Non-customer service jobs

Are there jobs out there that are above minimum wage, and don't necessarily deal with people, customer service jobs like retail, but aren't looking to break your back like a warehouse? I just quit a warehouse job I was barely in. I hated it, but I don't want to go back to my old job which was essentially retail. Is there something else out there I can look for while I try to finish my degree? Something I may not have heard of. Or are there part time warehouse jobs? I've been looking on indeed for hours and only see customer service jobs.

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data entry

It seems most data entry jobs I've looked into wanted either experience in data entry or a degree. I can try to look into them again.

I keep hearing this but never see any examples. Rather, data entry seems to be a responsibility shilled off onto anyone in reach.

Never seen it either.


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See here's one for a payroll company. But
>A minimum of two years of data entry/payroll related experience required. Experience converting companies from one system to another is preferred.
Is data entry on the path for some career or something? It sounds like the only way you get experience is by getting an internship with a related degree.

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I'm going to let you in on a secret: Job posting requirements are made up by people who have never done the job and will never do the job as a means to reduce the number of applicants they have to sift through

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Shipping and receiving (which is retail but you don't have to talk to customers which is what you seem to take issue with), or working in the mail room of an office building maybe.

I'm sick of people so I'm considering learning a pseudo trade like woodworking and having a friend or family member hustle for the orders. Not full blown carpentry like cabinets and houses but making furniture, decorations, pergolas, birdhouses, and shit like that. This way I deal with a fraction of the population, actually see the results of my labor, and get paid to do a hobby/interest.

Your secret is horseshit since applications are more than a firm handshake and solid eye contact in this millennium. Now they're scanned by a bot for specific keywords before being pushed to HR before the hiring fuckwit even sees it to call Jamal or Sha'niq-ua (nigger who gets the job), Juan/ita (language barrier immigrant who changes genders every hour for maximum diversity points, runner up to get the job), and you (actually competent and eager to learn for/on the job but probably disqualified by HR) for interviews. HOWEVER, if some manager's wife's son's tranny pre-op "gf" needs a job, the position goes to that mentally damaged faggot regardless of ability to literally even.

I work in childcare, which is still working with people but I’ll admit, it’s completed biased to hiring females, am a femanon. +honestly you have to have the right personality but I couldn’t stand retail/food service- made me suicidal lol gl OP

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>zero replies
I've tried applying and since I don't wanna lie on my resume-- suck to get caught in that

Oops, and no results since I don't wanna lie on my resume.
I'm telling you if data entry is all you can offer them they aren't gonna be a hot buyer
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I might do that, think I've seen some overnight positions. Seems easy enough. Thanks.

I wish you luck there, my man. Doing what we love is all we can try and ask form.

I would hate working with children even more. Thanks for the support.

I see what you mean but they usually seem like decent jobs. Not that it was my plan to go for one.

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Security, especially on night shifts. You'd basically be paid to study, watch movies, and wouldn't be bothered at most places.

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Had a friend who did this. Seemed like he had a lot of time on his hands.