Tldr: I started dressing slutty in order to impress a guy and he ended up calling me fake and didnt like me anymore...

Tldr: I started dressing slutty in order to impress a guy and he ended up calling me fake and didnt like me anymore, which left me crying every night bc my friends advised me to do it and after I did it, I suddently realized I was doing everything wrong.

I deeply regret it and alot of people told me he tried to get over me, but he couldn't as he still has some feelings left for me. How can I undo all the stupid things I did, just for that he will like me more?

I don't know what to do and how to be myself again, its like I tried on a new costume but now the zipper is broken and I am left alone in a constant state of regret.

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The fuck did you think would happen?
You WERE being fake.
You actually had the gall to assume that he would want to date some tarted up skank (protip: this is a lie women feed eachother as sabotage) and he rightfully called you out on it.
You wanna know what you really should have done?
It's very simple.

Just be yourself.

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user is right, messed up pretty hard. I'm thinking of that happening to me and I think I would react the exact same way. I don't really think I could ever look at the girl the same way ever again. There's really no way he can trust in anything you say, at this point. You can only keep trying, I suppose.

As for returning to your old self, I dunno. That's up to you to find out. Just b urself.

I am so sorry, do you have an idea how many nights I ended up crying because of it, I literally regret it so bad!!!!!!

Is this something that can be forgiven, or is it a huge red flag? I know he still has some feelings left, so can I hope for good or is my chance gone forever? (Which would be devastating as I would try to undo the damage for a long long time and not give up)

If not literally then metaphorically.

Noooooo pleassseeeeeee I am soo sorry, please please I didn't want to mess up everything, I am literally crying right now

As a guy I'd find it kind of endearing that you tried acting slutty to get me, as long as I knew it was just an act. Slut stuff itself is a major turn off but the fact you were trying to do it because you thought I'd like it is cute. Maybe you have a chance.

This is b8 right? Just chill. It’s clothes. Who gives a shit

it was just clothes OP, you had good intentions and your friends told you to do it. I'd be straight up and honest with him, be yourself and show your true beautiful colors. You'll never find the right guy or be happy with yourself if you pretend to be someone you aren't. You'll find your real friends and real spouse by being you

What's your age?

What exactly did you do? Instagram?

Go in the opposite direction dress cute. Try to be friends with him.

Just tell him

This, just be honest and tell him you wanted to impress him.

No one tried to stop you?
No even told you that you crossing some lines?

I don't know if I can be friends with him just like nothing happened. I don't know why I was just believing my friends and not thinking about it really.

I am currently thinking about it!

How old are you?

Nobody said a thing. My friends were encouraging me, telling me stuff like "Get a waay way more revealing dress! People have to notice you!". And I listened to every word, sadly

Was he popular or something?
It doesn't make sense to do that.

The problem is that you also knew what you were doing. You can't blame your friends.

I am currently 21!

I see. Still young. When we're young we tend to do this kind of stuff. It's not the end of the world. Relax. Infatuation feels like the end of the world, but it's nothing, really. It's not even love.

Just talk to the guy.

I know. I just thought it could be actually a way of making him like me more, I had no idea it would cause such a major issue


>ask out a guy i like myself taking the prerogative into your own hands in your life in your own hands.


>make a series of vague gestures and changes to yourself and surroundings which have little to no real connection from another persons POV to somehow play 8th dimentional chess to surmount both of you into a relationship.

Just try it. Remember dress cute don't go for slutty go for wholesome. If you really like him don't give up so easy.

Don't apologise to the mormons on this board or irl. You gave it a try, you could have put your own twist on it if you wanted. Just go in with a burka next week after going back to plain clothes in the meanwhile. Maybe he'll like you more that way.

Tldr be yourself, not what your friends think and not what some guy thinks. Unless you're like a goth or wearing ripped items with holes in them, just wear what you like.

Don't dress like gutter trash and you won't be treated like gutter trash, you fucking idiot.

Your friends are even worse, though. They're degenerate garbage on par with --that is, they shouldn't be listened to.

W-what the heck. I wasn't trying to make you cry, damn it. Get it together, OP

Fitting trip because you're breaking the rules by being an unforgivably large fucking faggot in every thread I see your posts.

It’s a good lesson to learn to be yourself instead of something you’re not, unless looking like a whore is your goal in life. Then I can’t blame you for following a dream.

