So i was scrolling through twitter and stumbled upon the topic of 'Would you step on a bunny for $1.5 billion...

so i was scrolling through twitter and stumbled upon the topic of 'Would you step on a bunny for $1.5 billion?' It appeared to be completely unanimous, that everyone would stomp the shit out of it.
this triggered a sudden urge to go check on my cat, so i left my room and as soon as i heard his paws running up the stairs to greet me, my knees buckled and i burst into tears. I was carrying him around the house while sobbing uncontrollably for almost half an hour. i don't know why this happened. could someone please help me read into this?

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I would never step on a rabbit for any amount of money. Only dumb psychopaths who thinks about their immediate lower needs would say yes.

You probably had an anxiety attack with pervasive thoughts related to your cat getting hurt or someone hurting your cat for money. Which is a valid thought to have. Your cat is precious to you and you would never let anyone hurt him for any amount of money

Mate have you ever eaten meat?

okay, i see. thank you. i was confused because ive never really had an anxiety attack before. Also, thank you for pointing out that they are the psychopaths, i was worried that it would be considered normal to step on the bunny given the chance.

You are reasonably disgusted at the rest of our species. Dw user I really believe if you put the actual bunny in front of these people in reality almost no normal person would be able to do it.

Bunnies are cute so none of us want to stomp them just to be a dick, but we gladly destroy cows and chickens constantly for food.
It's kind of like you wouldn't suck a dirty dick for twenty bucks because there are less gruesome ways to get $20, but fewer ways to get a million easily so people might whore themselves out to an unattractive but wealthy spouse offering them to be flush with cash.

Yeah an anxiety attack is when a flood of "what if-?" thoughts suddenly fills your mind. Youll start even thinking improbable "what if" thoughts like "what if someone puts a $10000 hit on my cat and someone breaks in right now? What if its one of my friends who comes to kill him?" Just improbable thoughts but for some reason you cant stop having them. Its normal but if it happens daily, then its not normal and you may have general anxiety disorder.

No its not normal. Many people will SAY they would do it, but being put on the spot in front of the rabbit and actually doing it is a different story.
Some people would probably try to kill the rabbit quickly by using hunting techniques, but thats not the same as stepping on one. One is quick and painless, done skillfully with the rabbit's consideration in mind, and the other is cruel and selfish and will torture the rabbit for a few minutes before it finally dies.

But dont worry. Your cat will be okay, my friend.

I love rabbits, I would pick up the rabbit and walk away with it and keep it as my pet.

Friend, if it makes you feel any better, just know rationally that those bad people are away from your cat, your cat is safe, and there is no situation where they could hurt your cat for money or any reason.

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Killing a rabbit yourself with your own hands is different than hiring someone to butcher a cow out of your sight and doing the dirty work. The same person who would not step on the rabbit is the same person who wouldnt butcher a cow, but would still pay for a burger.

The only people allowed to get up on their high horse about not stomping the bunny are vegans. If you eat meat, vastly more animal suffering happens on your behalf. Note here that I'm not a vegan, I just hate hypocrites.

Killing a living thing with your bare hands and eating a pre prepared corpse are two wildly different things user. The product is so far removed from a living thing it is ridiculous to imply a meat eaters are capable of killing a breathing creature.
I am a vegan and even I understand that. That’s why people aware out here eating literal dead flesh like maggots because to them it is nothing like a pig or a cow

Ah yes, absolutism, one of the most basic critical thinking errors lol
Bro, not everything is black and white.
By your standard, anyone who wears clothes is profitting and unfairly benefitting off of poor chinese kids working in sweatshops for 2 cents an hour. No one is allowed to be good under absolutism.
Fix your critical thinking skills before offering "advice" (or shall i say, hypocritically calling out hypocrites.) Shouldnt you be off your phone/computer, off this website, and helping some homeless guy instead? Mmm seems pretty hypocritical if you ask me.

