How do girls get better grades than boys most of the time?

How do girls get better grades than boys most of the time?

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they're raised differently and are usually given less excuses and passes for bad behavior than boys.


because the school system conflicts with some parts of the boys psyche, such as need for external validation, higher need for physical activity, etc

In school you get constant validation (grades), there's a very precise path laid down for you that you have to follow, you have to sit down for a few hours and listen to other people. Girls tend to be better at this.
Boys prefer hands on shit, they want to move around, they have a shorter attention span, they don't care about grades as much.

School is made for girls, work is made for men.

I'm in a CS university and I helped a girl friend cheat on an exam retake by doing it myself and sending her the code. When I took it I was graded "by the book" so to say, and had an average grade, but I was shocked at how high her grade was, almost perfect. Could be the >women are wonderful effect honestly.

However, there may be some truth to girls being more disciplined in general. Guys seem more careless sometimes.

they're conformists
In elementary school this results in great grades
The higher up you go the worse they do. If you look at an actually difficult college class (not gender studies or sociology bullshit) there are few women in it and they don't do very well.

women are boring so they have nothing to do besides studying

they're better at rote memorization sometimes

Less jizzbrain.

The school system (at least in th us) is designed for girls. Men and women learn best in different ways, for example men lean much better with a hands on approach. But it's all geared to how women learn.


this is it exactly. boys aren't ever punished for any wrongdoing, girls are punished too much. they figure out they have to work harder to be taken even half as seriously.

>t. bitchbois blaming women with made up stats for sucking at school once again

Funny how it’s the opposite when they become adults, men get treated harshly by society and women have life on easy mode

I'm actually a woman. Best of my class from elementary school to master graduation.
It's pretty well known thing.

how is criticizing the structure of the educational system against women?

I was just making the point that not all shoes fit the same feet

> Gender that is evolved for submissive behaviour and sitting quietly indoors while the men are out hunting
> Does better at doing what the teacher tells them and studying in class

Women don't go far in certain academic areas / job careers
>It's just nature baby, shouldn't try to fix what's right and normal
Boys aren't doing as well in school as girls are considering the above point
>It's bullshit we need to redesign the entire system it's built to punish us


It's important that both boys and girls do well and enjoy themselves in mandatory education.
It's not important that everyone manages to get into the STEM field, no matter how good at it they are.

No, it's not, feelings don't matter buddy.
If your can't keep up, you should not hold others back. It's damaging to the girls who learn better younger to be held back and made remedial so the boys can possibly catch up.

I'm all for homeschooling and gender segregated classes, you don't have to convince me.
Kids do better in gender segregated classes anyway.

I'm not for home schooling or gender segregated classes. I'm sure a couple bits can keep up in school because they've actually been brought up correctly. We just shouldn't hold girls back or ruin the entire schooling system because boys doing worse than girls hurts our feefees

>Women don't go far in certain academic areas / job careers

when you are sure that there's no artificial obstacle and the difference is due to personal choices, then there's not much you can do

>Boys aren't doing as well in school as girls are considering the above point

that's because it is a new trend, male performance is getting worse and worse, and not in relative terms compared to females.

that leaves you with 2 hypotheses

-males are naturally becoming shit (and that is a problem because, it's half the population)

-something has changed in the educational system and it's affecting disproportionally the male students (which is still bad because, you know, half the population)

A couple boys, even

literally it isn't but keep whining

It's not a matter of bringing someone up a certain way or another.
Boys and girls have different tendencies and needs, and an educational system that embraces them instead of trying to force everyone to act one way or another is better.
We should tailor education to our kids, not tailor our kids to our education system.

It's not a matter of boys doing worse than girls, I don't give a shit. I'm a woman, I've always done well in school and better than any man.
We're doing a disservice to our society if we don't raise generations of competent men, and we try to get them to work well in an environment that isn't suited for their needs.

Nothings changed in the system, bits are being raised to be more entitled and adults aren't disciplining them, meaning they don't pay attention or learn anything. Girls whilst more entitled are still being disciplined. This creates a gender gap almost a decade ago (so, not recent), which got reflected in the media as "girls are better at school". This compounded the cultural issue and now teachers are struggling to get boys to even interact with classes.
But sure, please continue to prove the victim mindset I was implying in my first comment.

Something disproportionately affecting women due to their behaviours and life choices
>There's not really anything you can do about it
Something disproportionately affecting boys due to their behaviours and life choices
>that is a problem because, it's half the population

Women are better at listening and following orders from their superiors than men are.

>bits are being raised to be more entitled and adults aren't disciplining them

isn't that a change in the educational system?

who told the teachers that being more lax and applying less discipline was a good idea?

boys need a different educational approach for education, which is lacking at the moment.

>But sure, please continue to prove the victim mindset I was implying in my first comment.

look, ask yourself this question.
if there's a change in boy performance in school, linked to behavioural issues, whose fault is that?
the boys fault?
should they be able to educate themselves by magic?

>It's not a matter of bringing someone up a certain way or another
Yes it is. Read up on the studies. Didn't read the rest because you're just talking with your feelings and what you want to be correct instead of anywhere scientific.

