Why does every woman dress provocatively nowadays?

It is only natural for men to see a nice ass and want it bouncing on their dick. Why does every woman dress like this these days? Showing their asses off to the entire world, wearing see through leggings and skimpy thongs underneath while out walking in broad daylight. Is society being programmed to think obsessively about sex?

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Because we are dressing for the one or two sexy men we see on the street. If I see a cute boy out I want to feel confident enough in my appearance to approach him.


It doesn't bother you that all the ugly guys stare at your ass too?

Na, you're just an attention whore

Why would it? They’re just looking it doesn’t effect me in any way. Plus it’s my body. It’s not bad or dirty it’s just the flesh suit I’m stuck in. It is what it is why should I hide it ?

Absolutely but I only want attention from attractive men and they aren’t as common as you’d think. Everyone else seeing me in gym tights is just a side affect

Follow-up question regarding this:
If I am out running and see a girl wearing the check out my ass pants, should adjust my speed and run behind her, run up next to her or run past her assuming all three are options.
They all wear headphones so I assume they don't want talk.

Do you have a preferred outcome or you just wanna stare?

Stupid incel.

I don't know who they are and I want to change that.
I don't plan out our kids and 40 years of marriage, I just want to talk.

Ah if we’re on a run it’s not usually a good time to approach us. Like if I’m sweating and my hair is a mess I’m generally not prepared to receive male attention. Make up and such help us feel in control of how others perceive us so when we don’t have that on we feel vulnerable and so you’re less likley to get a positive response.

Keeping that in mind if you do wanna try don’t follow her. That shit is scary as fuck. Direct approach is way way better tho you’d be better talking to her st the start or at the end of her run instead of in the middle when she’s focused and all sweaty

Oh and the floor of my expectation is to not make her uncomfortable. Like "what a creep, he ran behind me for 5 km just to stare at my ass" or "he just ran past me like I was nothing, he must think I am ugly" sort of things. I don't know how girls think. If a girl ran up next to me, looked at me, smiled and then started to run faster than me, I would take the challenge and start running after her. Does girls want the same thing?

OP is 16 years old and has no idea what things were like before he was born.

women dress normal in my country, it's just that American women are all sluts

Aren’t American girls too fat for tights?

American women are far more prudish than other westerners.

Honestly this.
In the states everyone wears tons of make up and dresses like a slut. Also kinda fat and look a lot older than they are.
And promiscuity seems more common over there than it is here.
I didn't get why my boyfriend would import me from overseas, but after visiting I kinda do.

I run during the daytime, it wouldn't be scary. I run in a park where there is a path where people run, bike and walk. I was thinking it might be cool to sprint with someone for a while and then talk to each other when we both need a break.
When two people run in the same direction at the same time, you are bound to notice each other. Most girls tend to be in a relationship anyway so I don't expect to get a date out of something like this but it would be a fun way to meet someone.

These reactions are entirely dependent on whether the woman finds you attractive or not. You could do the creepiest shit on earth, if you are a good candidate she'll love it

Where are you from? Saudi Arabia?

Europe. Most girls I know don't wear make up or wear minimal make up, dress pretty conservatively (especially to school, never seen cleavage or leggings), and your typical girl has 3-4 lifetime partners at most (all boyfriends).
I've never seen a girl with booty shorts, or very revealing crop tops around here unless they were at the seaside.

I am European and have been all over Europe. American girls are far more prudish. This is a fact. Are you lying or did you grow up among nuns?

I think I am good looking and checks the boxes people want in a partner, but I am shy which kills my chances for a relationship. I usually spend 2 weeks in silence around male friends to be comfortable leading the conversation so I haven't really tried to meet someone this way, too many things could go wrong so I have dismissed this idea.

Weird, I live in Scandinavia and most girls look like they were dragged out of a magazine.

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Nope. At least where I'm from, everything I've said is true.
Looks are far more conservative. That's for sure. I was in the states over the summer and everyone confuses me for a 15 year old even if I'm in my 20s simply because I don't wear make up much and look healthy.
I can't say shit for the promiscuity, because I've never dated american girls, and I'm going off my boyfriend's stories. Here sleeping on someone after 3 dates for example is absolutely inconceivable.

A countryside in Albania or something?

Women dress normal in your country because they'll be raped otherwise, Hans.

Scandinavian countries are the most promiscuous countries in Europe.

I wouldn't know.