Romance is not dead you guys just date asshole people

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Love doesn't exist. There are more divorces than weddings on the world nowadays. If love was real people wouldn't cheat on their wives or husbands, they wouldn't break up. There isn't and never were something called love, it's just our natural instinct to find a person to have sex with them, have a kid and then die. In the past, people wouldn't get married out of love but because their parents told them to. Their parents were the ones who would arrange their marriages and find them wife or husband. Your grandparents have never loved each other, but they learned to live with each other.

lol you have a fucked up outlook on love .people like you are the ones who do the cheating lol

Lmao, I've never cheated on anyone, but congratulations on your thinking.

Yeah love isnt real for the cynical and pessimistic, people like you. Lol no wonder you cant find love lmao

lol id say he just needs to...... have sex and stay with that person and love them lol

Your theories are really funny you fucking incel.

congrats on your autism lol

i'm sure that peoples just get what was comming their ways, there isn't unfortunate marriages, they simply married the wrong ones.

Ironically, they only people who believe in love are losers who have never had multiple partners. Having a gf redpills you really fast, even more so if you get married. This realization makes the weak commit suicide, but allows the strong to live like kings.

As for romance, that is an absolute joke. Made by women to extract attention, food and gifts from men they never intend to fuck. The guys they fuck hardly give a shit about them and almost neve spend money on them, only if theg go out for drinks on the first date. It's unbelievable. Listen I have a sister who is a Stacy and she and her friends admitted this to me, trust me, witnessing this in person fucks you up even more. Thankfully, now you have a choice, you get fucked over like a chump, or you fuck wome like a champ

Because they never experienced love and don't know how to identify, express or receive it.

You're both wrong. Our species wasn't meant to be monogamous. Grow up and accept that there is more to love, relationships, family, and friendship than what you have been conditioned into thinking.

Our species is just a bunch of biological vomit. We weren't 'meant' for anything; meaning is a construct we created because reasons. It's what people use to justify their arguments when they have none because they can't formulate a proper argument of their own.

People can do whatever the hell they want, honestly. Monogamy, polygamy, something beyond, something in-between. Do what you want.
Or live according to someone else's standard like you do, really, if you truly want to.
>tripfags on Jow Forums think they're a source of good advice
What a day and age.

Assholes will never ever find love. To find love you need to find a partner.

We actually are. True romantic love is only in a monogamous relationship, because we tend to want to form romantic attachments to those we repeatedly fuck. Nothing special about any pussy or dick, people stray outside a relationship because they want INTIMACY from the other person, not sex.

And if you want intimacy from another, it means you ain’t getting it

You can do whatever you want, but you will only be able to be in a loving relationship with monogamy.

Come at me bro

What's about what you feel towards you children or your dog?

>the sociopath thinking that she has valid points to make on anything


romance is a joke until you start playing with love and you end up falling in love before you know it.

peoples here only want sex and gets surprised because they're not getting it just because they wanted it.

but yeah i think everyone should believe in love, even if out there there is a lot of bitches that will play with your heart, it doesn't mean anything, love is worth it.

Love does exist, you’re just too stupid to experience it.

lol its funny how many of you talk shit and say love is not important lol do you even have famillys friends or a gf lol you guys are pathetic faggot social tankies

Thanks, user. I felt like killing myself but after reading your post I feel happier because I'm not you.