you have classic nice guy and white knight isms. Read No More Mr Nice Guy and hopefully soem theredpill subreddit sutff. Disney prince and princess relationships are dead, and I assure you all your sisters are sluts, just behind the curtains, women are great at secrecy. As for experiences IDK? Like, most women I've met are complete whores but you have to behvae like a man to unlock that hidden personality, so to speak. You just sound really childish bro, gotta grow up, fuck a hooker or something IDK, the whole goodboy thing likely stems from childhood insecurities.

wow you know Korean is hard to learn.

I wanna talk with many foreign people and learn about various culture. You are from Spain?

Shit I fucked up, your reply is here Mobile typing is hell

I wanna travel to foreign, but I am afraid going there and don't have money T.T But someday I can go there Thanks for your advice

I am from Costa Rica, if you would like to talk.

Yeah no problem bro. As long as you come here, to Panama, Argentina or Chile you should be safe. Any other one of our neighbors and all bets are off. What country are you from? England or Australia I presume?

>it's a thirdie subhuman living in a complete shithole who thinks he knows things work in the civilized world
Good thing you're on a containment continent

Now it explains why you're so edgy and angsty - you're a brown eyed swarthy manlet.

I'd be mad too.

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I know Costa Rica, I heard it is really beautiful place. I watched there on internet and there were really amazing landscape

No, I actually stand out for being white and 5'10. And I mean, if you guys are so great why are your leaders importing Mohammads, Tyrones and Juans to fuck your girls bro?

I am from Korea, it is near China and Japan, I am Asian, and I am woman, and I don't have money to go there T.T But someday I can go

Also, a lot of what I learned from women I learned from some great north american friends (U.S.A.), so IDK if they are also subhuman to you?

Same person KEK, my bad it's 4 am here. Just one guy from Costa Rica. I know where Korea is, great country. North or South Korea?

I am from South Korea, If I was from North Korea, I can't use internet kek
Nice to meet you, how is Costa Rica's nature landscape?

My mom called me to eat dinner have good day :)

Nice to meet you too. The nature is great and it is everywhere. The air and water are very fresh and clear. The sky is very blue. Lots of animals around. The beach is great as well. Only the capital is more city than nature.

Sorry my Jewish friend. If she’s really that far right, then you probably dodged a lot more problems than what was on the surface. I know it hurts now, but time heals all wounds.

Good bye, Korean Fem user

even amerimutts are not white
oh without a doubt, have you never been on Jow Forums before my good lad? Only North Western Europeans Are Humans.

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Oh ok so like absolute aryans with blond hair only I get it. No, I browse pol, fit, and adv. Anyways, I hope you don't dismiss the advice off of xenophobia, as it could help you. I also hope you are only ironically like that, it isn't good for your mental health. I only wish you the best user, and hope you ain't using the racism as an actual cope to an insecurity.

I said this before, lower your standards. If the girl is about on the same league as you she will ghost because she thinks she can do better. Younger women will tend to ghost a lot more.

Another thing how the hell are you guys meeting these girls, cold approaching, someone introduced you to them, tinder?

Girls don't care about blonde hair and blue eyes like guys do

>I heard that most guys can sex with 85% of any girls. But girls can sex with less than 3% of boys
This is completely wrong and you're retarded

You have solid advice that is universal with women. Same applies in first world countries where confident chads do exactly what you described. Jow Forumstards are the beta male types with no experience with women.

Find yourself another jew girl and stay away from white women. No excuse

You know a lot of Jews consider themselves white and govt census considers them white? I never see one that says “Jewish” as an ethnic option.

Why do white men get triggered when nonwhites date white women? You guys date/marry Asian women and latinas all the time but make it an issue when it's reversed. The end result is the same

You went too far the right wing rabbit hole. There's nothing wrong with being Jewish or not white. Spend less time here and be proud of who you are

>having pictures of keke the frog
>using the incel term "ghosted"

No you're not ugly to the point of repulsive if you're able to get a date in the first place, you just poisoned yourself with Jow Forums autism and it reflects in your real life social skills.

I don't know all the information on your dates, what you did, how they went or what you have done at what point.
Make sure you have their personal phone number to organise a second date if you don't have it, they won't give out their personal contact number to someone they don't want to speak to.
If you're organising a second date, make plans for something then MAYBE something else, they will be more accepting of the first part even if they aren't keen on the second bit.
Keep the interest going, keep them talking about themselves the next day but make sure you're not suffocating them, they will like talking about their plans for the next day and the like.