Rating Dating Profiles

Femanon back once again in the middle of the day to fix up your dating profiles so you can slay puss. Most men have profiles that SUCK. Send me pictures, bios, or whatever you want and I'll help you improve them for maximum female wetness.

As always, the unforgivable sin is to not have a bio at all. Don't be that guy.

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Not gonna post personal info shit on Jow Forums.
But do you have general pointers or things to avoid? I use adventurous pics that also show I have social connections. Are professional level photoshoots crucial for guys? I try to be funny in my bios as a general strategy.

Good question!

For photos, you don't NEED professional photos. You should have at least one portrait photo that shows your face clearly, but a regular selfie does just fine. Otherwise, it sounds like you already have the photo game down. Adventurous photos are great and effective.

Bios are either a hit or miss. They gotta sell you. Being funny is great, because it's not boring and it's memorable. But I see a lot of guys on here that have one joke as their bio and that's it. Don't do that. You want your bio to introduce who you are, what you like, and what you do. Again, it's gotta sell you to someone, so get them laughing, but also get them interested.

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>implying im going to "sell" myself to females to "slay puss"

lol your vagina doesnt matter

Cool thanks


I think about it as applying for a job where neither side knows what the job actually is.

I'll think about it OP, I appreciate your kind attempt to help me with my dating life. Thanks and have a good day.

This fuck off op

are naked pictures good if i'm huge and ripped and literally all i'm looking for is casual sex?

NO. Just like a guy looking for sex doesn't open his trench coat to strangers to flash. NO NAKED PICS GOD. It's so cringe.

Basically, yeah. Just don't show BENIS.

Just wear clothes that show off your body, like slim fit shirts

not literally naked jesus christ, just enough to show what you'll be getting i get to fuck you

If I'm looking for hook ups, 90% of women do not want to be flashed in the face with either a dick or hand-conveniently-over-dick. Have some decency. It's desperate, gross, and inconsiderate. Please send dick pics when she asks.

>literally say don't show penis
>get mad about penis
Your problem is being retarded lol

This. And/or a pic of you working out at the gym. Sleeveless shirts are a huge turn on for girls that is never talked about.

admittedly my wording could've been better and i could've just said gym selfies, but it does feel like you are purposefully acting dense
i meant something like pic related (not exactly this pic though)

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Oh, something like that isn't bad, no. When you said naked pictures, I was thinking dick out in sunlight naked pictures. The only advice to give you as that 1). make sure that isn't your first picture, you want your first seen picture to be one that has your face, and 2). maybe retake that picture with your face in it. Girls like faces WITH bodies.

Also your body is jacked and looks great dude. That's some hard work.

This is what you want
Do the Vogue shot: no boxers but you cut off the photo beneath the navel

alright, thanks baby

It's what I'm here for.

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Casual bump

OP, you should make sure the guy tells you what he’s looking for.

Girls looking for LTRs are turned off by shirtless pics because they suggest the dude is looking for hookups.

Yeah, but usually dating apps have separate things to show what people want, i.e. okCupid.

Women looking for LTRs are indeed turned off by shirtless photos, but he is explicitly looking for casual sex, not women who want LTRs.

To be honest, OKC has been so tinderized that there’s virtually no difference between using the apps anymore. I met my last long term boyfriend on tinder.

And fair point, just wanted to make sure. I’m in the unenviable position of being back in the dating pool and the profiles are horrible, and make me want to buy five cats and be single forever.

My only good experience with dating apps was OkCupid before tinder was all the rage.

The experience was really enjoyable for me. Detailed profile with messages back and forth, then Skyping, then meeting, then regularly dating.

The whole match off pictures and then sending instant message sentences to try and make a connection is just.. I don’t like it. It’s ok to find somebody to bullshit with, but I’d rather stick to real life now and just take the hits in person rather then all this superficial lifeless approach

I remember that version of OKC. It had some real pros to it. I enjoyed it.

I don’t even know where to meet guys right now, because I don’t drink or smoke and I’m in a place that’s famous for its wines and very close to a liberal artsy city where weed is all the rage.

Where do you go to meet girls?

I've been using okCupid and I enjoy it over other dating apps. I've never used Tinder because I thought that app was (nowadays) primarily for hooking up.

Open mics and bars cause I drink sometimes.

I’ll chat up random strangers or meet people through friends the rare instances I get to see them these days

I’m going to start going to events more now that I have more money and see how that goes like concerts, or festivals, and celebrations.

Hoping to go backpacking again and try to round up outdoorsy people.

I’m just kinda putting myself out there to meet people in person and hoping for the best.

I’m pretty jealous of all these college kids that get a social life handed on a silver platter and then come here to complain. Like hell, come on

The college I went to was 70% female and was in an isolated mountain town. The number of available dudes who weren’t looking for hookups was distressingly limited.

Give me first date ideas. Keep in mind I'm a total sperg and have no dating experience. Also I'm balding.