You're in a public closed place (e.g. cafe, bus stop, lines) with other people around...

You're in a public closed place (e.g. cafe, bus stop, lines) with other people around. A drunk fat ass is coming to you and starting to talk mean shit about your look. Other people (you don't know them) are laughing.
How would you react? I would've called police but they bring so much paper work with them - inquiry, witnesses, visiting police station etc. On the other hand you can't punch him in the face because it's illegal.

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>What would you do?
If he swings first I'm in the right. I'd just keep telling him I can physically feel his parents' disappointment from where I'm standing, that he's a sub-human and that God's Earth has no place for him.

But like, usually when drunks yell about in my city, they get ostracized.

Quick question for all. Is it legal to use pepper spray in such cases? Is it forbidden to be used in closed space?

I know some places are looking at what its use is like.
If you can corroborate a feeling of threat then yes. But we did have a thread here some time ago, where a fellow got pepper sprayed by his neighbour when he was just trying to get the fuck to his apartment. Naturally we told him to press fucking charges. Having pepper spray does not now make you a judicious harbinger of others' suffering as you please.

Remember all legal cases of physical duress/threat are easier to make the shorter/smaller you are, with a bonus to success if you're a girl.
Not even fuckin with ya.

Can you beat the retard in a fight? If so, I'd just call him a drunk fatass and go about my business. If he wanted to start something, that's his problem and his medical bill later on.
>If he swings first I'm in the right.
Not if you live in cucked yuropoor countries (or leftist areas in the US). Then you have a (((duty to retreat))) or you can be charged just as he is.

Laugh at him. Tf?
Some fat ass is amusing himself with your appearance trying to look tough. Hilarious.

You mean laughing and saying stuff like "fatso, big boy"?

Call him a fat faggot before calling his mother a whore. After tanking the first punch I'd beat him down.

I'd ignore them....maybe even laugh at the situation, to be honest. Then leave and try to forget the person as quickly as possible.

If you laugh the right way, you don't even have to say more. The situation is implied.

If the fight it inevitable strike first.
t. Mr. Putin wisdom


I'd call him "gluebag" or "gearbox"

Leave if you can.
If you can't, politely ask them to stop. If they do not, immediately call the police.

>How would you react?
Leave. There' all sorts of "heroic" things you COULD do, but none of them will actually accomplish anything good. Far better to go somewhere else and focus on the things you actually care about.

What if you can't? Just stay there and embrace humiliation?

Just make some jokes about him being a fat drunk. Same as anybody would.

This, so much this.

Also this.

>talk mean shit about your look?
What is he saying? We need specifics so we know what to say back. If we knew exactly what he looked like that might help, too.

"Yeah, whatever faggot. Have a nice evening" and then leave.

>What if you can't? Just stay there and embrace humiliation?
Maybe? That depends on the context.
How long are you going to be stuck there? Do you have a realistic chance to de-escalate the situation, or would saying anything just turn it into a fight? Do you have anything at stake here? Are they likely to turn violent or damage your stuff? Do you have enough self-control to just silently ignore them, or would you blow up and make a scene before you can leave?
There's nothing you can gain from a situation like that, so all you can do is try to limit the harm they can do.

>how come the bar stops serving me if i get too drunk, but meanwhile McDonalds never cut this fat fucker off? how is that fair?

>you: jesus you're fat
>him: oh that's original; tell me something i don't know
>you: salads don't taste that bad

>user is on the run... well not on the run, but fleeing people looking to make him run
>he's in the fitness protection program

>you look like the type of guy who when he walks into a restaurant, he looks at the menu and just says, "okay"

>when this fat cunt got baptized, they just smashed a champagne bottle on him

>i doubt you're a fan of 90s soap operas
>one look at you makes me think the last time you saw 90210 was when you stood on some scales

Maybe somthing along the lines of.. ignoring it, or say somthing like “hey, fuck off dude”. If he hits then wreck his shit, and if you can’t, call the police

drop the cunt, then leave at a brisk pace

This is how a real man living in a society behaves. were going to call the fashion police?

Ah I get it now.