Why do women cheat?

Why do women cheat?

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Because it is easier than tell you something is wrong.

Because they're not happy with you and someone else comes along who makes them feel good.

Why do men cheat?

they do not.

so basically this ----->

I've been cheated on by 2/3 of the guys I've dated.

you did not but okay. Whatever gives you attention.

Oh fuck off with your shitty thread

*raises hand*

excuse me miss, but you have dated a lot of assholes. I myself am a perfect gentleman that has never cheated on anybody.

you do not need to reply. In fact go away.

Same reason men cheat, they're scum who get bored. Men are the OGs and now they're getting upset that women do it better than them.

men do not cheat.

I have.
I had guys who went on dates with me while having wives/long term gfs, I had guys who were on dating websites while we were dating. My long term boyfriend cheated on me twice.
My current boyfriend is a saint and I feel blessed. If he cheats on me I'll probably off myself.

Good for you.

Thanks! :^)

*Goes back to talking to random girls on Dating Apps that just ignore me*

cringe. No yous

So you fucked lots of men and you have finally found beta as fuck boyfriend who is not chad? And you even dare to tell me that men cheat when in fact you were fucking men whom you knew they cheat on you and you still dare to reply in this thread? You whore. You slut. You roasty. You are all the evil in this world. Do not reply in my thread ever again. You boyfriend should leave you.

I'm actually waiting till marriage.
My current boyfriend is much more attractive, successful and nice to be around than my ex. We met in church.

Sure you did crack whore.

Oh, I'm devastated. Still have my honor though.

Denial just makes you look dumber

oh god this is pure comedy gold. i'd be losing my shit if i heard someone saying this irl. please tell me who hurt you.

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Imagine being this triggered by a situation you made up in your head

No one hurted me. Every male thinks like me and acts like me. No one wants cheating whores. This is chad thread. Not soi thread.

Imagine replying in this thread while being cheating whore. Lole.


>no one hurted me
>this is chad thread

oh fuck i didnt know this was chad territory. please tell me how men dont cheat on women. especially big strong chads like you that can have any whore they want.

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Kek, nobody here but you has cheated, man

>big strong chads like you that can have any whore they want

Big strong chads want family, trust and moral values. This is why they are strong and handsome. Women are weak, stupid and will cheat at given chance because they will made up stories why men do not love them and shit. This is why men are superiour because we keep civilizations together. We create ideas. Women create conflicts.

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So every girl you had a crush on found a better option? I'm sorry to hear that bro, but that's not cheating.

Never said that. Stop projecting your made up shit onto me. Do not reply in this thread anymore. This thread is for males.

I am male. You don't need to say that's happen because it's clear as day from the insecurities telegraphed in your previous comment. You're not upset about cheating, you're upset about the concept of it as you've never actually made it to a relationship, but the fact that women are weak and stupid and will cheat helps explain why they never went for you - and why you didn't want any of them anyway, right?

Men have started literally every war in history.


Mate he can't spell superior, he's not gonna know history

I can have any woman i want. You are still projecting your own desperate made up shit onto me. Stop.

>Men have started literally every war in history.

Women did it. Males just went wit the flow. Prove that males started every war.

just cause i can see you cunts have missed this

this cunt
isnt being a cringe lord

what hes saying is REAL men dont cheat

and he is correct.

and as for thread see

i take it back he being a cringelord

Very rarely is it about sex, with either men or women. It may end up with sex but it usually doesn't start that way. It starts by someone other than your significant other supplies you with something missing in your relationship... affection, love, attention, security, a bond, etc...

And you may not even realize that something is missing. I had a high pressure job with a company that was financially insecure and I brought that home with me every day. While I gave my wife everything I could think of, the fact that I would bring up pending layoffs and unemployment gave her a sense of insecurity. She didn't want to burden me with it so she started talking to a guy on-line. I found out, we talked about it and worked through it.

Both men and women cheat to find that missing something.

