What i do is kinda related to IT and general operations of things

What i do is kinda related to IT and general operations of things.

Recently i've been having a feeling i might get fired soon, my managers are ignoring me, co-workers acting strange, but i haven't received anything official yet.

The problem is i haven't done anything else, i haven't gone to uni because i can't afford it. and i have no savings. I have no usable skills else where.

If i get fired, it would be extremely difficult to get a another job and the employment market here is so shit. What are my options in this situation? if anyone else has been through something similar, how did you get out of it?

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ehh i suppose it can be solved if y is in Z/2Z

Y + 2 = Y

Subtract Y from both sides.
2 = 0
Meaning, No Solution.


Cool, what do i do about my job situation tho?

Better solution:
Divide both sides by y
2/y =0
This is only true as y-> infinity
Solution should be a limit of the original equation

That's the joke

Is y= -2?
Because -2+2=y

If y=-2 then it would be -2+2=-2 which isn’t actually true.

Op here.
Honestly need help here. I'm freaking out and i have no idea what to do. my whole future depends on this. pls help

>Meaning, No Solution.

Closer. Well done.

Lay low and look for another job quick. Forget about whining or begging, it won't work on the fuckers. Get cold-ish yourself (smart cold). Make yourself mentally ready for the firing. Have no fear.

>90% of math graduates can't solve this equation
That's a sad state for higher education. It should be 100%.

Y = Infinity

Man, start sending resumes to everything that you might be accepted, IT related or not.
If you drive, perhaps thing of going into Uber driving or motorcicle/bike delivery. It's not a glorifying line but at least it's dignifying...
And begin thinking what can you sell (games, car, bike, TV, comic collection) if you end up broke and planning on how much you can cut from your daily and monthly costs if you end up with a lower income.

Also, don't use an image that feed the retards when you really need Jow Forums. Don't feed the trolls, remember?

Me again, just to clarify: I was an engineer and was getting paid by the boat loads. Got fired, got burned out, destroyed my savings in 3 years of unemployment and a shitty marriage. Now I work in a hardware store and get minimum wage, if that, and am happier than ever.
As the Architect told Neo: There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.

Infinity or negative infinity OooOo

based retard

Change your behaviour at work.

Start being more like a slave and state your interests in stuff. Also, start studying to acquire new skills already.

In the numeric sets that I know, which is from Integer to Complex, this equation do not have a solution.

How would you solve it?