Wife wants divorce

She talked-about it since one year, I said I'm okay with that as I thought she was just joking about it but I understood today that she's serious. She told me she could imagine having someone else in future.
She cried during our talking because she was worried she hurt me with her words. (she did) but I didn't tell her I was hurt.
During and after divorce we have to live still together (no kids though)
I made no remarks about my feelings or complained to her or anything as I understand that I can't do anything about it and no matter what I say will convince her to not divorce, so I am asking you guys, should I just not give a fuck (eventhough it's really hard and painful) and bring other women at home even when my (still) wife is there?so that I can ease my pain

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Well it is not honorable, but if you do not care about that then whatever you got to do feel free

If you’re no longer together, feel free to behave like a single man. Grieve your relationship and go meet new people.

Okay. Is it really helpful though? I've heard rebouncing is bad

Rebounding is bad, but meaningless sex isn't.

Don’t rebound looking for another relationship. Just go out, meet people, be social. Grab drinks, go to a museum, find someone to attend a ball game— just companionship.

That is the most peaceful divorce I've ever read about.

You both seem like pretty decent chill people, honestly I think you should be proud of yourself for not turning into a d-bag. Hopefully you find yourself a good new girl to marry, someday.

Thanks.. We married young at 23 and she was 20. Am over 30 now. The relationships before her devasted me emotionally but made me stronger. I'm scared to see her with someone else though as this relationship lasted very long. I know I can't stop it but it hurts

How long do you think should I stay alone? I feel like I am too toxic to talk to women now

I can't help but I'm curious. Why is she bored with you? Declining looks? Balding?

I look pretty OK, I lift, I have my full hear and full beard

But financially I was in trouble, we were poor and only recently things became better as i started my own business.
Also sexlife wasnt good since the last years, she caught me watching porn and liking pictures of other girls.
Today I asked her after our divorce talk what the main reason was for divorce, she said because of our past problems with money and the lack of sex

Had a very similar experience. The best thing you can do is just focus on doing things that you enjoy and bettering yourself. Date, hang with friends or try to get ahead financialy. Whatever you do, just do it for yourself and try to stay positive.

imagine marrying and not havinng kids, what kind of American retardry is this? why marry if you're not going to have kids, you fucktard?

Did you stay in contact with her during and after divorce? I got the "we could stay friends" line from her today.

Blame the pills and lack of money.

I got the same line but mine moved on while I was still living with her. We were international though, so after a while of dealing with the heartache, I just came back to the US. We still talk, but just to discuss the divorce.

You did the right thing. I'll also try to disappear as fast as possible and move on

Thanks, I always wonder if I should have stayed. Good luck with it man, as long as you keep moving forward, you'll be fine

They say to always go whenever you're confronted to a woman who wants to break up. They want an emotional support pet that's why the friends line. I made it clear to mine that we will never be friends. I'm just in a dilemma right now as I can't immediately leave. I hope I can find a solution so I don't need stay in one apartment with her

File for divorce, have a lawyer in your pocket, and stop living with her asap.

Divorced after 6 years, life is fantastic now.

Dont bring women home, get a hotel.

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>She told me she could imagine having someone else in future.
The future is now, dude, and yesterday too.

I get that, it took quite a while for me to actually leave too. As soon as something new comes about, jump on it. Anything is better than continuing to live with someone that doesn't love you anymore. That shit tore me apart

Yes. I know.. Hence why the alarm bells rang in my head. I am planning to leave ASAP and get a new in a different country

Shit. Rough times will be ahead for me. Glad it worked out for you.

Its crazy how really all women are the same. All breakups are the same. First it's the "I don't like marriage", then "let's stay friends".

> I am planning to leave ASAP and get a new in a different country
Too bad it turned out this way for you but hang in there, try to make the best of it. It should be all right.

Thank you

Right? It's because they know that despite everything, you were there for them. You were her rock and the amount of cash the next guy has won't change that

Oh man. Yes I supported her too much
she had surgery and I was the only person who supported her, stayed with her the whole time at hospital and her friends didn't
Meanwhile I oversaw her last week chatting with one of her friends about relationship advice

Life is unfair

True shit. You just do you for now, guarantee one day she'll call you regretting it