Depressed over dna result

How the fuck do I deal with this? The rest of my results are 99.1% white european. How do I deal with having kike blood? I cannot live with myself. Im a white supremacist.

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Don't Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQ scores in the world? Not the worst blood to have if you ask me.

Besides, these DNA things have an error margin.

You can't.
Cherry on the kek : you paid for it.

only amerimutt faggots worry about dna and ancestry

Imagine how your ancestors would feel if they knew about you.

Jesus was a jew and he is son of god so that means god is a jew.

No, it means Mary was a Jew since you can only be a Jew if your mother was.

God is probably Portuguese or something

Listen to Mewtwo and don’t worry Mr. Grumpy

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>Im a white supremacist
Only thing left to do is to kill yourself you dirty shitskin kike. You don't want to be a hypocrite

Ashkenaz is the old jewish name for Germany. Ashkenazi Jewish means they originate from Germany. I don't know if it's a meme, but Ashkenazi jews are supposed to have a high IQ and so on. And it's only 0.9%.

I'm sorry, user. It was your mistake for being born in the US.

They add ~1% jew origin to every single result. Even to asians.
>inb4 why
They believe that this will lower the amount of antisemitism.

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What a loser man. Bet OP wouldnt say any of this in front of a colored person alone.

You're a fucking moron lmfao

Good goy fell for the le 56% and me DNA meme test which is a ploy to harvest human genome data that feeds the evergrowing botnet leading to things like DNA pantents, highly resistant bacteria and viruses. He actually pays for this! Why not throw in some kike, nigger, ayy lmao and abo ancestry for the lulz because based science man told me so, many such cases, sad!

God is a serb

You should take this as a chance to realize how retarded ethnic politcs really is

We all came from Africa, can I become a black supremacist? Btw I am a gook.

Are you a christian, OP?

Grow the fuck up you massive retard. No one gives a flying fucking shit about your little DNA test or your bullshit bait post. Go on, make an edge lord response. Better yet, just shut the fuck up.

way to miss my point

>We all came from Africa
Africans don't have souls. They do not descend from Adam. They are the races that populated the Earth before the seeding of divinity.

And you missed his.


Kill yourself to purify they bloodline

>Im a white supremacist.
Dead giveaway for this being bait. Protip, libcucks: wanting a homogeneous national community is not only not equivalent to "supremacy" over nonwhites, it's mutually exclusive. I don't want nonwhites in white countries--not as overlords, not as "equals" who happen to have legal privileges, and not as slaves. They have their own countries, and I want mine.

t. 25% Ashkenazi huwite nationalist

I don't care if you're a troll. Some people do have this problem.

I'd accept it. You are what you are. Not everyone is defined by stereotypes. Don't hate a whole race just because the majority of them fit into your hate.

Focus on loving the minority, which now includes you. And eventually, your hate will turn into reluctant tolerance for the greater majority.

You don't have to like Jews, but you do have to tolerate em.

"I'm a white supremacist"
Unironically neck yourself

I got 0%

>I cannot live with myself.

You just answered your own question

This means OP has only 0.9% of average intelligence


Haha fucking nazi faggot you get what you deserve. You're pathetic for caring about this nonsense in the first place, grow the fuck up

This is probably bait, but either way it might help someone.

Stop making your race so important you fucking nitwit. Don't you have other things you can be proud of? Any hobbies/job that you may be particularly decent at? Are you really going to be proud of who your grandparents ended up fucking? If you have nothing to be proud of, then you've got a great opportunity to change that and find something to do you retard. The losers at Jow Forums are a combination of people fucking with you or are actual losers. If you're still a white supremacist after reading this, you should end your life then, as it seems its a lose/lose scenario for you.

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It could be worse, at least you’re not black

Realise your ideology is completely stupid and was based on watching some youtube videos about SJWs that got magnified by your depression into something to compensate for a hole in your life.

some DNA tests are horseshit and have been caught adding shit like that to results

Everyone knows God is black, which is why blacks are in such a shitty state, and everyone knows the only one that hates a nigga more... Is another nigga.

>white countries

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My grandparents are from Argentina, though.
I'm fuckin' white!

But did you get the job done by same company?

Ashkenazis have an average iq of 112 or so, compared to the global average of 100. So, if you can handle being a racial supremacist instead of a white supremacist, you should be happy that your genes are better than you thought they were

Alternatively, you could neck yourself for believing in white supremacy when ten minutes on Google could tell you that if a master race existed, it wouldn't be white people anyway

Well look at it this way, you can now complain about the 6 megadeaths.

There is nothing wrong with being Jewish or non-white. You had no choice in being born a race. It's not something you earn or decide, so get caught up in it. Your personal accomplishments matter more than your race or ethnic history. White guilt and white pride just doesn't make any sense. Be an individual instead of some collectivist cuckold

They don't anymore. And they've updated all results to reflect the true numbers

If you're American this is hypocritical and shows you don't know anything about ethnicity. Of course a mutt would consider an Italian the exact same as a Nordic barbarian. You're so mixed you have to hide behind "white" like that's a thing in Europe

>Im a white supremacist.

Literally nobody in the right calls themselves that. Post the rest of the result or you are a confirmed troll. Saged

>Of course a mutt would consider an Italian the exact same as a Nordic barbarian
I don't. White nationalism is for the new world where you have a lot of Euromutts--it's a broader category meant to cope with the more-diluted sense of community here.
Europe proper should remain a Europe of ethnically defined nations. Nonetheless, it's still true that a Dane would have an easier time integrating into, say, Tuscany than Ngubu straight out of Angola.