Liking female twitch streamers?

I have a horrible time with liking twitch female streamers. I know they are just trying to strap some cash off me but sometimes I can't help but donate. I am a fucking wreck. I usually don't say anything in chat either. I just watch.

I feel like such dog shit because I am giving money to women for basically free. Fucking hold me bros. How do men just not give a shit? I need to work on that. Here is who I have been watching recently. Makes me want to die because she is pretty and plays magic. KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yeah i've had this problem aswell user, but now i can say that it changed. i just see women or anyone less desirable of what appears to be my: attention / money / affection / attraction or without any point in occupying space in my mind.

i sometimes watch twitch and when i do i just do it for the reason not for the girl, you get me? if she's too suggestive then lmao i won't fall for it not ever again +knowing that it can bait others makes it more disgusting for me lol.

maybe it's just that i don't quite like cute things (and yes i'm straight as fugg) just because of how much of a bait it seems

ur way to hungry. just know they're pornstar SLUTS.

If they put on a good show and you like their content, then donating is not an issue. Good on them. It becomes a problem if you're hoping to garner attention or favour for yourself with your donations

>She is pretty
Not too sure about that one bro.

well she is pretty enough. She has nice mannerisms and what not. Not 10/10 but I don't even like 10/10's

Male or female they all want your money. Hours of communication in person will get you a drink or food from me irl so same rule applies online. Nothing if they just sit and go about there business playing games or lying but naked with legs open.

I want an amy gf so bad. She is just my type but I still wouldn't give her money for playing MTG.
Actually I never even used my free prime sub for a female before.

stop handing away money to e-women thinking they'll fuck you, it will never happen

if it makes you better I met up with some girl once just to give her $500 to satisfy my findom fetish. Never felt worse than I did after that.

>if it makes you better I met up with some girl once just to give her $500 to satisfy my findom fetish. Never felt worse than I did after that.
Hey pay pig. I want your money. I'll even spit on you if you sent it right now

yeah but are you attractive?

So what exactly do you feel like you are going to obtain from donating money to some girl on the internet? She has a boyfriend, she is streaming to MAKE MONEY, and you are some random dude she will never know, meet, or care about other than saying "oh hey, thanks randomdude123!".

Wow not only is she completely average looking, she also has an annoying voice.

>enabling internet whores

embarassing. also she looks like a tranny, get some taste if you're gonna paypig

I let you swallow my piss if you send me 500 $ right now

She isnt even a twitchthot. She is an engineer and used to work at Amazon. Now she streams magic the gathering on twitch. She also is on a relationship. There are worse girls to orbit but it never is a good idea.

I would but I doubt you're near me

stop orbiting you pathetic little loser

I buy video games on sale and watch free porn. I wouldn't dream of giving money to a woman unless she was servicing me in the flesh. But what do I know? Women aren't worth time or money. But do your thing chicken wing, if financing some thot gives you pleasure then do it, I guess. I'm just as lame for not pirating the fuck out of everything like I used to.

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I don't understand this phenomenon

Why do you even have money in twitch to donate? Did you really pull out your credit card and punch it in like "I'm gonna send this whore some money over the internet"

I once donated roughly 100$ during a speedrun marathon side stream that was full of memes and actually enjoyable. Those were amazing 10 hours and I dont regret it. But giving money to those random thots? No way. At least amazonian plays games and isnt even bad at mtg which makes her way better than just a glorified camwhore.