>he never responded

>wins 1.5billion and a meal

Would stomp in the head so I could eat stomp less parts

I don't think this is hypocritical. People are so detached from the act of eating meat that they don't even acknowledge the fact that animals are suffering until they're reminded of factory farms etc.
I can understand this reasoning if people were still strangling chicken in their backyard for food, of course those would be hypocrites if they didn't want to kill a rabbit just like that (there's a moral line somewhere but all farmers I've seen had zero empathy for animals and would definitely do it).
That said I also think the majority of people are irredeemably evil and greedy sociopaths, so I think most would stomp a rabbit for way less than that, they'd just make sure nobody sees it happen so they wouldn't be called out as hypocrites/assholes. If there were an asterisk like "nobody would know about it but you and the commissioner", I'd say 99.9% of people would be eager to do it.

t. vegan

Its normal in a context esp if most ppl questioned is a representative sample of the gen. pop.

There's nothing wrong with killing animals or human beings , it's a fact of life.

Statistically it is normal to answer yes to stomping the bunny, almost a 50/50 split (most people saying yes). When actually faced with the situation it is not normal to go through with it. Even if they were detached enough from the situation to actually stomp the bunny once it sinks in what they just did they would be horrified with themselves. if you have any capacity for empathy you would regret it.
>yeah man killing other people is completely fine. just a fact of life bro
Do you have a brain

How hard do we have to stomp it

For £1.5 billion? I'd never have to work again. I'd do much worse things than stomping a rabbit for that.

Imagine how many rabbits you could save with a tenth of $1.5 B

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You imagined a situation in which an innocent animal is getting hurt and got overwhelmed with emotions. Your brain connected the dots, and as I assume you don't have a rabbit, it generated a barely-thought "what if something like this happened to your cat", or something like this and you got upset. It's nothing to worry about, I get these bouts of emotional overload from time to time too, especially when I come across something regarding animals being hurt. A response like this is a bit exaggerated but nonetheless shows that you have a very strong feeling of empathy towards animals. Dw about it user.

>People are so detached from the act of eating meat that they don't even acknowledge the fact that animals are suffering until they're reminded of factory farms etc.

This is absolute bollocks. I assume you live in a city because if you haven't noticed almost anywhere else, in any country, is fucking farmland. most human beings grow up with the rearing and slaughter of animals happening right in front of their face and are very aware of what is on their plate so I don't know where you guys get this image of people as dribbling retards from. is it purely because they don't see animals as anthropomorphised talking disney cartoon animals like you do?

>image of people as dribbling retards
most of the population of the developed world live in cities user

>this is what i experienced, hurr durr so my experience is universal and correct and applies to everyone

No dude. And we dont care.

I wouldn't do that. Animals should only be killed for food and in a humane way, and only when it is really necessary to do so (for example we couldn't have become intelligent as a species without eating cow meat).
But just so you know there are probably a fuck ton of animals being tortured right now just because people enjoy to torture animals. The world is just fucked up like that.

You're right. Just check out the intelligentsia eating at your average McDonald's.

No. No I wouldn't

I've accidently stepped on my cat's tail once or twice. She's perfectly fine. So, yes, I would step on a bunny for $1.5 billion. I would simply do it in a way that doesn't significantly harm the animal or cause permanent damage (I wouldn't put down my full weight, I would be barefoot, etc.).

>Twitter/Tumblr/etc are full of people who wax virtue but are swine no less opportunistic than any other pig in mud
>you, possessed of SOUL, found this deeply disturbing: what if it had been a picture of your kitty?
>you immediately go to find your bebe and give it kitty cuddles
>now you're worried something's wrong

I've determined this late that unless it's constant, crying is just 'one of those things' that will happen. So you know, wipe your tears, understand why they came about, but don't let them rule you.
Everything else checks out. I doubt I'd have the capacity to hurt an animal like that even for money, because I'd always remember I earned it by sacrificing my beliefs that life should be cherished (small print not applying to a bunny of course).

Being (highly) empathetic is more suggestion that you'd make a good counselor or something as such, rather than that anything is wrong.

For $1.5 billion? There is very few things I wouldn’t do. Not trying to be an edge lord.