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Why do you feel sad today, anony?

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cuz niga don want no nigga nighes nawm sayin som ol FUCKnigga type shit doawug

I'm over her right, I should be
she cheated and I don't want a slut in my life
I'm glad she is gone.
and most of the time I don't think about her, only maybe sometimes about things she fucked up. My mental health has also recoverd, she has depressions I probably adapted her mindset, but not anymore.
it's good.


today I accidentally saw her on the bus for 1sec.
and my heart started going in panic mode and pumping like I saw a snake or something.
probably fight or flight response.
(not attraction!)
but why?

it's been 4 months, I don't want to feel anything when I see her

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Text me back please

He usually posts on Facebook 10 times a day so when he goes a day without posting I think he’s either dead or fucking someone else. I love him so much but I’m sure he’ll never contact me again.

I finished watching 100 horror films before October.
Now I can enjoy the mid-autumn festival and Oktoberfest without having to stress out.

Because I hate my job, apartment, life, and lack of a sex or social life

Shit bro u do this every year?

she was coming onto me, then i thought she was using me as a rebound so I disanced myself. Out of spite she fucked a bunch of guys, then she told me its because I left and she never actually had feelings for me. So she was leading me on. Feelsbadman but why won't she leave me alone? i told her I've no interest in her anymore and want her gone, but she's always around and won't go away

No, I wanted to make a Youtube channel and discuss horror films and the first (4 vids because it'd be split up) would be about the top 100 horror films so I could discuss lesser known ones that I like without having to worry about people asking about their favorite famous one.
But honestly, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone.
This fucking killed me physically and mentally, watching constant scenes of graphic violence bone crushing, mentality breaking, brainwashing, zombification, rape, murder, child abuse, constantly... constantly... neverending... until finally last night and I finished.
I FINISHED!!! I'm FREE!!! This was the worst fucking idea I have ever had and I've had some pretty retarded ideas.

Lol well glad you are done. I probably could make it til 5-7 before breaking out of it

I really don't understand you. I wonder all the damn time if I'm ever going to or if you even want me to.

Fuck, man. Just talk to me.

Parents lectured younger sister about valuing her body more.I also Got in a fight with her.Im so dissappointed.She has a family that loves her and smarts to go with it but she values herself so low,became jobless,and entertains horny assess.

I started drinking again recently to be more social. I quit because I was becoming a bad alcoholic again. Now I'm back to being lonely. Fuck.

if I could wake up not screaming and sleep and dream not a PTSD horror show that'd be swell. Reality is bad enough as it is, goddamn

Sure. I'm having trouble finding a woman. Fine. That's the truth. That doesn't automatically mean I see women as objects. That doesn't mean I hate women or other men. That doesn't mean I'm a creep or a stalker or a NEET. That doesn't mean I want to kill people who are in relationships. Is it REALLY that inconceivable for a guy to have difficulty finding love without being an insane jobless incel who wants to shoot people?

Do you ever wake up sometimes and feel totally drained for no clear reason? Everything feels like mud, I wonder if it's because I drank coffee at 11 and went to bed around 2

Been super tired this past week too user might just be school though

How do I stop hating myself enough to feel like I deserve to be in a relationship. I have no idea why I've even developed this complex, I was raised in pretty nice circumstances and my sister came out okay, but I recall that from the moment I became self-aware in early primary school I've just been developing a dislike for myself and always feel out of place with others, like I'm wasting their time.
[spoiler]You'd think that entering med school with little hassle would improve things but it does not, outside of giving me a very good distraction, but I know I can't run from these issues forever. [/spoiler]
[spoiler]I slept with the same pink teddy bear until I was like goddamn 11 just to have a friend. [/spoiler]

Well fuck me I fucked those tags, whatever, its 2am.

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I had the same feeling with an ex and i just wanta tell u it mighy not go away but it will get better when u find someone else. But its probably just anxiety acting up.

Yeah, I had two tests this week and might have bombed both. It takes a little bit out of you when this happens.

This meant for

I've been extremely lonely for a long time now.
I know most if not all my hobbies are things I like to do alone. I like painting, reading, going for hikes, and working out, watching movies. I know I could do them with people and I use to sometimes get my ex girlfriend to come out with me to do these things but for the most part I usually like to just spend my time alone.

I moved away from home and went to a new city. While I was there I found it extremely rough to just be alone. It was okay when I went to work but when I went back to my room it was again really rough. One night I went out and met a group of girls and ended up walking one home. Once I got to her place we just sat in her room and watched some movies and talked about random stuff but I felt a really big connection which I haven't felt in awhile. I didn't do anything sexual with her and left in the morning without sleeping at all and once I got to my room I just sat on the floor and cried like a child.
I then realized how alone I was and how empty I feel when I'm around others.

