Is this girl cute or too fat?

Is this girl cute or too fat?

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Look at the fingers.
Does she have any other pictures on her profile other than close ups of her face and some tits showing? If not, you can be 100% sure she's fat.


That I can agree with.
Not my type either.





She's quite cute even if she's chubby (and that's not a bad thing) She's probably not my type but she's attractive in my opinion.

would pound her pussy until my dick fell off

you can't even tell if she's fat from that pic

Both, would date and snuggle with

Idk but you're a 10/10 creepy insecure loser for posting this girls pic for opinions that probably wont effect your choice to attempt to get with her anyway

Obvious shot of the goods, gonna make your life hell to get any.

Avoid the piggie.

Would titty fuck, anyways can’t see if she’s fat or not fro pic

Fat, ps buddist fat rolls.

Exactly how we know she is fat.
A girl with a flat stomach would take a picture of that in bad lighting and use that on their profile.

Myspace pic/10
I don't personally think she's cute but I've definitely seen worse...and also I'm a chick.
Mostly she just looks like a ho with her tits out but is this a dating profile pic or what

doesn't matter what other people think user if u like her just go for it who cares what others think man if if u cat decide if u like her personally then dont for for her or just nut n go

That's up to you to decide, my dude. One, both, or neither of those are all possibilities. if you're considering asking her on a date, I'd say give it a shot; whether or not she's chubby/fat, you may find a lot to like about her, should you take the time to look.


I'm not one to body shame, but if you're so fat that your fingers are collecting fat, that's just not okay. I don't care what illness or disability you have. There's no reason to be that fat.