I'm almost 20 and am pretty much a virgin loser. Not bad looking. Just might as well be autistic...

I'm almost 20 and am pretty much a virgin loser. Not bad looking. Just might as well be autistic. This coming week I have a chance to fuck a hooker my age who is a 9/10. $130 for the hour and I'm getting desperate for some poon. What should I consider? And no I'm not killing myself.

(Pic related is basically an older version of the chick. Imagine that but 20)

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Shit. Sorry about pic for ants. Only pic that merely resembled her

I feel like you should wait until it’s genuine to lose your v-card. Then after that you can do shit like hookers. I know this opportunity comes once in a blue moon but I wouldn’t go for it. You just gotta find the girl who likes you. It may seem far fetched but trust me there are girls you like you’re type of person.

Do it faggot.
Don't listen to >Just wait bro
What happens if that chance never comes?
Carpe Diem nigga. Who Dares Wins

You're not gonna last an hour.

I know. Any good ideas for when I blow early and am waiting to regenerate? I'll play with her tits and ass, but what else?

Your virgin is showing.
Do lots of foreplay first. You're paying, so just enjoy her body.
If you're going in, blow early then just lay there in bliss. You'll probably get 2 rounds, tops.

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As I expect

I'm an autist too and I tell you. Hookers are way better than any abusive relationship you'll end up having with other girls.

>Do lots of foreplay first
>With a hooker
Are you fucking stupid? Should he eat her out too? What a dumbass.

This is going to sound weird. But ask her to teach you how to be good at sex. Better to use that kind of money as teaching experience than enjoyment, so when you can get laid without playing you can retain girls better.

I did
it's surprisingly easy to just continue pumping her a few minutes after you came
having sex is nothing like masturbation

I guess for a guy who has never experienced women he's saying go ahead and feel her up don't just stick it straight in.

Foreplay for himself obviously
Like I live sucking on tits almost as much as actually cumming. If I’ve got an hour with a girl with great tits you bet your ass Im gonna enjoy them and not just race to blow my load in 10 minutes

That actually sounds like a great idea and surprisingly wholesome. Like a sex tutor. And she’ll get something out of it too.
Do this OP. Its important to get practice in.

The average age for losing virginity is just short of 18, so you are not that much behind the curve. Don't panic

Why not try everyday to get laid? It going to mean more when you earn it


Just get it over with. Don't over think it. Go there with a smile, have a good time. Take it as a date that went well and you skipped all the boring stuff. And keep in mind that:
>he who pays to fuck, ends up saving money.

Do it. Just fucking do it. Sexual experience and confidence is a prime currency right now and if you don't at least fuck SOMETHING you are gonna go batshit turbovirgin incel eventually.

But you guys do realize that even fat girls and ugly girls won't settle for average-looking guys these days?

And I'm in the same position as you, OP. I'm not bad-looking, had a few girls approach me themselves, but will be a 20-year-old virgin in a month. I haven't found the right hooker to go to yet.

You thinking of just below average, chubby girls. Not actually fat and fugly girls