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If you're not going to give honest answers, don't answer questions.
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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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How much do girls care if you still your spaghetti? A girl asked me for something and I said thank you when I gave it to her, and then I just kind of started slurring my words trying to recover. She kind of just blurted out something after taking it. I guess she wanted to make it less awkward, and I thank her for that.


I don’t drink, I don’t smoke weed. I don’t like going to new restaurants to try different food, I’m pretty boring and mostly just like staying inside and doing games or watching Netflix shows with my family.

How do I meet guys who aren’t looking for someone to blow their world away, but just want someone low key and easy to be with and who occasionally enjoys going out to see the redwoods?

Games as in board games or video games? Either way, guys who are into either are usually pretty laid back. You can probably find a guy that fits what you're looking for if you start joining communities / groups related to them.


I tried to find a gaming group near me, the closest one is over an hour away. I was searching on meetup— is there anywhere else I could look?

Grow a personality

I am a graduate student TAing an undergraduate course. What would be an appropriate way for me to approach a female student who I think may be interested in me?

Give him hugs and rub his head sometimes.

How old are you and where you live at?

I have a personality, it’s just invested in a lot of solo hobbies. Reading, writing, painting, gardening.

Over 21, somewhere in the Bay Area but at least an hour from San Francisco.

Hmm, that's a tough one. For video games, it might be easier to find groups for specific games rather than games in general. As for board games, a quick google says there's some app called GameFor to find local board game events, maybe try that?

I’ll give GameFor a try. Hadn’t heard of it before now. Thanks, user.

Most of the games I play are single player— maybe there’s a general fan club somewhere that likes some of them.

Right here baby. I’m in driving distance

What sort of games? If you, for example, play a bunch of Nintendo games, it'd probably be easier to find groups than if you just play random stuff.

I admit it is random, but they’re mostly story-based. I’m part of a big online worldbuilding community though, maybe I can find a group of people who like building game environments? Bay Area has a lot of aspiring devs who might like to show off their works

Maybe, but that sounds awfully specific, so I wouldn't get your hopes up too high. Worst case scenario you could try building your own group from scratch, but be warned if you make it obvious that you're female a bunch of creepers are bound to show up who aren't actually interested in the topic.

That's not a personality. Your personality is not a list of your hobbies and interests, it's the way you interrelate with other people. Which by the sounds of things, you don't do.
I know this because I am the same way.

That’s true. I might have luck just putting fliers up at my local colleges. I’ll offer homemade polar pizza, gaming selection, etc. See who shows up.

I’d honestly love to find a group of people who like building computers for a hobby because that’s basically what I do part time, and it’s a lot of fun, but that’s also kind of specific. It’s basically legos, but with electronics.

I think I’m just in a really bad area for this stuff by coincidence. If I were 30 min from SF city this wouldn’t be an issue.

I mostly interrelate with people by being in the same room as them. As a kid, my best friend and I would sit on the bed and read our separate books, and stop every so often to read a funny section out loud. I’d really like to have a friend like that again.

Everyone these days wants to go on some grand adventure. I just like being in the same room as people and occasionally sharing what I’m working on and seeing what they’re doing.

Guys and girls, what are some things the opposite gender does that you find cute but they probably don't realize is cute?

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I can relate to that sentiment, but in my experience being less sociable is something you're better off trying to acclimate out of than you are waiting around for someone with the same behaviors happening to meet you.

Isn't that just changing who you are for the sake of other people?

Improving yourself for your own sake tends to make you more attractive and approachable to other people. Living inside your whole life denies you a lot of opportunity even if you don't feel worse off for it personally.

Any advice for acclimating out of that?

If you're truly comfortable spending most of your time inside, then it certainly isn't for your own sake if you change that.

I suppose it is if you want to find a life partner, though.

Again, that's changing for the sake of somebody else that you don't even know. Not yourself.

Well, it’s possible that learning to be more social could open up doors to happiness I didn’t know were there before.

It could also open up doors to depression if it turns out you're just plain not happy being "normal."

Reposting from last thread because I want to hear from more anons

Guys and girls, is teenlove overrated?

