How do i stop being such a sexual creep?

how do i stop being such a sexual creep?

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Identify the creepy things you do, single them out and eliminate them from your behaviour.

Go all in and become a master creep. Girls dig a master.

You sound like a master. A master baiter.

My interest in random sexy women fades when I realize they have already been getting cock regularly and my cock won't be as relevant.

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>realize I'm a creep
>realize even if I stop my creepy behaviour it won't undo past creepy behaviour
why even bother?

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>Try to take initiative to express interest and flirt like everyone says you should do
>Get disgusted and creeped out responses

Society's expectations are fucking with me

>bro just get out there I know you can do it bro!
>wtf bro no not like that, that shit's creepy

Duct tape

How to not be a creep
>wash clothes
>decent haircut
>think about how what you say will be percieved before you do it
Repeat until behaviors become habitual

Talking to women for reasons other than trying to get into their pants is all you need to do.

Be handsome

Thats the only requirement

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But how do you get into their pants if you're talking to them for other reasons? they'll take that, to mean that you're not interested. maybe even a asexual dude or a gay.

None of this prevents people from thinking of you as an unwanted creeper lol.

>eliminate the symptom
Wow smarty pants here

>>think about how what you say will be percieved before you do it
Perfect way to become socially anxious and stuck in your head. Just shut the fuck up if you don‘t know what you are talking about.

You are making the fallacy to believe that showing sexual interest is bad. It isn‘t. The way you do it can be a problem, but it isn‘t by default.

So I read a lot of dumb shitty posts here, so I will help you out OP.
First off, get your sexual needs met. That‘s either by actually having sex often enough or at least masturbate enough to not obsess about sex. Don‘t masturbate to porn though. Additionally, have an active social life where you regularly meet lots of people. The problem with being „creepy“ is that you are socially inept and do things that are either actually inappropriate or make someone else uncomfortable. You fix that by having a mass exposure to socializing which eventually molds you to intuitively understand what‘s okay and what isn‘t. Hitting on girls isn‘t bad. Some other retard here implied that, but it isn‘t bad. It depends on HOW you do it. To give you a basic run down of what is creepy when you hit on girls
>overtly sexual disproportionate to the mood
>too pushy and eager for sex when she isn‘t that turned on yet
>giving her the feeling you are a threat (e.g. staring at her from a far, startling her when you approach her, cornering her which gives her the feeling she can‘t leave the interaction if she decided to do so)
>not responding appropriately when she is signaling or outright telling you she isn‘t interested (e.g. not looking in your eyes when you talk, short answers, uncomfortable when you touch her)

But when you put yourself out there, it‘s inevitable that you end up creeping someone out every now and then. Perhaps you misread the room. Mistakes happen. That shouldn‘t stop you from trying though. Because in the process of becoming more socially skilled and attuned you have to make yourself vulnerable by stepping out of your comfort zone.

You can talk to women, not want sex and still end up being creepy. So you are wrong.

Make a list of all the things you normally do around women.

Don't do any of them ever again


So don't stand, sit, eat, or walk?

This it feels all too pointless, better to just leave everyone alone

>think about speech
>never fucking talk
Yes, one is definitely indicative of social anxiety but I'll let you ruminate on which

I'm always overthinking this garbage about being a creep so I never engage in a conversation to female strangers to avoid looking like some creepy weirdo, it has become some sort of social anxiety

I can talk to women easily but I never initiate anything sexual out of fear. I just think about the embarassing moments I experienced in the past and people I made uncomfortable.

I never used to overthink but after accidentally saying some creepy shit I'm always second guessing myself and freezing up in social situations.

i can agree somewhat, i used to be absolutely terrible with holding a conversation with people who weren't close friends and family but now I'm slightly less terrible at it.