This is why you should avoid men who identify as incels.

I wish a woman would dress as a slut for me...

Op, just be yourself. It takes time, but it's possible. Don't worry about this guy, if it's meant to be he'll come around. If not, it never would have worked anyways. How long have you known this dude? Is there any reason why he never asked you out before?

hahahahahahaha roasties utterly btfo
no man wants any filthy slut, he only desires a girl who's outward appearance is that of innocence and who only inwardly and only to him is a massive slut.
lmao just dress up like you NORMALLY do (females have a tendency to overdo everything so you're probably thinking of going full on Christian schoolgirl) and go talk to him
tell him why you did what you did and you understand if he doesn't want to go out with you but you would like to ask for a second chance
>she already bought a new costume
fuck you. fuck you so much. why do you females always pull this bullshit. PUT ON SOME GODDAMN OLD CLOTHES AND BE YOURSELF. I understand why he thought you were fake. You come across as exactly that.

Seething kissless virgin incel detected.

Hes an idiot and a liar. I can guarantee he likes what he saw he's just upset other men saw it too. Guys like this are insecure and that insecurity leads to control and abusive if you get into a relationship with them. I hope you can move on to another guy and stop pining for him. Hes trouble.

>listening to your friends
I thought it was an established fact that women sabotage each other like crazy? Just look at feminism.

>who only inwardly and only to him is a massive slut.
Blow it out your ass, I don't want that.

Your post got me thinking, but he has no need to be insecure about anything, since I don't have tendencies to lie and cheat or whatever.
Of course this clothing-thing was a huge mistake, but it was all for him and no one else!

Why are you even on Jow Forums. It's like a black guy going on stormfront. What do you get out it?

You have a low iq lol.

women are truly heinous creatures, I would not wish this on my worst enemy let alone my good mate.

You gays are always so horrible and hateful.

It is never "too late" as long as you are both single and somewhat attracted to each other.
Your grease makeover didn't work because you followed bad advice. The whole "most men wants sluts" meme is flawed in that it doesn't include all men at all points of their lives but also, they want a slut to have sex with and then never see her again. Maybe a small fling.
If a girl say she is down to fuck, a young guy might say great.
A guy looking for a relationship doesn't want a slut.
You need to figure out what you want him to perceive you as before trying to be that.

Hey, OP, come on, don't be sad. It's not your fault. If this whole thing makes you so miserable, you're probably not that fake.

The best thing you can do is:
1) dress the way you feel the most comfortable in. This is important, it influences both your mood and your body language. Don't worry about looking attractive, if the guy has the slightest trace of feelings for you, he'll think you're attractive even if you're wearing a sack of potatoes, I'm serious, trust me on this.

2)Talk to the guy, guys always like when girls take the initiative to talk to them, I know I do. Always be honest about what you want from the guy and if you're not sure about what you actually want, think hard.

3)Remember that the "lol just bee urself m8" meme is real, returning back to point 1), if the other person is interested, literally anything you do is attractive. If someone is so vapid and superficial that they don't like you when you're being yourself and they make you feel like you have to pretend, they most likely have issues and you better stay away from them.

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Being serious with you OP. He is insecure and why he shamed you and it worked. If this happens when you aren't even in a relationship just imagine how he will control what you say and to whom, how much makeup you apply if any, your hairstyle, hair color if any and what you wear of course.

I made the unfortunate decision to go out with guys like this and they cannot handle another man even looking at you and if another man desires you its your fault since they believe your nature is a wanton slut.

Since it's better than actually being a slut, it is forgivable but, and I don't say that to be mean, you seem very easily influenced, so I'd probably always be worried about your friends having too much influence on you, especially since they seem to not be the brightest

>Be hated in real life
>Ragequit to online forum
>Get some attention
>Hehe life is good!

Is this how it works for you?
I thought I was bad but danm

Thanks for the reply!

>I started dressing slutty in order to impress a guy
If you're doing this (while wanting to date, i.e. establish a long lasting relationship), you are being worse at dating than anyone ever has been at anything. DO NOT DO THIS

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Look man if I was that guy and a girl did that to impress me I would tell her she doesn't have to do that and leave it at that. I won't think of her any differently.

You sound like you're still in high school, you 18 to post here?

Depends on the guy, I won't judge you for going out of your way to try to impress me that way, I'll just tell you not to do that for me.