Shortly after that I ended up moving again to a different city. I have to say I really like it here, the area is a lot cleaner and the weather is a lot nicer so I'm going out more but I just can't seem to feel connected with anyone.
I tried to get into dating again and do the online dating but like I said, all my hobbies are normal tier loner things and I find it hard to actually communicate with others online.
I'm mostly just tired with people. I like my job and I feel comfortable with it. I don't feel comfortable around others and I always feel like I'm on the outside of any group. People always tell me that I'm different or unique as a compliment but I really want to just be normal and feel welcomed.

If I kill myself it won't be because I hate myself, it'll be because I can't deal with being with others.

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I've been cheated on.. not because I was a bad partner but because my partner has issues. So.. I think I'm getting into the anger phase of grief. But I can't seem to get it out. Like a hose that's been pinched, it's blocked somehow. Suggestions?

Wow. Literally same. This is exactly what I have been thinking all night. It is always unpleasant. I want to cancel future plans with all my friends because I expect them to be unpleasant

I have amazing friends. They make sure to invite me for any outings that they plan. I'm so depressed that I'm not going out enough with them. I'm constantly on a dread that they'd call me to go out together. Even when my crush(from the same friend's circle) asked me to go out together, even though I wanted to say a yes I flat out told a lie where I'm required by my employer to work for more hours for a few weeks.

I have no problem in them going out without me because we don't hold any kind of grudge. We are about 9 in size and occasionally 3 or 4 of all are always out. We occasionally go out in 9s.

When I lie, all I'd be doing is sit at home, binge watch shit and sleep off on the couch and get up to go for work the next morning.

I'm pretty much like the dog in the pic nowadays.
I'm 22 and M.

what's been causing the depression?

It's cliche but you need to get out more.

Join a new job, volunteering, or something where you'll meet new people.

yeah exactly.
but this is also a worry that I have.
since she is a hot girl she will find some poor soul faster than I will.
I'm not society inept so I could get someone, problem is I don't know any girls so I won't have the chance to initiate anything

thank you for the reply by the way, really means a lot

A few things. I work at sales for a company that sells automotive spare parts. Soemtimes it requires me to travel to market the business. Usually I'm the one who meets and greets the customer to helping them pick out what they need and yes of course secure the sales - or visit prospects and talk about what we do.

I stutter a lot. No one laughs at me or anything - people have only given me time except a few who just dismiss me. But I have lost a good chunk of chances where I could have secured sales because I just give up because of my stuttering. Now I agree that doing sales means to expect several rejections along the way but I'm constantly let down and stressed because of this.

I feel like I have no improvements at all and might stay in this level forever.

>tfw my chink of a father is listening to shit in chinese again

This, essentially.

Ni hao chinaman

God damn move on you insufferable faggot. I wouldn't want a txt back from my ex


i am lonely depressed and always fukin anxious about everything. i have no one to talk to so i got drunk last night and cried myself to sleep

Assert dominance and play Gucci gang


So call them, damn

I hate people yet have the desire to be around them sometimes. What the fuck?

Text me back please validate my existence


Gross. You don't deserve shit. I'm a year out on my ex and don't want this. Your existence deserves no validation and you'd be much better off crawling into a hole.


Y’all are so desperate


Venting all my incel thoughts here somehow really helps. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I feel positive about my Future again.

This girl I’ve been texting for a while, just kinda got nervous and typing “text me back” here makes me feel better, because there’s really nothing else I can do but wait. It’s only delivered and she has read texts on so there’s that

i miss someone who hurt me and i want to talk to him again. i miss him. i miss him a lot. i miss the friendship we had. i loved him.

I’ve been in the dumps for months, I miss my old house

>i miss the friendship we had.
>i loved him.

He was friendzoned?

Same user, same.


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I’ve been in the dumps for months, I miss my old house

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I hate having to wait till Monday to ask someone for their contacts.

I just had an argument with my mom and almost got her crying. I want to make some space but she keeps pushing. She says I’m happy but I don’t want to show that because I’m still hurting.

I hate being alive because literally everything reminds me of what a loser am I.

Went on a date with a cutie I've liked for over a year. First time holding hands with a girl. Felt good desu. I feel shit because we will meet next time in January.

Of course not. People who think that are fucking retarded. Don't worry. If you're not doing anything wrong, then no one has a right to assume you will. That's their problem.
Everyone desires to be around people, even antisocial people. It's mostly about the kind of company you enjoy. Sometimes you also confuse wanting to be around certain people with feeling obligated to be around them. I hate people as well and prefer to be by myself most of the time. I'm an introvert and that's fine, there shouldn't be any real obligation to be around people if you don't want to.
What do you miss about it? The house itself or the people in/around it?
Who is supposed to care if you're a loser? And which of those people actually matter? Obvious pro tip, the answer is you. If you think you're a loser, try to improve yourself. Either improve your life to a point where you're satisfied or improve your thinking so you can be comfortable with your own skin.
What did you argue about? Sorry if I'm not understanding this right. What are you not happy about?

