Tfw patiently waiting for the liquor store to open in 17 mins at 8am

>tfw patiently waiting for the liquor store to open in 17 mins at 8am
Alcoholism runs in the family. My whole dad's lineage is drunk as fuck. I am falling into the trap of drinking but it makes the weekends go by faster and movies funnier.

Also used to smoke pot daily but wanted to quit because It would stop me from getting a dream career. Drinking does not.

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Go to AA.

It works

>just let them browbeat you into saying you have literally no control over your life and then let "God" do all the work for you

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So what advice do you want?

Drink more until you have had enough

Why don’t you stock up? Buy a case of handle jugs...

if you don’t wanna go to AA go see a therapist. some kind of professional at least.

I used to drink regularly and smoke weed every day. I haven't touched either in over six months and honestly it isn't much better on this side of the fence. The only noticeable difference is that I don't get the mood swings that I used to, although I don't know if that's because I quit the substances, or I've just began to manage things a bit better. I still wish for death pretty much all the time, though; so quitting alcohol may not necessarily solve all your problems. I've been thinking about taking up drinking and drugs again to try to numb myself.

Knock it if you want, but it works, but it doesn't matter if God is real and working miracles in your life or you're just using some subtle and/or complex psychology on yourself. If the goal is to stop drinking, they have a method.


I'm not going to say quit drinking, but think about cutting back. I am also an alcoholic, but I keep my drinking to one or two nights a week. I also primarily stick to strong beer instead of drinking hard liquor. But yeah, on nights I drink I'll drink with my brother all night, think 11pm to 3am, and we'll stay up watching shows, movies, youtube, etc. For us it really makes hanging out together super fun. So, I feel you. But no matter how much fun drinking is, you still ought to cut back. You only have one liver user.

Idk if this is even shitty or not. I never do my obligations while having a drop of the sauce in me. I never drive with a drop in me either. I know and understand how shitty both of those things are but I also feel like I shouldn't be waiting for the liquor store to open to spend some of my food money on booze.
Haven't tried that. Worked with pot. Maybe I need to die of poisoning to stop lol. Jk, I am not an anhero. Nor will I ever be.
Am broke
>see a therapist. some kind of professional at least.
Am broke
don't. you broke the cycle and live outside of the usual vices of the world. Keep that going you extraordinary cunt.
I dont believe in it so it wont work
No, this is Patrick.
>with my brother all night, think 11pm to 3am
I can see this being way easier with a literal bro at your side. Had a friend in college I used to drink with. One day after quitting my job and pursuing a job I actually wanted, he ghosted me. I have his email and have exchanged a few with him. Even put good word in at his company, but I dont want to do what we will both be locked into doing. I am only 24 rn and will have the licence for the job I want by November next year. 40k in debt, but the job I want at least.

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Maybe stop drinking if it runs in your family. Look at yourself from an objective point of view. Maybe you will see how pathetic you look waiting to get drunk at 8 am.

>tfw so poor and lazy that can't even have alcohol or drug addictions

>he doesn't spend his ramen money on booze
Get on my level nigga.
>Maybe stop drinking if it runs in your family.
1. family has been fucked for a decade already. I am the kid so fuck you I already stripped them their responsibilities of me by cutting up a few credit cards. Mom is 64, dad is almost 63. the faggots need to retire. and I am building myself even if I am getting drunk by mid day I still wake up and leave for trade school on time.
>Look at yourself from an objective point of view. Maybe you will see how pathetic you look waiting to get drunk at 8 am.
>objective point of view
>Goes to a trade school and will start at 60k once out
>never misses a day or is late
>never touches the wheel or does important shit while on the sauce
>is working
>has a vehicle and licence
>lives on his own in a state by himself
>Isn't a burden on his family
Nah I'm good. You should go to r9k to see a whole board of people more pathetic than I am.

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I'm sorry so what advice are you looking for? Because if you aren't, you are better off writing your shitty sob story in a diary. Fucking alcoholic degenerate.

>gets more defensive than I got when I call him out

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Really not that extraordinary. I wasn't really addicted to the alcohol at all and beating weed addiction is easy. So not exactly noteworthy.

Go straight edge, brah.

did your parents treat you well? did you have a happy childhood? alcoholism often creates abusive or absent parents and this creates childhood trauma

I was thinking about picking up drinking because I cant find any hobbies.
Is it fun OP? What do you usually drink?

You're being a dumbass for not learning from their mistakes. Swear off alcohol right now, it will bring you nothing but sorrow. Go to AA and shit. Don't ignore this problem, handle it asap

>literally only thing making life worth living
>will bring you nothing but sorrow

Then just kill yourself already

>all those excuses
>don't want to go to AA
>lol fuck u user I do what I want
Do u even want help you drunk fucking retard? What did you come to this board for if you don't take any advice? Alcoholics are so braindead, I hate them even more than fucking meth addicts. Either stop drinking or ruin your life. I don't care either way

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>Alcoholism runs in the family
Alcoholism isn't a genetic trait, you just saw them drink and chose to do the same.

>I can't just accept I have no control over myself
It's the main point of AA, the religious aspect is only a benefit if you have no faith in yourself. I never went through AA and beat alcoholism on my own, but I've known many alcoholics who went through AA and came out being much healthier people.

>Alcoholism isn't genetic
Except addiction is disease that is highly related to genetic predisposition and mainly functions due to an abuse of the way dopamine functions in your brain

>Genetic vulnerability contributes to the risk of developing an addiction. Twin and adoption studies show that about 40% to 60% of susceptibility to addiction is hereditary. But behavior plays a key role, especially when it comes to reinforcing a habit.

>Do u even want help
Is this your first day on Jow Forums?