Looking back, I kinda regret not having done much effort to try and get a gf in my early teens/pre-high school phase, I was confused about lots of things and hadn't gotten my libido under control yet, but I still daydream how it would be like to have a innocent, non-promiscuous, kind, wholesome, shy, mysterious, honest, supportive, sweet and understanding girl, who we'd lose our virginity together while our bodies are still developing, and slowly learn about life and grow up together as lifetime partners.
But as I said, I was much more immature at that time, and now I have a better understanding of certain things like pregnancy and commitment, I'd say I'm more "suited" to be a good partner now than before, and choosing to wait until I fall in love to have my first time taught me some things about discipline and self-control. I'm still in HS so I can sort of still live this teenage dream.
All of my friends either had their first/good partners after 18 or around it, so I guess I shouldn't worry so much?

To those who started dating on their early teens: was it worth it? did you regret your first time? wish you had waited some more or did something different?

And to those who had partners later in life or are still looking for one: ever felt like you were being left behind by those around you? do you regret waiting? was it a good idea to grow yourself first before getting into a relationship and losing your virginity?

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Not a girl, but from personal experience, unless you were remarkably weird, she will forget about it unless she's really into you and you're on her mind all the time, you don't remember all the weird stuff people say to you everyday, why would somebody else remember if you're insignificant to them?

Guy here
I love when shy/kept to themselves girls break their shell and display genuine happiness and interest, whether it is by talking openly about the things they like, or getting visibly excited and jumpy in a certain situation

I also love girls who pout

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I lost my virginity to a girl at 19 who also lost hers to me. 10/10

We dated for a year and broke up cause life happens, but my sister starting dating her now husband at 17 or 18. Their partnership is the envy of others

What is something you'd never admit in public/without the mask of anonimity?

Thats really nice user
Got any regrets? Think it was better to wait ubtil you were more mature to have your first time?

Do you ever keep yourself from doing something just because you don't wanna please somebody else?

For example, my parents are christians and have taken me to the church for as far as I can remember, which made me create a distaste for it
Grew up and became atheist for personal reasons, but now after thinking better about religion and how it can help me, by giving a moral compass and certainty about some things in life, such as the undeniable existence of God, I'm considering becoming christian again, but the biggest thing holding me back is me not wanting to give my parents the satiafaction of becoming religious after telling them how annoying going to church was

I know this is incredibly retarded, but it's honestly how I feel, have you ever been in a situation like this?

Very true. Thanks for the response either way. I do think she might like me, though, so will it have a negative impact, I wonder.

Religion isn't just a fad you can jump in and out of as you please, either you believe or you don't

I know. I don't mean to treat it as such, but I can still grow to have a faith I did not have before, can't I? I can covert myself

Well, she may remember it for longer then, but she would likely not have it have a negative impact if you show to her to be a good guy, I'm sure she's done weire stuff to you before that you overlooked/forgot because you like her too

Naw not at all. I avoided dating like the plague until I met my first gf who was perfect for me in literally every way. The circumstances were good too being older meant I had a car and lived away from parents so we could actually do things.

My "ex" started texting me last month to this day. We started out talking as friends but then he started acting weird. Example: he deleted our conversation out of the blue, and I ask him jokingly "are you afraid someone might read it?" (he has a gf), he says "ahahahah you'd wish it was the reason". Another episode was when he once sent me a pic where he was half naked and acted like it was nothing, I joked about it and he started insisting that he won't show me something else because that belongs to someone else now (referring to his dick) even thought I didn't say anything and talked in the most civil manner possible with him.

I must add that it was a long distance thing and it ended because of misunderstandings and stuff like that. Our communication was always kinda meh. We had a fight once and he ended thing with me.

Wtf? This is kind of out of character for him.

Sounds pretty good, I'll keep this in mind whenever I feel like missing out on love when I was younger, thanks user

I mean, I find pretty much 99% of what she does to be very cute. She's seemed to be quite awkward around me more than a few times, and frankly, it makes her even more attractive. I really just want to give her a hug at this point.

Why put ex between quotations?