I didn't do my essay. Actually, I've never finished an essay in my entire life. I can't being myself to read what I must if it's homework.
I skipped a whole day of school yesterday.
I feel like a useless sack of garbage.

Every time that I have to pretend that I'm not repulsed by the normalfag """"memes"""" my family and friends show to me I feel like crying


Kind of in the same boat as you user. I miss my best friend. She was the one person I could tell anything too. Though it's allowed me to delve into my own psyche pretty hard in ways that would take years of psychological work with a professional.

Just force yourself to scroll through their Facebook feed till it hardens you up.

Same. I just wish the people around here weren't such vapid, shallow, retards who are controlled by their phones at all times in public and would rather look at their randomized Facebook news feed than read something interesting out of their own free will at least. Maybe then it would be easier to get along with them or make a few friends.

Wow. Every interaction is unpleasant. I’m just way too quiet it’s like my brain is completely empty and eventually whenever I hang out with somebody they just get bored. I give up I should just mind my own business

>What did you argue about?
We were traveling to a different city. When talking to my sister by phone she said that I’m happy and I felt crappy because I don’t want to show that I feel good next to her because she forces me into maintaining life that I don’t like and I still feel bad. I don’t want to admit that I’m okay with life because that means she can force me into stuff and it basically rejects my self worth. Also I never said that, but I want to make this distance so I don’t feel like my life is over when she passes away.

I don't see the problem if he's doing it in the privacy of his own home. If he did it in public and if he speaks English, wouldn't that be just like an Anglo who's bilingual and showing off that he can understand another language?
Shit, you're an asshole. Let him keep some of his culture in peace.

China needs to die. I am sick of their torture methods when I was a child having to stand and stare at a wall for hours I will fucking destroy China Mao was right, the old ways are dumb, and all those fuckers who omved here before Mao interned them all most be destroyed I will be the saviour of the Han race. BOW BEFORE ME YOU FILTHY FUCKING WITCHCRAFTERS AND EVILDOERS.

Changing your conversational skills and habits is easier than you think and you can practice at home. There's no need for you to be miserable for the rest of your life just because change seems a bit intimidating.
Get a new hobby, watch a lot of movies and series, read a lot of books, learn lots of new things; do whatever's necessary to give you plenty of conversation topics.

Besides, they probably do get bored talking to you, but maybe it's a mix of that and the impression that you don't want to talk to them. Your actual reason in itself could be a conversation topic, just explain to someone who seems reasonable and empathetic that you're just that bad at conversing and that you don't want it to be like that; it's a serious matter and also kind of a secret, and people usually like to know secrets about others, it helps build trust and bonds. Maybe they'll help you and they'll probably stop feeling like you don't want to talk.

I don't know about that. I'm scared.

I wish I never met them. Because now he stopped talking to me and got himself a new gf, and his ex I had to cut contact with because she's becoming too clingy after she left him and treats me like a rebound while also dating some other guy.

In the end their break up fucked me up the most while they get to have a life with other people and abuse my help. I deserve better than that but it just pisses me off how these two fucking cunts got away with a happy ending and I'm still picking up the pieces and trying to put my life together after they used me and either left me or forced me to leave them. Fuck people, seriously. I thought these were my best friends but now I can't even stand to look at them. How come his ex is now my problem and he just stops talking to me? its infuirating how fucking childish and irresponsible they are. Fuck them and I hope his new gf is fucking guys behind his back, I really hope she does. And I hope his ex fucks off eventually and leaves me alone.
I need better people in my life...

You can do it user just have a bucket nearby

No, and the him part doesn't really apply. I said same because I share the rest of the sentiments.

I accidentally fucked my pocket pussy using beard shampoo instead of lube earlier. My urethra still burns.

>start going to the gym
>getting Jow Forums
>already much bigger than what i was when i started, really happy with my body even though it's not that good yet
>go to national (small euro country) pop convention
>along the event see a ton of weeb qts
>too nervous and autistic and pussy to ever talk with any of them
getting Jow Forums doesn't fix anything does it? I'm still an autist who's only ever gonna get laid when a girl very clearly and undeniably hits on me aren't I?

I kind of empathize with that situation in a way. Really, it's only you thinking that you're being forced into a life you don't want. You are in control of your own life, even if you have outside influences. Unless you're a literal child right now, she can't exactly force to to do anything as an adult.

