Romance is dead

>Once upon a time I was about to delete Tinder for the third or fourth time in as many weeks when a nice guy asked me out to coffee. I figured I had nothing else to do and what's the worst that could happen.
Coffee turned into a month of dating/screwing.
Last night he didn't want to come over and we were texting and he said I was too whiny and broke up with me.
He said he wants to take a break and if he decides he will contact me again.
The other thing is...we were in an S&M relationship. I have two jobs so I have to wake up in a few hours and go function.
How am I supposed to get up and handle the world?
The sad part is, I really knew right away I cared about him a lot, and I thought he could be the one.
Usually I'm pretty alone, but even a few guys hit on me while we were dating and I turned them down, not saying I'm a saint for not entertaining cheating, just I didn't want to ruin things because I really like this guy.

I will likely never run into him or see him unless he calls me, but I feel so depressed right now. I really think I love him, or could love him over time.

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Yes it's dead. Learn to draw and get yourself a 2D waifu.

P.s. implied in my diary is wat do?

Wait...that sounds like something a guy needs and I'm a girl.

Doesn't matter.

So you're saying my answer is to...draw a boyfriend

Then get another guy I guess, since you're a girl.

I don't want another one I want him back

>acts like cheap whore
>gets treated like a cheap whore

You've been with him for just a month and did what you could.. I'm sorry but he's gone. It's even probably a good thing since he left you by texting for such a thing as "being too whiny".
I'm sure you'll be able to be happy without him.

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Yeah what

I love him.

Should I off myself

God, you sound insufferable, and dumb.

Thanks? Most people in love sound that way.


Everyone on here hates love

No, we don't.
I'd die for my boyfriend but I'm not a whiny cunt. Move on with your life, it's just a dude who fucked you for a month.

stop dating retards is a first step....

Well you may not be a whiny cunt, but you definitely are a cunt.

He wasn't a retard.

Lol, girls only date good-looking guys. They don't give a fuck if the guy has a room-temperature IQ or if he's a convicted pedophile as long as he's hot. But what they fail to realize is that the top 20% of men obviously have other bitches just like OP lined up as well, so he couldn't care less after he fucked her.

Thanks, that's heartening

A convicted pedophile is different than a guilty pedophile...I know because I used to work for a criminal law firm.
Also who is that Jeffrey Epstein guy

And yet, guys don't pump and dump me.
Just think how low on the scale you are.

Cunt detected

Which side of the S&M were you on? What sorts of things did you get up to?

(Asking out of a hunger for cheap thrills)

this is why the women on here are so unhelpful there's a couple of sap's and then there's people who don't actually want to give advice they just want to be bitchy. You having a boyfriend isn't advice. And based on your limited posting it doesn't seem like you could love anyone with that peachy attitude

>I was too whiny
he should have also included that you are retarded

I'm sorry if I'm shitposting on Jow Forums, in a bait thread.

Go back to red dit and stop being a faggot.

You go from bed to bed with the frequency of a cheap ham radio.

Cool, get the fuck over yourself. You're not even asking for advice, just making some melodramatic blog post that sounds like something from a Skins episode. Get a fucking life.

But...I'm not.

how am I supposed to get up and handle the world?
That was the advice I requested. Sorry you didn't notice my request.

So a cheap ham radio changes beds every five years?

It started out normal and then one of us said something about tying people up and then he tied me up, and I found out he wanted me to be a slave or something.

Go back to 9gag, just for mentioning fucking Reddit. Or go back to uhhh, do they still have that faggy board where all the robots go?