My gf caught me getting head from our babysitter on a nannycam she had installed in our apartment...

My gf caught me getting head from our babysitter on a nannycam she had installed in our apartment. She comes over to watch our 2 year old daughter sometimes when we both have to work, but I've been getting out of work early lately and never told my gf. I didn't know about the camera.

I don't even know how we got into this situation, I just got home early a few times and she just came onto me. I'm so stupid for not pushing her away but now I have no idea what to do. I'm staying at my brother's house, gf threatening to not let me see my kid anymore over this. It was such a stupid mistake. How do I put this behind us and go back to before?

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The literal one person that is up to is your girlfriend.

>gf threatening to not let me see my kid anymore over this
Why are women like that? This is also your child and not a weapon she can use against you just because she is angry with you.

You should probably be open to the idea of getting a new babysitter.

Hey was getting a bj from some rando skank worth losing ur kid

L m a o

>separating over a blowjob
Its not like you fucked her she came onto you, you even have video evidence of this

She's in the wrong here, you're just a victim.

How old was the sitter?

This claim rape and bring her to court


Luckily she's legal in my state so I don't think they can press statutory charges but I'm still fucked about this. I don't wanna lose my kid I love her more than anything in the world.

He's obviously a shitty person and should not get close to the kid

See, I would have done what op did but I would have gotten away with it. Wanna know how?

I have a wife that doesn't care about it. I made sure to marry a woman that was compatible with me which includes hypersexuality.

>getting head = terrible parent

Lol what. The man had a brief lapse in judgement he didn't fucking beat his gf or something major. Bitch of a girlfriend needs to just get over it and suck his dick better so he won't seek it out from other women. It's not even real sex.

Tell your gf if she had taken better care of you none of this would have happened, and tell her you were thinking about her the whole time while getting head and that it turned you on a lot, too. Tell her you wish she would have been there right then, that she would have loved it tons. Either this or whine and cry like a little bitch. She's gonna do whatever the fuck she wants to now anyway, seems like she has before too, so why not try to counter it by woman "logic" and try to turn it around for your good this time? I assure you she got turned on by the clip, the bitch. If you act like the fucking beta you are now, it's over. You'd better wise up quick or it's bye bye kid. Who knows, maybe she does want to join in next time. And as for the babysitter, leave her the fuck alone. What is she guilty of here? No fucking thing, despite what the hags on board and the cucks might tell you. Wise the fuck up.

The best you can do is to apologize as sincerely as possible and do everything you can to make it right.

Cut contact with the woman. Prove you are and will continue to be trustworthy. Seek couples counselling. Admit what you did, admit you fucked up, and accept the fact that she is going to have a very hard time trusting you again. You need to accommodate her lack of trust as much as you can (short of accepting abuse, of course) in order for you to have a hope of winning it back.

Also, the fundamental truth of cheating is that people who cheat are either missing something from the relationship, or feel they are missing something. Even if their reasoning is flawed, there's something driving them to cheat. You need to pinpoint the reason, communicate it, and work to fix it together with her.

Even then it may not be fixable. It is a huge breach of trust and some relationships can never recover. But this sort of open and honest communication and drive to fix it gives you a chance.

>This is also your child and not a weapon
Kek try telling that to angry women in the middle of a breakup; I'm sure you'll get real far.

>has a kid
>also cheating scum
Your whole life is a 'stupid mistake', OP. Off yourself.

That's not a "lapse in judgement". It's indicative of a fundamental and fatal flaw in one's character.

Nice work, OP. Well done.
Was she any good at it?

You're a little faggot of a cuck is what you are. You're spied upon by this gf of yours and you know nothing about it. You have zero fucking control of your environment, of this gf woman of yours or of your life, and now this? I'd like to see a bitch try to pull that shit on me, no but they wouldn't. You were set up for all you know, and who the fuck knows how much head your gf is giving that you know nothing about. Wake up.

fuck off

Kek this is pretty great

You fool, this is an opportunity. Call up the babysitter and take her out for drinks, then fuck her silly at a hotel.

