Lucrative job that pays fair and trains?

Anyone know in the states?

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Lol, fuck no.

You either need a degree, or you get to do retail and customer service.

Look at you being all optimistic and naive, what you think this is 1975??? AHAAHAHHAAHHAHHABHAHAH?????

The boomers fucked you so hard you dont even know.

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Just cause you work retail don't mean you stop learning. I've read physics, calc, chem 1 chem 2 organic chem, biology, Chinese medicine. I'm confident in my ability and need a door. If I'm forced to get brainwashed my individuality is based on the hive mind that's something j wanna avoid. I'm already in debt from school. I have origiinal thought like everyone. The Lord makes clear thy path.

>The Lord makes clear thy path.
Asking people for job advice on Jow Forums.

Pick 1

Jesus told me that you’re a dumbass.

So what? Only way is college then?

What areas of work interest you? Construction, electrical, healthcare, etc.? There are some okay blue collar jobs, even some with prestige depending on your interests.

Grind now or forever have your dreams unfulfilled as be miserable. Choose to be bored and miserable working hard now so that you may one day reap what you've sown, or live in existential dread forever

Electric basically.

I know dis

You should be able to find programs for becoming an electrician at local Vo-Tech schools. I do know that licensed and bonded electricians make very good money. That said, I don't know how many years of study and apprenticeship it is since I'm not remotely in that field.

It's 4 you need a sponsor though which is ruff. Was looking for alternatives but I guess that's my shot. If i wasn't drowning in debt I'd go back to college

What would you want to study in college?

Pharmaceutical, neurology, natural medicine. Probably go to Tibet or something.

Natural medicine and pharmacology are pretty far apart on what you'd be learning. Neurology is a medical specialty, so are you more interested in the brain itself (nerves, neurons, etc.) or the mind (psychology)? Have you thought about working your way up the ladder in healthcare?

Hmmm. Possibly. It's pretty new how these two are binding together. It started with coconunut oil, then ya got l serine, l tyramine, then there's diets for mental states. Not to say chemicals don't have their place though

You have to sift the good stuff from the bad with natural medicine. A ton of it is just bullshit and very little has been validated by thorough research (such as diets for mental states or blood types). Not sure what you are on about mentioning random amino acids like tyramine and serine though since they can be acquired in tons of different foods. Though only one form of the is usually biologically useful (L vs. R) due to being chiral enantiomers.

I don't know if you'd get any real meaty pharmacology in undergraduate studies unless you did a 4-year nursing program. Sometimes paramedics will take college pharm courses. That would not be a terrible path if you just want to look for an okay-ish paying job for now as that can be as short as 6 months to a year and goes up to an associate's. EMT is only 200 hours to get your foot in the door.

You can make 60-80k a year doing collections if you’re persuasive enough to talk people into giving you their card information.

Started at 20 with no degree or experience and was pulling 6 figures as a manger by 22.

Opportunities are out there if you’re willing to hustle.

Pretty nice... Thx

I tried collections. :-(. Fired for too much settlements can you believe it?

I've been really pleased with hospitality. Fine dining can make pretty good money and it's easy to move up if your work hard. Everything you learn can be learned on the job. I make 50k as a hostess and I don't even work 40 hour weeks.

I'm glad you've found a spot user. Inspirational

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