Straight but find vaginas disgusting

I'm attracted to women in every other way and I'm not at all attracted to men and I find penises disgusting too.

However whenever I see a vagina I just feel repulsed and turned off. It's just so... ugly, like a welt.

I just got a girlfriend and I'm finding oral sex really difficult, to the point where I have to psyche myself up for it. How do I get over this?

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Close your eyes. When you’re on it just look up

Even touching my tongue to it makes me wanna gag. Feels like I'm licking raw offal

I don't know what to tell you, it's not any more disgusting than a toe or an eyeball or fingers or ears or a titty and whatever other part of the human body. I guess since you've been looking at your own dick literally every day of your life you've grown accustomed to the sight of dicks in general and if you're a former incel/virgin then yeah I guess vaginas would seem weird and alien to you. Girls sometimes feel the same way about dick, balls especially.

I don't know, unless she really does have an objectively ugly vagina it's not really a big deal they generally just look like a pair of lips from the outside and when you're going down on a girl you're not staring into her cervix if you're performing oral properly so you wouldn't be staring at it all that much to being with.

Look at her boobs while you go down. Just stay on her clit, no need to go inside with your tongue: use your finger for that

Just watch close up pussy porn and brainwash yourself like we do with violence. Kek.

Maybe you are seeing the wrong vaginas user. Not all vaginas are created equal, some are yummy and others are toxic.

I've been trying that for the past couple of weeks, if anything the more I see the more repulsive I find them

The question here is, do you find vaginas disgusting when you are fucking them?

Don't have oral sex then?

Slightly. If I'm being honest, knowing full well how pathetic this sounds, I'd much prefer to just hump her than actually stick my dick inside her.

Gotta apply more pavlov.
Eat your favorite candy or give yourself a massage (penis or otherwise).
Click a clicker if you start to feel attraction.

Is her vagina normal? You're not fucking one of those transgender individuals are you user? Please don't tell me you are fucking pussy crafted in a operating room. We need some details now.

She's not a tranny

How positive are you?


Think about everything that you like in a woman and realize that that's what will get them to love you more. Or just think of them as another set of lips

> I'm not at all attracted to men

Ok sure

Normalise yourself with human anatomy fggt, grow the fuck up and get out of whatever religious cult you're in that's keeping you so sheltered.

search for circumscised waxed groomed ones.

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Just tell the truth. Tell her Ive never been able to do it. Some girls gag some guys too. If she presses the issue I guess practice a little at a time before hey hey.

Yea i too think vagina looks gross

But head should be hot

Never been religious faggot

Can you describe her vagina? There was an image some time ago of the 30 types of vaginas or something. Some are disgusting looking, others are beautiful, just like people I suppose.

I assume most are rather average though. Does she shower and clean before you guys go at it? They do have a bit of a smell if not regularly washed.

>FTW you pysched yourself up to get your wife oral, then when you try she flips out and says it's disgusting and realize you'll never have to give her oral, but she doesn't mind giving it to you.
I kinda lucked out in this area. Not because I find them repulsive, I think my wife's is a decently nice looking one. But, I'm a bit of a germ freak so I'd rather not.

GL OP. BTW, if you go into "botique" shops, there IS oral flavoring, both for men and women. Try that and maybe it'll help you? Strawberry, peach, chocolate, wtf ever you like. I got a cotton candy one to put on my wife, till she rejected the idea. Got flavored condoms for her to use on me.