>I'd like to see a bitch try to pull that shit on me, no but they wouldn't.
You'd need to get a gf in the first place, m8.

Get fucked

who to believe

>let a stupid babysitter blow you and ruin your relationship.
user you had it comming.

>I don't even know how we got into this situation

clearly you tripped with your pants down and accidentally slipped into her mouth which was applying suction with some sweet, sweet toungue action

how retarded can you be. at least it happened when the child was too young to mentally comprehend the conflict you just brought into the house.

Tell your gf she is overreacting and needs to relax. Then tell her she's acting like her mother.

How the fuck did you get the babysitter to suck your dick?

>using woman logic on women will work

If that is your biological kid she does not have any right to keep him from you. If it's some kid she had with another dude you have very few of any rights.

she is probably hoping to get child support from you so if you think she's at the point where she's not going to get back together with you then you need to make a plan to see your child as soon as possible, and say something like the issues with our romantic relationship are separate from my relationship with our son/daughter.

I'm not a lawyer but I worked with family law for two years. a lot of people are dumb and when a woman or a man says that because you f***** up the romantic relationship you don't get to see the child and then the person thinks that that's true but obviously it isn't unless you're not telling us something i.e. the nanny is underage or something.

Men do it too, although because generally the women are doing more of the caregiving, they may tend to do it more. From my experience when people break up nine times out of ten they're fighting over the kid because they don't want to have to pay child support to an ex. maybe about one time out of ten they truly love their child and want to spend as much time as possible with them.

It literally will. It is the only thing that works, in fact

They have 'woman logic' because they only think with their ego, not appeasing their ego won't get you anything besides contempt

cheaters are only ever sorry or regretful when they get caught, fuck you op

Screams the virgin

You fucking retard. If you lose your kid, you completely
d e s e r v e i t

>How do I put this behind us and go back to before?
You don't. Apologise, pay child support and fuck off.

>cheating is a fatal character flaw
only in romantic relationships
at work or in real life, cheating is always approved of and supported.

why is it always faggots like this who breed


lmao get rekt op scum

ooh, that hurt.
>You'd need to get a gf in the first place, m8.
What the hell for? I have WOMEN instead, if or when I need em. Otherwise, sluts, bitches and household whores do just fine. Never had a "gf" to begin with. Some cuck faggot butch invented the term, I'm sure.

Well I know what I'd do.

>Guys I'm literal trash and want to know how I can go back to when I wasn't trash
What'd your gf do, not give you head since the baby was born? Are you an animal? Do you have no self-control? Your gf has every right to leave you and I'd be surprised if she DIDN'T. You'd be lucky, lol

>using woman logic on women will work
Oh it works just fine AGAINST THEM. Tried and true.
"logic", by the way.

>not appeasing their ego won't get you anything besides contempt
BULLSHIT. That's beta logic right there.

fuck YOU, "saint".

and the higher up the better

I saw this porn movie. It ends with the gf and babysitter going off together

Apologise for SHIT.

shut the fuck up, woMAN

This is the same dumbass nigga lol

We had a very long talk yesterday night on the phone after my gf calmed down from the initial freak out and I took advice. I don't know if we're getting back together or not but she stopped threatening to not let me see my daughter finally cause she knows I love that kid to death.

I don't know what will happen from here but my worries were mostly about spending time with my kid, gf and I have basically had a roommate style relationship by now anyway cause we're both always too busy to really do anything together. Maybe breaking up might be for the best.

Get the best lawyer money can buy and bury the bitch six feet under for being a cunt. You'll have her paying you child support.

offer her your asshole, let her fuck you raw baby. you'll become closer as a couple

Have you considered having sex with men instead?
Women are too much trouble.

>Being unfaithful=a shitty parent
And he had the audacity to do it in his own home. Imagine what he's doing outside of the home?

Wrong. Love between parents has nothing to do with the love between them and their children.

Have sex incel

Look at this peasant mentality

That's right, mod.