The difference is that the first 12 years of education are mandatory, university isn't.
We should try to make school good for everyone, by tailoring school to our children needs. University is a different deal, because you have a choice: don't go into a field you're not suited for.

there is no science around these things.

the only "science" that you might find is linked to differences in behaviour between male and females from the puberty and onwards.

>isn't that a change in the educational system?
No that's a change in culture, the educational system hasn't been discipling in schools for over sixty years. Do you just talk and hope you're correct instead of actually doing research?

So women takes fields that they're not suited for and that's they're problem, but the fact that some boys aren't suited to be educated to the same standards as girls is something we're going to have to fix because that's just not fair. Interesting.

I actually read the studies.
Boys and girls have pretty different development, both emotionally and cognitively.

There's plenty of science. Boys and girls are different, from birth.
For example I expect a girl to talk at 10-12 months, a boy at 12-14. Guys develop autism or ADHD at a much higher rate than girls. Autism is normally diagnosed at 3-4.

>there is no science around these things.
>I don't understand this field and I would like to continue talking about what I feel should be right and fair

You have to choice to get into a certain field or not, you don't have a choice to go to elementary school.
Making elementary school a good learning environment for both gender is necessary, because both genders are forced to go.

Kek okay, so damaging little girls and holding them back is fine so boys can do well, but any time women have issues with education it's completely because they've made a bad decision.
Where do you people live?

You can segregate boys and girl, practice homeschooling, have very small groups of students that can be taught stuff at their pace. There's no need to hold anyone back.
Women don't have issues with education: they graduate more than guys, and with better marks. They don't want to get into certain fields, and that's an issue with them, not with education system.
And yes, it's on you if you're not good enough for a certain school or if you aren't performing great.
There's no one forcing you to get into STEM and nothing forcing you out of it.

Mostly female teachers. They are biased and male students are less likely to look up to them

dude, you've been talking about science, post the links to the relevant literature.

if you don't since you claim there's proof and the burden of proof is upon you, you're just shitposting.

also, even if you post the relevant literature (assuming you even know where to look) you can be sure that the studies will have the following issues

-sample size is shabby
-no control groups
-no stability on self reporting
-ambiguous statistical treatment on data
-data manipulation and correlation implying causation

now, if you think that "science" does not require rigorous analysis, you're sorely mistaken.


ADHD is a developmental disorder which is largely mitigable by upbringing.


it affects a very small percentage of the population, so it is not significant for the evaluation of the average performance of a much larger group, also because autistic kids don't get mixed into the whole group

I'm just showing that there are strong differences between men and women in the way they're geared, from a very young age.
And autism affects 4% of boys. Not that small. In a class of 20 kids there's a boy or a girl on the spectrum. And most likely a boy.

yes, we totally agree about the differences, my only point is that:

-autistic non functioning people are separated by the rest of the class and are not valued in the average performance of the males

-being on the "spectrum", meaning you are functioning, does not justify the drop in the absolute performance of the male counterpart as a whole, unless the percentage of autistic people is increasing and that would be a problem in itself

I don't think men perform badly because they're autistic.
I think men on average perform badly because their brain work differently, which manifests also in the higher rates of ADHD and autism.

Not a scientific article but good enough for someone who isn't in the field:

then we agree on everything dude, I was being critical to this other guy, and I assume you're not him

You meant the opposite right?
>Boys aren't doing well in school
lol boys are just too stupid. Girls are naturally smarter. Get over it losers and try harder.
>Women aren't doing well in the job market
Gender quotas now! Women must be hired even if they aren't as qualified as the men! What do you mean try harder? Can't you see we're being discriminated against!?

OP is so obviously underaged.

Is it opposite day?

Womens brains develop at a quicker pace and milestone than mens.
Girls usually reach brain maturity at age 8, but boys reach it at 12. A whole 4 yrs on average behind.
It also has other societal factors such as girls encouraged to act more maturely at younger ages. Boys are usually allowed to play and be silly for many years into their childhood.

Neither boys or girls reach "brain maturity" till well into their 20s.
Women mature faster, and reach developmental and cognitive milestones faster. They're not mature at 8.

Sorry i was using laymen's terms and just chose "maturity" for simplicity's sake.

I'm actually 18 fyi

Propensity to obey autorative figures

I disagree, so can you try to change my mind please. I want to have an objective view. Also, tell me your sex and what you do in your pasttime please.

Real answer? It was determined that girls did well under certain types of instruction. Like group work and language. So they introduced more of that into subjects boys are usually good at, like math and science. Girls grades went up and boys went down.

Yeah, you can thank little girls for all those shitty group projects in school

It probably didn't help that teaching theory and sitting the students down with a book is much cheaper than teaching by doing practical stuff.

They could just put older boys with girls. Girls would like this anyway. They tend to like protective older big brother types, and later date men 1 or 2 years older.

Or stop changing class material to favor one gender over the other. Maybe have a group math project and a physical math activity? Maybe favor memorization less? Maybe less focus on conformity?

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