Males when are unhappy with someone they solve it by making them to their ideal. Women leave because they are weak and are unable to change anyone.

Not an argument.

What a weak response. A real man would be honest and accept his flaws when called out.

No, he's being a cringe lord in denial. No true Scotsman is a logical fallacy for idiots, and you've just fallen straight into it.

>. A real man would be honest and accept his flaws when called out.

I accept my flaws. You are still projecting. I said stop but you keep going. Accept your flaw.

prove that women started every single war

stop making statements you cant back up fuckwit

We both know I'm not projecting man, it's just embarrassing at this point desu.

>prove that women started every single war

Women cause every war because they cheat.

> it's just embarrassing at this point desu.

Stop replying please. This is cringe post.

wasnt meant to be an arguement was a statement if you want to refute it feel free to start an arguement but i wasnt trying to argue anything

Okay. Do not reply in this thread.

Cheating gets it faster
Oooooah oooaaaah

I do what i want, however i appreciate that you do not want me here

Yes you are cringe post, I'm so glad you finally admitted it. Baby steps bro. Maybe one day you'll admit your crippling intimacy issues that everyone else can see.

Women have more options than men and they aren't capable of love.

and they aren't capable of love.

shit like this makes me regret existing

Stop posting. Just go away. Close this thread

Do not post anymore you are embrassing yourself.

if you want incel boy's club shit, go to Jow Forums. you're not asking for any advice here and are just throwing a temper tantrum at women.

Ignore this thread then. Go away. It's my thread and i wont allow women to speak their retarded ideas. I have asked why women cheat and all i heard was retarded shit.

why the fuck does this board even exist, nobody here wants any actual fucking advice, this board should be fucking changed to /sec/ for shitty echo chamber. bunch of fucking man children telling anyone who disagrees with them to fucking stop. do you dipshits not understand what advice is. its meant to be something you can do DIFFERENTLY to improve a situation. its not like you cunts come to this board because everything is going perfect for you and you are happy. hey retard dont ask for advice to improve your life then fucking ignore the advice given to you, you absolute fucking muppets.
honestly this fucking website i swear

I think asking people to leave you alone on a public forum because you don't like what they're saying suits Tumblr more than Jow Forums


i disagree with you so stop posting?
that seems dumb

this is why i said this shit is like an echo chamber in

I wont reply to you anymore because you are stupid.

i just think he's going to get more of the topic he's actually looking for. and this board IS an advice board. "i hate women hurr hurr get off my thread" isnt an advice topic.

holy shit yes this is exactly true

jesus christ why dontt you just go stand in front of a mirror and repeat "its not that im wrong its that everyone else is"
maybe youll finally believe it then

the fucking harsh truth is you know that something isnt right with you but your also so fucking arrogant that you refuse to listen to ANY sort of advice that sounds remotely negative. you just get defensive and edgy and start saying faggot this soi boy that bs


because its funny

You got angry at the wrong poster, I believe, unless OP's shocking grasp on the English language got much firmer for this comment.

exactly what i fucking mean

you disagree so you are stupid so i no read your post now haha i better than everyone who disagree because they disagree which makes me better because i am right and they are wrong which means they are stupid so i disagree with them so now i disagree because they are stupid and so now they disagree with me because they are stupid

can you just once actually read what i say and not just ignore it because i disagree with you

*sets you to ignore*

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first line is for rest is for this fuckwit

Lmao he got you nigga
Just stop replying to his bait, you retard

Cant believe youre begging him to read your posts

hahaha good meme now we use humor instead of actually taking anything serious

you know "dark humor" and edgyniess isnt actually a personality

begging no
hoping maybe

guess im a fool for thinking i can improve anything in this world. even if just one person

God the cringe.
You sound like youre about to call your mom because someone was being mean to you over the internet.

The user doesnt care and never intended to genuinely debate with you. Just stop replying to them.