Also fun facts everyone has parents no matter what. Unfortunately you will outlive your parents assuming all things go right. If it's just a fact of life. The thing is, unless you're literally an elderly person or she is seriously ill right now, she's not going to die in the next year or so. You shouldn't be thinking about what you're going to do or how you're going to be when they die. Nothing good with come with it whatsoever. You're not only stunting your own growth with these kinds of thoughts but also, it seems as if you're probably hurting her with the way you seem to be hurting yourself. I would assume she only wants you to be happy. What's the point of MAKING SURE you're unhappy just to make sure she doesn't get that satisfaction? Why does having her see that you're content with life have to be a bad thing? You don't have to live your life her her, but you do have to live your life for yourself. That's probably good enough for everyone.

Again, excuse me if I'm not understanding the situation completely, but that's what I'm picking up here.

Getting fit doesn't actually solve anything. That's the honest truth, I'm sorry to say. In reality, changing your body is the easy part. You need to change your mentality along with it. You said it yourself. Confidence isn't earned with a good looking body, you need to improve that on its own. It's a muscle that needs to be worked out of it's comfort zone in order to make gains. Only then will you get to your ideal state.

Keep pushing, you'll get there.

That reaction is natural. Don't worry, give it some time. You have to get used to it but believe me you will

I feel like I’m in this perpetual state of doubleness, where I both care and don’t care if I get with this girl, on one hand she’s pretty cute and it’s pretty rare to go this long talking to some girl I met at a dance club, since August.
On the other hand I’m being pulled by way better options now that I’m back at uni, there’s just a few girls that just fit with what I want, as well as some being my age or closer rather than 18, which the club girl is and for whatever reason I just feel weird being 21 getting with someone 18

What's wrong with getting with a girl that's 18? She's only 3 years apart? She's an adult, right? Is your problem about drinking or something?

There 25 year old dudes getting with highschoolers in Europe where it's legal

Please, someone, acknowledge my pain.

maybe one day i will stop doing stupid shit when drunk, and maybe one day i will know how to behave around women and maybe one day i will know what i want from life

Sorry to extra bother you, but those are the things I understood:
1) I choose comfort over pride accepting their help (taking week amount of food every weekend, having them ride me wherever, else). It does takes effort to do that by my own, so I decided to ignore the fact that I look shameful and retarded for almost 30 yo. Probably, it gives a side effect: I hate every other person for being narcissistic.
2)They have no life other than their kids. If I reject them giving me a ride to my town, I’ll take away their opportunity to go out and have some different events. I can’t move far because they expect me to visit them every weekend and they say how sad they are when I’m not coming. Their kids and grandkids are pretty much the only source of fun.
3) My mom is pretty narcissistic. She always needs to be the one who knows it better, she’s always right, she’s told me already, and now I did against and everything is fucked.

I know it’s ok and it’s not really about drinking, it just kinda feels weird, like I’m getting with someone who is fresh out of high school

If push comes to shove like a situation like this I’ll go for it but more often I’ll go for girls around my age


I will never have the life I wanted and it is all my own fault. I should have been brave, took chances and put in the effort for what I wanted but I didn't, I lost all motivation and get fed antipsychotics to function. I would give anything to have a second chance and become a different person.

Tons of married boomers are 10+ years apart
If people can't tell the age difference you'll be fine.

Last night I helped my wife reenact the time she was raped, even hurting her like she was before. Afterwards she said it helped her feel like she had control of her life again and cried a lot. I still feel like shit for hurting her though.

Weird beard beard weird

What the fuck

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True, in a few years it won’t matter should we get together

I mean what ever helps her

I just self-harmed in over a decade and I don't even give a fuck.

I kind of want to do it again. Then get some tattoos. Maybe I just need to be beaten in a sexual fashion.

I'm so fucking lonely it's pathetic

Les gooo

Took a week of vacation off from my shitty dead-end retail job to attend a music festival with a friend who I used to be in a ldr with. Had all kinds of delusions about rekindling the relationship or at least getting laid, having some fun at the concerts, exploring the city more than I did last time.
It's all bullshit. I hate being up here and shackled to someone I only moderately enjoy being around, there's no sexual chemistry at all and very little likelihood I'll hook up with anyone else since I'm not sociable. The concerts all blow dick and I pretty much dropped $300 for no reason. At least I can say I finally went to a big music event like this but I'm not even hype and it's only day 2 out of 3.
I have to drive 10 hours back to my shitty retail job and a family I still live with that makes me want to actively kill myself almost everyday.
I just feel completely non-functional. I thought I'd be over this feeling since it was the exact reason me and this girl broke up, I couldn't act the way I wanted to and the relationship was dead weight. But it's still here.
I want to go home and enlist in the army and just be dragged away from all of this bullshit. In fact I think that's exactly what I'll do next week.

I hope it has.

That was my reaction when she asked if I would do it.