Meet girl through common friends

>meet girl through common friends
>lots of common interests/hobbies, so we talk through all the evening
>overall fun to be with
>time to go back home, she tells me to add her on IG
>turns out she's a lingerie "model" and cosplayer on IG
>tons of half-naked pictures
I wanted to flirt with her and try to hit it off since she's pretty hot, but knowing that she whores herself online is weird. Wat do?

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A lot of men date supermodels who do the same.
Others date actresses who have nude scenes and kiss or pretend to have sex with male actors.

She's using her body to make money. In a way, all of us are.
If you find her hot and you like her as a person, what she does shouldn't impede you from hanging out with her.
The only problem is if she's full of herself and not humble outside IG

Why do you care if she's an e-thot? Are you planning on marrying her?

She's just making money. Have fun with your new friend. Don't ruin a good thing because you're insecure over something you have no control over. Believe it or not, it does take time and skill to gain a following like that, and she's not going to give it up cause some rando is miffed about it.

If all she does is get model, it is fine. I would worry more about her relationship with her photographer or her fans.

Yooooooooooo I have also been talking to a girl that's an e thot too.
She has so many "fans" it gets hella cringe at times.
She "chats" with her most loyal "fans" and likes lots of their pics so that they feel special or something.
Honestly, like I said, it gets CRINGE In her comment section, I just dont wanna see it but I have to because I'm stupid.
Lots of losers complimenting her and what not, theres this one old guy that keeps commenting in all her pics, he thinks they are dating or something because she replies kissie faces and heart emojis to him lmao.

So yeah she posts some half naked pic and guys are all over her DMs, and not all are old losers btw... some are actually waaaaay better than me in all ways, in physique, wealth or career...ect. guys with sixpack..guys with lambos ect.

And yeah she talks to these guys, leads them on....

So basically if she has over 30k at least you better be ready to deal with all this BS as well, not just her being a thot online...oh and I'm basically over it, I just dont care anymore but seeing all these guys after her it's sometimes cringe and sometimes I am a lil bit jelly. No idea why she with me desu.

We have Over a million btw

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you'd need to know why she does that online (what she thinks about the whole thing, not just the "making money" part), who the audience, etc

just don't come off as a moralist and don't interrogate her, observe her while interacting

>"we", as if you have anything to do with her success

Came here to post pretty much this. Also most e-thots I've known over the years are deeply insecure/have a shit ton of issues. So just be mindful of that. Good luck OP

This is my account sperg, I'm saying we as in we both have over a million each. I am a fitness model, all my following is dudes tho. 8% girls but they are all silent. I was just saying, I'm at this level and it still messed up being with an ig model or w.e.

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Imagine being this cucked, nothing is sacred/private in the 21st century.

just because she is a model, it doesn't mean that she will cheat on you if that's what you worry about. There is no correlation between the way a girl appear on social media and the amount of dicks she takes in real life.
And in any case, you must always go into a relationship/dating keeping in mind that you have already been cheated on, since humans are huge sluts.

>A lot of men date supermodels

So did you think she was going to be an 8/10 librarian or something? People that good looking usually use their looks to their advantage one way or another

>whores herself
She deserves someone better than an insecure manchild virgin like you.

>Talking about 'sacred' things
>On Jow Forums of all places

This doesn't seem like the website you should be on right now.

Good point, all hot chicks are thots. Actually if she breath she a thot

People that whore themselves online usually have a couple of screws loose see Belle Daphne. I would definitely not put a ring on it, they have a mentality of getting as many beta orbiters as possible and as much attention as possible for the sole purpose of having someone pay attention to them. It clearly shows that they have deep insecurities or trauma, they're also often unable to be able to think of a deeper level than most this is probably due to mental illnesses.

Just stay away op nut if you feel like it but don't go for it on the long run. One thing will happen for sure if you hurt them emotionally, they'll either try to get as much attention from everyone about the pain and misery they're going through no matter how insignificant it may seem. The concept of privacy just doesn't exist for them either, they will talk about anything you would like to keep between the two of you to all her girlfriends, they're definitely two faced and would sooner betray you than stand up for you if they were to lose their friends or beta orbiters/following. Trust me when I say they do not and will never care about you

She's probably an irl whore and you can get laid

pls gib pussy leftovers pretty lady pls I defend you on the interntett

Yes they do, models only get where they are by luck most of the time.

Sounds like you have a friend. You could flirt with her if you want but if you don't have trust in light of her IG stuff then it's not going to be a healthy romantic relationship. Good thing there are other girls out there. I bet she even knows a few.