Dunno much about his personality so I'll take a wild guess, he still likes you to some degree but seems hella confused about his feelings for you, his contradictory actions lead me to believe this
If that bothers you a lot, just tell him that, say that you don't think thats how he/anyone would normally act around their ex

There ya go champ, I was gonna say, sounds like bruh wants a side chick.
Not saying poster is that one, or his girlfriend is that one, but it sounds like he wants some low-key side action

I love girls that wanna make me hug and protecc them, she sounds like a keeper user, I'd advise making a move on her
Worst case scenario, she will remember that moment for a few hours then forget it, best case, she took your awkwardness as a sign you like her back

Haha yeah man. The best part is she seems like a very cold and distant girl, but I feel like she's trying to let me know she's into me. It's endearing when a girl like that show's emotions towards you. The only problem is there are going to be so many damn obstacles in my way...My life is far from normal. I really appreciate, my friend.

That seems possible but I cant say for sure since I have little to no experience with relationships and the thought of a side chick is disgusting to me, so i prefer not considering this possibility for other people

Feel ya man, I love shy girls, and when they open up to you, I just feel so special, feel like I have more than an obligation to treat her well, be a good man
Take the fact your life is not normal and use this in your favour, show how interesting you are, sweep her off her feet!
I wouldn't say I'm normal either, but I'm going to use this to make myself more interestinf whenever I find a cute girl who's gf material
Good luck user!

>asked girl i was talking to on insta out
>she says she has a bf (despite being 'single') a while ago so she cant date but is down for new friends
now what the fuck do i do?

How much do women care about teeth? Mine are shaped pretty strangely due to genetics and I've always been pretty self-conscious of it.

run before she pulls you into orbit and you're left wondering why you wasted 6 months of your life trying to please her instead of someone who might give a fuck about you.

Im 26 and live on the other end of the country. Show your face and a timestamp and then I will anonette.

Girls, how do I create sexual tension and escalate? I'm pretty good with conversation, jokes and dancing, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere past it. I'm missing creating that spark and interest.

I came to this thread to ask a very similar question. I get along with people great, but I don't feel like I'm ever romantic at all

How true is it that girls will make sure you see them often when they like you? I see one of my coworkers all the damn time. Out of everyone that works there she passes by my workplaces the most. Significantly so, to the point where I can hardly remember anyone else ever walking by.

Speaking for myself, I don't need a woman to blow my world away. My world is great the way it is. I need someone who is a valued participant in it. There's only so many times you can say "no" when I invite you places before I stop inviting you anywhere, including my home.

That having been said, there are also plenty of guys like you. You meet them inside their homes where they play games and watch Netflix. See the conundrum?

what if im resisistant to beta orbiting and she has she could give me access to better pussy as a friend

How do I get comfortable with women and sex if I'm a PTSD addled faggot? I tend to attract women with seemingly less difficulty than other men, which ironically reinforced my fear of them. What are some things I can do to expose myself to my attraction to women and their attraction to me that are less likely to make me react like an eight year old fearing for his life?

>inb4 therapy
My therapist isn't going to try to flirt with me, grab my muscles, or put his tits on me

So you're afraid of getting or sharing stds?

I don't think I understand what you're getting at.

If a girl you've only known briefly has a boyfriend, but invites you to hang out with her and to do other things as just the two of you, are you too deep in the friendzone, or is there any potential?

There's no way for anyone to guess based off of that one sentence description. Could go either way.

Possibly thinking of you as an alternative to her bf, but also possibly a jealousy play or shit test. Tell her you're not sure how her bf would take the two of you being so close, and if she says he wouldn't mind, ask him.
If she's intending to dump him or use you as some side dick it'll come out pretty quick. If she just wants to be friends but also doesn't want you talking to her bf, she's a psychowhore and you dodged a bullet, maybe even saved another poor soul.

Nigga use her to meet her single friends

She's a girl at work, I'm surprised we've gotten so close so quickly and been hanging out and texting pretty much the whole time. We live closeby too. She mentions her bf, but never goes into a lot of detail.

That's my move, if she doesn't show any interest, I'm gonna grow close to her and meet her friends

You still don't seem to understand that if you can't figure this out with the entire history of your time around her, we can't figure it out on an imageboard. You need to let this play out. We're not oracles.

This. Bring the question of her bf up to her.

The next time we hang out? How do I ask without making it sound weird?

"So how's everything with the boyfriend?"
Might as well cut to the chase, it's not going to be missed on anyone why you'd ask.

