Can women be sexually frustrated? Seems like a total meme to me

Can women be sexually frustrated? Seems like a total meme to me.

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Yes. So much, you have no idea.

ya dude girls a freaks

They're frustrated when they have to fuck guys with average sized cocks who aren't rich

Find the/gif/ thread of catching girls masturbating

lol you are dumb

In the sense of not getting the sex they want, not in the sense of not getting sex though (because the only way a woman isn't having sex is if she doesn't want to)

I think mostly married women have this issue. They can't just go out and find another person when the sex takes a nosedive

whats hard is finding a man to have sex with that won't try and ruin my marriage

womens sex drive isn't as responsive as mens', so they take longer to wind up and wind down

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I know it's true. Virgins who don't talk to women and resent them told me on the internet.

how about your husband

Most marriages, sex drops off surprisingly quickly for both sides. Like the old saying goes: Put $5 into a jar each time you have sex before marriage. Then if you take $5 out each time you have sex after marriage, you will never run out of money.

its almost unanimously the wives who stop wanting sex before the husband

>Actually thinking this BS is not staged

You'd be surprised.

They can... but they shouldn't be. Biologically and historically women never liked sex as much as men did and their libido isn't as high either and it is because they are biologically programmed to be good mothers and to be a good mother a woman can't have too many children. Infact, pure and worthy women dislike or even hate sex but being of good breed, that is being submissive towards their husbands and wanting children, they dutifully allow sex for obvious reasons but never crave it. It is a woman's duty to allow her husband's seed in and let it quicken it her womb regardless of how little pleasure it gives her or how much pain must she endure! But there are ungodly women who infact want sex. They are usually dirty often were abused before or come from poor and pathological families and they are hungry for dicks like leperchaums for gold. They are good to use because obviously they will be more fun than a pure wifey girl, but never ever start a family with one. So yes OP good and true women rarely if ever feel sexual frustration because infact they usually dislike or even fear sex. But tramps and sluts feel sexual frustration frequently and that is a fact. But these women are damaged goods!

Wow, moralize much! LOL


>Like the old saying goes: Put $5 into a jar each time you have sex before marriage. Then if you take $5 out each time you have sex after marriage, you will never run out of money.

who says this?

Yes, but not like men
Essentially this.
>t. roastie

Lol the fuck

how understand if girl ready to relationship?

It's just a common saying. Illustrates how quickly sex fades in marriage.

Personally, I think marriage itself kills people's spirit deep down. Because you're now "bonded", there's zero incentive to try at all anymore. It's like a constant reminder that your life is "finalized" and that nothing will get better for you. At least that's how I feel and I can tell that my wife feels the same way. It's just this glum depressing march to nowhere. Truly awful. And the funny thing is, I don't think we even have a bad marriage, it's just the way things go.

I would never recommend marriage to anyone.

yeah. If I go a while without sex or masturbating I keep getting sex dreams

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What exactly is it that makes you think only men can get horny?

Yes, they somewhat project it through romance books, tv dramas and movies

This. Women bitch about not having her back broken while singing classical music to her orgasms, not getting dick in general. Hell I've grown tired with trying to give my girl amazing sex because she requires too much frivolous bullshit just to get her pussy running. Ain't nobody got time for that.

My girl is pushing for marriage but this is the main issue holding me back. I dont want shit to become a stagnant shit heap

Yep, it's definitely a danger. To go further, think of the primary purpose of marriage as a way to provide a stable home for children. View it as only an agreement between adults to keep a stable household and raise children together come hell or high water. And going in, if you have any expectations OTHER than this, get rid of them now. Of course it's nice if you get a partner that cares for you, but do not EXPECT that it will be like that, despite your BEST effort in partner selection.

If you think that STILL sounds like a decent arrangement, then saddle up, partner. But if not, walk away immediately.

Yes absolutely. My last gf was constantly sexually frustrated because we never had a place to go fuck but we regularly made out intensely

1) Women want sex less frequently than men, and always view it as a gift they are bestowing on men.
2) For men, sex is fixation. For women, sex is about situation. Just like a fight with a woman is never about what you're fighting about, sex is never about the sex itself.
3) It just takes one misstep to ruin the moment, even something extremely innocuous. Don't expect to get back to that place anytime soon.

These apply mostly to relationships but seem to hold up.

>And of 59% of those couples, it was the man who desired more sex than the woman. In 11% it was the woman, while the rest were equal.
It's such a low percentage of times it's really not even worth considering.

Women can get horny but they can also have a guy fucking their brains out within the hour just by opening Tinder.

I keep wondering how you guys end up with people who stop trying or just give up. Like, I've never seen this in anyone but you 30somes who keep getting married early. Like, do you plan to cut it off in 15 years? No? Well shit then it sounds like it'll be for the rest of your life.

Been dating my girl for 8 years and we're deeply agreed: marriage is a huge fucking choice and should not be taken on lightly. That's just us, mind, but given stories like yours popping up I wonder if everyone doesn't just have jizzbrain but for marriage. Marrybrain.