Stupid fucking incel

okay i dont really get how that makes me sound young?

your most recent post makes you sound like you are a spanish firetruck driver

>t. Poster

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ah whatever im done

enjoy being alone forever?
genuinely i wish you goodluck man

Just dont reply. Is it hard? Just ignore this thread.

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You have dated a bunch of asshole chads so that’s your own fault. You clearly prefer the asshole chad abuse than a gentleman, that’s not being judgemental to you. I mean, if you like being used as a little disposable f*ck toy for an asshole then you’re like most modern women. Women killed the gentleman and made the asshole chad monster by rewarding them and rejecting the gentlemen.

Then you complain about the decisions you made.


Women cheat if the guy she’s with isn’t making her happy. Or if he cheated/abused her and made her stop loving him, so she wants to hurt his feelings bad in spite.

Women tend to have better reasons for fucking other people, when you look at the kind of guys that get cheated on.
Most of these guys are boring as fuck and insecure about their lack of success, so they take out their passive aggressive pussy bullshit on the poor woman who believed his fake personality. Those empty words stolen from artists who women throw themselves at, posers get cheated on more often than regular men because women don’t like being tricked.

I think people who aren’t married can’t cry about cheating, because young adults fuck around until they hit rock bottom with their luck or looks.

I’ll say it like this for the wizards who troll this site.
If you’re a virgin 30 year old dude trying to get with a “loyal” 18 year old girl, you’re beyond delusional and the only thing holding you back from getting women is mental weakness and fear of rejection.

You’re not a gentleman, you’re an instant gratification junkie like everyone else with internet. Just be honest man, the reason why some guys cheat is they don’t love the women they fuck. Women do it too, it’s mostly how their family and friends raised them to be cold and selfish people.

You only imply gentlemen don’t exist as a form of a comfort blanket to shield you from the truth that it’s just your decisions (picking assholes) that are the reason for your relationship misfortune.

If you like getting treated like a bitch and misused and cheated on that’s fine. Just don’t impose the actions of the asshole chads you pick on me or other Gentlemen

Stop dating Chads

Good post

You don’t know anything about being in relationships, and you speak with blind arrogance. That’s a good way to chase off anyone who could be a good person.

Not accurate. You are not describing chad. Chad does not want family, chad is completely self centred with almost zero empathy for others.

Again, your insecurity and mental gymnastics trying to impose the bad standard of your previous lovers onto decent people.

Being a gentleman does not mean bowing to whatever bullshit a skank who has dated multiple chads before says.

Well In my expirience from watching my neighbors and such. Women cheat when theyr partner gets too comfortable or they don't respect theyr partner. How you get that respect and maintain it is something I haven't figured out.

Also the type of women that cheats in my observations have a lot of female friends.

You think a woman would talk to a moron like you? I’m being honest, you have no idea how stupid you look projecting this fake wisdom you built from the failures yourself and others like you have with women.

Real talk: You might be able to spin your bullshit to a drug addict chick who’s brain is so fried, she can’t see though your buzzword soup of stolen phrases you faintly understand enough to parrot.

have sex

I never expected you to embrace the truth and facts, your reply was predictable. You will do anything to keep the mental gymnastics up.

Date chad, get abused and cheated on. You got what you deserved!

based and dare I say redpilled?

You are the one that wants to abuse and cheats on and you're only mad because you're not able to do it because nobody wants you. You're just as shitty as anyone else just less capable in deceiving other people and that's why you're so butthurt. Stay butthurt, the likes of you are only increasing.

Women don't cheat. Men cheat. Kill all men.

You sound like a whiny bitch

everybody cheats, its a biological norm. stop asking such dumb questions and make yourselves a happy swedish family

t. roastie

The concept of someone willingly going through the trouble of entering a relationship not once, but twice completely blows my mind and understanding of humans.

WhY dO mEn ChEaT?

t. roastie

People who have options tend to cheat. Not all, but many. Women often have more options than men so it makes sense that women cheat more. Also, women are trash