I completely get your point. Guess the reason I've not brought it up yet was because I liked the attention from her and how things were going. I'm kinda worried she might change her tone if she suspects I'm looking for more than friendship.

She might. And you might learn to stop enjoying being insincerely teased. She knows what she's doing. You should seek your thrills from women who do that with real intentions and not those who would just blue ball you.

Girl I'm seeing is extremely talkative and responsive in real life, but sometimes completely ignores my texts and will go days without responding

How should I interpret this? I have anxiety real bad an so I think my reaction to the lack of texts is overblown but I don't know. Judging only from her in person reactions to me I'd say she's really into me but that's kind of difficult for me to accept due to my insecurities

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Thanks for the advice user.

Im a guy but I do this with girls I like, I'm awkard over text so I'm just unresponsive there.
What matters is how people are in person aniways

Some girls are just bad at texting. There's this girl I know who talks to me in real life like I'm her best friend, but while texting she sometimes responds a day later. Doesn't change the fact that she's incredibly chill when we hang out. I had to learn to live with that. There's nothing wrong with me, she's just not that into texting

im a dude and I hate texting about anything that matters.

I'd much rather irl, email or call. I don't want to type my fucking day out with my thumbs in a text message.

have hard time telling if girl is into me or just friendly
>suggested me to sit by during lunch, with other coworkers,but she picks place opposite to me, never by side
>will sometimes goes out her way to talk to me, but on other days she seems cold and avoidant,still will smile if i do towards her (like yesterday)
>seems pretty shy around me in general
>when i compliment her or something she likes it a lot

she is just friendly and likes attention isnt she.

also >dont shit where you eat
idc in that case

Where did women get the idea that the majority of men prefer big boobs? I don't think I've met a single man who outright demands them. Most are fine with any boobs, and plenty prefer smaller ones.

big boobs are nice but shape is more important

perfect tits are miss alice, but im fine with flat girl if she has nice booty

>want precious cinnamon bun of a gf
>almost 30y/o and neverdated KHV
Am I fucked or do girls like that still exist at my age

I'm 20 years old and virgin. Have held hands and kissed though
Is that bad?


Yes, bad

Bad for who?

You are all idiots.
You don't go after men/women. That's what gets you burned.
You wait and see if you get lucky enough to meet one by having actual friends. That's the only way

If you have to ask how, you've already lost. But don't feel too bad because everyone had lost ever since we stopped having the normative human situation of having to go behind families' backs to marry someone you actually like who you knew you liked because actual socializing with locals was necessary and TVs, vidya, and computers didn't fucking exist..


What would you say to a guy that more or less involuntary hates/is frightened by women because of past betrayals?

Meant to respond to OP but whatever.

>Is that bad
If you're not married, you should not go any further than kissing. This is true of either gender. A double standard is nonsensical because it takes two to do anything.

You're correct, but the problem is making friends. This shitty dating culture has ruined the ability to go up to a stranger and offer to hang out with them, because they will immediately assume you are trying to get in their pants and will respond accordingly. Degenerates have ruined proper relationships.

unironically true

Sort yourself out. Good luck.

Girls, would you ever consider dating a guy with major social anxiety issues? I've been breaking out of my shell but it will probably take a few more years. I feel like a supportive girlfriend could speed that up a lot, but that doesn't mean much if none would be willing to date me.

My boyfriend is very socially anxious. It's totally fine by me.
It did not help with his social anxiety by the way.

It didn't? Strange, I figured a caring person to talk to about it would help a lot. Is he not comfortable with talking about it?

>Going up to a stranger and asking them to hang out
Samefag you responded to here.
You don't seem to understand how friendship works nor dating for that matter.

You don't get agency. It's a fucking meme. When you suddenly ask to hang out with a stranger for no reason, that won't end well because that is weird.

The people who meme about rejection therapy are full of shit; it's hard to say no directly and some would argue it might be worse. Most of those girls don't follow up or agree to speed date feeling awkward the whole time.

Like I said, you people are idiots trying to futiley control things so they end up in your favour.

We're super comfortable with each other. Truly best friends, talk about anything.
It's just everyone else.

Also, don't treat your girlfriend like a psychologist. Get one if you need one.