⟨Prayer Requests⟩

This thread is for giving and receiving prayer for each other.

All are welcome to ask even if you don't believe in God. Have a beautiful day anons

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God took a dump on my face and walked away to leave me to find something to clean it with. Pray for me, anons; I have a face full of god-dump.

Just matched with a Christian qt on tinder and am talking to her, request prayers that this could be the Father's will for me

Just saw a qt3.14 enter the trash room in the basement. I'm gonna go in there and rape her.
Pray for my safety, anons.

A little too edgy. We get the joke; god is relative to the believer. I hope she fucking kills you, though, lol, if we're going to be all edgy.

Alright so there's this girl, she's a bit of a wandering soul while I know pretty much where I'm headed in life. I've been uncertain about whether or not it would work for a while as she has some personal baggage she seems to be running from and so naturally I've been giving her space, but no matter how hard I try i can't seem to stop liking her. I cant get her out of my head and so I feel like there is a chance but at the same time I am unsure. I know what is needed is to give it time so I guess my prayer request is for patience. For you denizens not taking this seriously feel free to make fun of my situation.

Just get out there and solve your own fucking problems instead of wasting your adult lives talking to your imaginary friend, retards.

Don’t you do that on Jow Forums?

I honestly love you yes but you chose to s3nr that message well ok hey not to be bitter it anything honestly if I hadn't fucked uup looks it's my fault ink sorry. You believe in Christianity pretty hard I I.hope you wil lk be happy but fucking damn I wish I could be happy I rely liked you anyway lol God be the story out yournproblemd

Well I have a complaint about your God. Kurt Cobain had, blond hair, blue eyes, and was worth fifty million dollars. He was really unhappy and scrambled his own eggs. I have often thought about scrambling my own eggs for lack of those same three things.(Blond hair, blue eyes, and money). So how can their be a God who gives a man every thing I want, making him unhappy enough to suicide. And then gives me none of those exact same three things, that would make me eternally happy? Does your God like making people suffer? My days of believing in God are done, he is just a myth.

my father has been jobless for two years
please pray for him to get a job, else things will start getting rough for my family

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No one should make fun of it, but doesn't it sound sort of self-important to suggest that she's a "wandering soul" while you "know pretty much where [you're] headed in life?"

You probably imagine her as some sort of neophyte.

It's not uncommon.

Patience will probably find you watching her fall in love with someone who isn't you, though, whether you think it's good for her or not, so I'm not sure if you really want to pray for that.

If this prayer thing works at all, your best best is probably to find the strength in god to let her go and find someone who you don't suspect is somehow beneath you.

That's not making fun of anything, either, because I've totally been in that situation a bunch.

It's never what you think it is, though.

I mean, I have blond hair and blue eyes, but I still owe a bunch of money to other people. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think having blond hair and blue eyes has made my life more fulfilling, other than maybe the times it has gotten me out of trouble with the cops.

Otherwise, the same god you doubt is the one who gave me blond hair, blue eyes, and a lifetime of crippling debt that makes me want to an hero as much as anyone else because it doesn't actually help at all unless you have the money.

I mean, it was probably the fact that he could buy anything he wanted to that drove Kurt Cobain to recognize the limitations of that possibility.

What can you really buy, after all, that makes you feel fulfilled?

I don't know. I haven't been able to buy a whole lot, but it's not hard to imagine.

Let's say you have enough money to buy hookers, for example.

I mean, they're really good at making you feel like you matter to them, and they want you to enjoy their company, but the fact is that if you were a pauper, they'd step on your face as they made their way to the next person who might be able to fund them.

Not cool, right? Well, guess what? You can't buy anybody who you can ask to be different than that, because that's what buying people means.

It's terrible, and it doesn't matter what you look like or what body you may have been born into; people are going to be attracted to whom they are, and there's nothing you can do about it.

You might be able to buy an act, but you'll never be able to buy attraction.

That's why I never blamed him for killing himself.

based thread

Prey that I may develop to be a worthy recipient of the Lords grace.
I have no one to speak to in my life and have regressed to the point that I can't do anything about it. I have to relearn these basic skills. I need a circumstance that allows me a chance to become... It's something basic but I don't know what anymore.
I don't even care if my relative experience of grace is my death. I don't care anymore. What I am is enough pain anyway.

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Big mood.

I'm moving and trying to continue on with my life. I'm nervous as heck about trying to find a job and make it in this world. I'm going to do the things. 1 prayer pls

holy shit user

I'm blessed.

Prayed for ya user. Keep believing

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Thanks, God bless you

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Pray that I can overcome the urge to view pornography.

Also, we should all go to church with each other one day. Just a suggestion. I love you all.

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are you drunk or something?

That's genuinely hilarious, lol.

Holy shit indeed.


May you gain the privileges I do not possess.

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About to start proper university classes tomorrow. Scared I won't do well or make friends.

Woah, there - that's as much of a curse as it is a blessing, lol - I have no idea what privileges you possess.

But yeah, like, that's still a big mood.

God knows what is best for us, maybe he knows that Blonde hair, blue eyes and money isn't going to fulfill you down the line. Maybe it could worsen your life some how. We don't all get what we want, but God does answer our prayers and gives what we want when he knows it's good for us or for others too. I'm sure you're a beautiful person too. God made people of all colors skin, hair and eyes and they're all beautiful. Please don't give up your faith user, keep pursuing it.

I think this is a good point but I pray neither you or ever takes your life. You guys are both beautiful and intelligent people

Ask him why he put my G spot up my ass

Prayed for all of you beautiful anons

God bless friend. May he repay you

I didn't think this would actually get a response, so thanks for that. I should really clarify. She has wanderlust, she doesn't like the idea of settling down is all I meant, and as for myself I don't have all the answers or anything I just know that I'm gonna be moving to another state and pretty much starting a new life there and that's what life has in store for me. That was all I meant. I apologize if it made me sound pretentious.

Good luck on your move and to your new life

Thank you so much! I don't really have people to talk to about stuff like this so I really appreciate it.

My grandma is going through a rough health problem, i love her very much. Please pray for her

Pray that I may get myself out of this unfortunate administrative jam.
Pray that I may overcome the abuse I've suffered in the past and its after effects in the present



You are so blessed, real blond,( not dishwater blond but blond hair.), or red hair and blue eyes are God's supreme blessing.

Blond hair and I mean blond not light brown hair and blue eyes would be my souls delight. As for money I'm tired of working 6 and 7 days a week,(been doing that for the last 17 years. So I am in hell already. Thanks

To me blond hair or red and blue eyes are God's ultimate blessing. As for money I have been working 6 or 7 days a week for the last 17 years. Thanks, but I'm already in hell and roasting quite nicely.

Got an appointment for a Sidejob Interview tomorrow. It may seem minor but it means a lot to me because if i get accepted, that would be the first time I (properly) made money for myself. Pray for success!

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