Why has my gf turned into a ignorant, annoying, disrespectful, moron after a year of being together?

Why has my gf turned into a ignorant, annoying, disrespectful, moron after a year of being together?

Constant ily's with constant talking to hear her own voice, getting fat, and thinking if she buys me something that's love? Ignoring any signs of romance or anger..

Like wtf happened to the cute chick I got with

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I'm dealing with a rather close situation myself, user, except I've been with her for four years expecting some sort of magical change. Sometimes I brush most of her toxic traits off seeing as she's grown up all of her life with a horrid family up until she turned 24 and we got ourselves an apartment together, yet, here it is getting worse day after day.

It's piss. Purely piss.

>enable shit behavior from a position of reliance and trust
>wonder why behavior continues
You did this to yourself

Yeah, I told her that I like girls who could eat and that I'm semi a sex addict. I guess your right, but she's completely different now. I didn't enable her to talk over me, or let go of herself. If I did then it's fucking hard to keep up every single day for a year. Fucks sake and I made the wrong decision? Or is it always gonna turn out like this..

And honestly, if we are on the phone and she talks over me, then what do I yell and say aye stop fucking talking over me? I've done that I've also just said, yo I'ma go. And she doesn't get the hint wtf am I supposed to do.

I was in a similar boat...but it happened after a couple years and I've been stuck in it now for a decade with children...

I've confronted her about it all, all of it, both calming and in arguments. The best I've got is she claims she's just so comfortable with me.

If you find the answer...please share it...

Damn bro, what is the breaking point? There is obviously ups and downs but I'm curious.

When did you first start to see it and have u done anything by yourself to sort of remedy the hurt inside? Weird question but I gotta know

I don't know when I first started to see. It didn't happen all at once. At first I was just happy and lived with it...but now I've learned to just ignore the noise.

I try and be constructive when I explained why what she does day in and day out bothers me. Eventually, I just end up explaining how we have this same discussion every month and nothing changes...and I get more depressed.

First I tried to just hang out with friends more often to avoid her. Then I'd focus on work instead of coming home. She got me to start smoking weed...and holy crap did that help...when we were both high at least. Eventually that too faded. I've given up, just lost all emotion for the topic and have accepted in a few more decades I'll be dead, so what does it matter.

It doesn't sound like I have love from this, but trust me I do. But year after year it gets worse and it's starting to overtake the love I have.

Have you tried going to the gym and focusing on bettering yourself? Or think about dating on the side? Maybe a creative outlet.. Do you have any pre existing depression or anything semi related that happened in your childhood?

I know we're just sort of zoning in on this topic now but I really hope waiting for the decades to pass isnt what you're looking forward to for the upcoming future and life in general.

did she have a good family? was she diagnosed with anything? sounds like she has some issues.

She's assumed she's got you secured as her betabux and is getting complacent. She feels she no longer has to put on the act anymore.

>thinking if she buys me something that's love?

this could be one of her love languages. Google love languages. Best advice for any guy is to make a note of their woman's love languages and then copy them. Thats how she is going to feel loved.

>Constant ily's with constant talking to hear her own voice, getting fat,

Has she gone on or off of any anti depressants? These can be symptoms of medication.

Start working out and ignoring her start having rougher sex. When your gf is annoying you she wants rough sex. I don't know why but it will calm them down

Gf moved in 8 months into relationship. Became sour and toxic. Acted like a total bitch and took her ages to move out after we broke up. She has been gone 10 days and haven't looked back, currently at 200% happiness and back to being The Dude.

Welcome to the truth.

Dont get her pregnant.

nah nigga just dick on the side
top kek

Hey man if you dont want her, ill take her

You need to start changing tactics. Start working out, getting fit, and looking how quick you could move out if you wanted to. Then relentlessly compliment and hit on other women in front of her. When she complains you check out and compliment other women, mock her. Tell her that you'd only compliment her if she didn't decide to be fat and ugly. Also, since she can't shut up, you'll do the same thing with women by letting them know they're hot. If she asks why you're so mean to her, tell her you've tried being patient with her and that has gotten nowhere. Make it very clear to her you have other options for women, and if she doesn't get her shit together you will start seeing those other women. The best way to communicate this by keeping a very calm but stern voice, and staring her down.

>this could be one of her love languages.
No, that's 'nice guy' equivalent shit she's pulling.

It’s inevitable. I currently see it happening to my sister, it’s quite sad really.

>No, that's 'nice guy' equivalent shit she's pulling.

so traditions of showing love with gifts, like birthdays, candy at halloween and valentines and christmas are all secret Nice Guy plots?

You people....

More like, paying for our vacation, gas and food.