Just because they can doesn't mean they will

Yeah but that's like me complaining about being hungry when I can just walk up to my fridge and get a snack.

The same principle applies. Just because you can doesn't mean you will or should

If chad isn’t available, they will be sexually frustrated

Yeah that's the thing too. I have no issue telling my girl no when it really counts, but I do love her, but at the same time our relationship isnt perfect and I dont want it to become worse with us locked together.

I honestly don't think it's anything like that. In our case, we dated for years and years and tried to make sure of things. But it didn't help. The commitment itself turns people's motivation off completely once the magnitude of it sinks in.

It's like going to jail. Once you've accepted that you're in jail for LIFE, your mind just embraces it. You deep down accept that you've got a life sentence and that's when you go from "someone who committed a crime" to "a convict". Then, nothing "on the outside" matters to you anymore. You get prison tats, because why not? You get into the drugs, again, because why not? You get into fights? Yes, because you're a convict, you're not a citizen serving time anymore

I hate to equate the whole thing with jail, because it's not like jail in many respects. But the mental transformation you go through IS similar, I think, so the comparison is relevant in that particular aspect.

Also just wanted to add, this transformation has a name and it seems to be pretty well studied. It's called 'becoming institutionalized'.

I believe this happens not only in prison but in marriage, in career, or any huge commitment for a long period of time.

For an example of this, watch the shawshank redemption. There is an old guy who gets released and can't deal with the normal world anymore. Very sad.

>In the sense of not getting the sex they want
That's their own fault though, even more so than incels

Yes we can. And it's just as shitty.

>I could fix my hunger but I'm not going to

Sure we can. I usually take my sexual frustration out on my pillow or, fate willing, a shower massager.

It’s not the same as having an experience with someone you really care about, nothing beats skin to skin contact or seeing the faces they make, or hearing how their breathing changes when you do awful, awful things to them and they love it.

Sex is a shared experience, and to properly enjoy it, it’s a connection between minds— you’re conscious of what the other person likes, they’re conscious of what you like, and you’re just building each other up because you want to make them feel good. And making them feel good makes you feel good.

Yes, we feel it. It’s always worst right after a break up.

Which is exactly the same thing as living in Ethiopia

Seems to me like you just get frustrated that you don't have a bf, not that you aren't having sex (because again, the only reason a woman would not be having sex is because she doesn't want to)

Yeah. For men it's like being a starving child in Africa but for women it's like being an indecisive person in a pantry full of food

Having sex with someone random wouldn’t fix my sexual frustration. It’d feel like having sex with a robot, except worse. It’d be me going through the act despite hating it.

Sexual frustration isn’t just about the act itself, but who you have it with. It’s important for me to have it with someone I trust and care about and feel comfortable with. I don’t think I could ever have it with someone I didn’t trust deeply.

Maybe sexual frustration presents differently in different people. For me, I’m sexually frustrated and having sexual relations with a random person would not fix it. It’d make me feel worse and it would do nothing to address the sexual frustration.

>t. Fatass

Sometimes. Then I masturbate and the feeling is gone.

>Having sex with someone random wouldn’t fix my sexual frustration
So, pretty much what this guy said?

Sure, but the question was whether women can be sexually frustrated.

Men and women can be sexually frustrated even while in a sexually active relationship if their partner isn’t making an effort or is doing something wrong and won’t improve (e.g some men express they’d like their partner to initiate and make them feel wanted, and are sexually frustrated because they have to do all the work and thus they’re not sexually satisfied).

I could go out and find twenty dicks tonight if my life depended on it, but for sure, it would not make me any less sexually frustrated.

I think it really depends on what you want out of sex. An orgasm? Just masturbate. A fulfilling intimate relationship with a person you love? That's a lot tougher.

I'm probably older than all of you. My wife went through menopause at 42. Her sex drive took a nose dive. Mine didn't. Since I couldn't have a "fulfilling intimate relationship" with the person I loved, I found it elsewhere (after masturbation couldn't cut it any more).

>women want sex less frequently than men
my ass

>my ass
t. never been married

>Seems like a total meme to me.

Because you think most men are sexually frustrated which isn't true. This is a guess.
Only people with sexual problems talk about sex, you don't open a thread to brag about being satisfied.

It could be that frustration is a male general aspect. Being more active and needy.

A gross illustration. Insects.

I've been watching termites in mating days.
Both female and males have wings, but females only find a clean spot, drop their wings, lift their butts and wait like statues.
Males land but don't drop their wings until they find a female through smell and close sight, once they find it they drop wings, place their heads on their butts and the female lead them somewhere to fuck and lay eggs.
Males land and fly again multiple times.

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being frustrated and unsatisfied are what women are best at.
so yes.

That makes sense. I guess men just have two sources of frustration (both quality and quantity) while women only truly have one (quality).