Am I being elitist?

Me 26M, her 27F.

I work a 9-5+ corporate job that I'm proud of, an a transplant to where I'm living for my career, and I have my own place, car, disposable income, loans in level payment, etc. I worked very very hard to get all this.

My gf, who has a college degree and comes from a successful family, lives at home with her mom, is a local to the area and never left to fend for herself, and she recently started working a shitty retail job after leaving her old job cause she "didn't like it"

Honestly I've given her time, like over a years worth, to get her shit together but she's not up to my standards on paper quite frankly. Her job is shit, her income is shit, she's still dependent on her family and I don't respect her much because of it. What drew me in to her initially was a laid back personality, sweetness and a sense of humor but now I'm seeing that these positive traits are jus indicative of a lack of industriousness and not taking anything seriously.

I don't expect her to be a type A investment banker but I really can't see myself with her long term if she doesn't get out of this burn out phase. I've gone through a LOT of shit to get to where I am, which isn't even that high, so I don't have as much sympathy for any depression/anxiety copouts a lot of people like to pull when the going gets tough

What do?

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You post this thread every few weeks.
Just dump her and let her find a guy who lets her be a housewife, that's probably what she wants.

>I work a 9-5+ corporate job that I'm proud of

Logistics manager of Chili's restaurants

> I have my own place, car, disposable income

Closet-sized studio aparment, 2012 acura, a couple grand in my pocket

>I worked very very hard to get all this.

I busted my ass dipping fries in grease for 8 years while taking business classes. Why can't my gf be an achiever like me?

Yes that's it let's see you seethe

Have you ever actually sat down and had a thorough discussion about this with her, or were you making passive aggressive marks in hopes that "she will get it someday?"

Take an hour or two out of your lives and have a serious discussion about all of it.

>expecting a woman to sell her soul to Mr. Goldberg as a prerequisite for a relationship where the man should be the provider anyway
You are a faggot, because you literally want to marry another man.


Just leave her you faggot. You keep posting about how she makes you miserable.

I'm a guy, retard.

She's already too old, go for ambitious younger girls


Whatever floats your boat, dumbass. I'm the kind of guy who considers adultery a capital offense.

why are you bitching about her on the Internet instead of confronting her, or being serious about the issue?

you don't have the balls to act on your feelings and thoughts, you are looking for a cosmic excuse because your choices aren't strong enough, you are afraid she will win the lottery, or find a better guy without you? or you guilty that she is too old to move on without trying to castrate you for stealing her youth on the marriage market?

Learn some fucking communication skills, or you deserve to be unfulfilled and miserable.

>the man should be the provider
i want tradcucks carted off to siberia

Joke's on you, I want to homestead there.

Besides, if you're worried about getting cucked, it's much more likely if you tell women they NEED a degree and a career (i.e. they go through college and a work environment surrounded by thirsty, amoral men).

Actually a housewife is more likely to cheat out of sheer boredom.

A lot of career women are too busy to be semen demons. The culprits for whoredom are women who have too much time on their hands like nurses and teachers.

Statistically, the aberration of a high-earning (and absent, crucially) male marrying a woman who stews in a wooden box all day will lead to somewhat higher incidences of infidelity. That is, however, a secondary effect, not a direct a result of staying at home.
Also, while a man should be the provider, that doesn't imply 50s-style consumerism. Agrarian lifestyle is best.

go there and leave the rest of us alone

I don't think you're being an elitist.

Being elitist would imply you have some (or something) that prompts you to be an elite about. You have nothing interesting.

I'm an immigrant who learned English in the first six months of freshmen high school. By senior year I had an early acceptance to an Ivy on a full ride.

Four years later I double-majored in physics and philosophy. Because I spent my summers working in a foundry, I saved enough money to open my own foundry in my home country.

So I run the foundry and in my spare time I design high efficiency blast flurnaces. I've patented 3 designs; part of the first design has become standard for new furnaces in the last 3 years.

On royalties alone I make roughly $800,000 a year. That's because I'm not manufacturing said furnaces. I will though, and when I do, I can expect yearly net profits around $2.5 mil., in my country alone.

I digress. I'm dating a farm girl. Her idea of work is to separate the calves from their moms late afternoon by using a golf cart. It takes her a whomping hour and a half, and then she's tired. She asks me to spoil her by buying her the iced tea she loves. Doesn't want jewelry, trips to Hawaii, or marriage without pre-nup. Just ice tea. Oh, and she has the most lovely southern accent. The way she says my name and calls me sugar just hits it home.

So... why her? Because that red head has the most delicious pussy ever. Oh, and she doesn't need me to feel fulfilled in what she does. She calls my designs and miniature prototypes "thing-a-majjiggies". When I 3-D printed a bottle opener in the shape of a cow, she nearly fainted, then asked if I could print out radios or cell phones. It was cute.

Point is, she's happy in what she does. But you're too caught up your own asshole to ask her if she's happy with you.

You're the type of person I least like: the irrelevant corporate rat who thinks he's important. Breathe before you become what you want to be.

Awe cute story dude.


Immigrants to America are actually treated better than Americans.

>living for my career
>living to waste the next 30 years of my life sucking corporate cock
dude you presumably make good money, save as much as you can in the next few years and retire while you're still a young man. Take it from me working for corporate sucks the life out of you sooner or later, have an exit plan sooner rather than later. Don't fall for the boomer meme that you have to give up your best years to a soulless corporation then retire at 69. As for your girlfriend, she sounds like she was baby'd for her entire life, got a meme degree and now realizes that being in the workforce is a lot harder than studying for a few hours a week for a multiple choice psychology exam sipping Starbucks lattes in a dorm living on daddy's dime. You're not gonna be able to fix that shit dude, she might be worth keeping around for some dickings on the side but don't waste your time trying to have any type of functional long term relationship with her.

Accept that women, all throughout history had never had to fend for themselves. In essence, things have remained the same. It is the man's responsibility to shoulder her lifestyle and move her into your life permanently. If you don't do this, she will leave and find her options elsewhere.

It's your choice. Only a few decades ago did women get the chance to live out a career. But from what you typed, it seems you want a fellow DUDE, not a female. Females never like to work or eke out a living. That's your job. Their job is to produce babies for you.

Take your head out of your damn ass and stop talking like your making millions.
Oh wow you have income and a car?
Oh shit you're basically like everyone else. What a success man I want to be like you at some point!
How the fuck are you looking down on others so much? There's nothing special about you. I think you're literally just jealous because her being from a wealthy family means she doesn't have to try as hard and can be more easygoing in achieving her goals, less pressure etc and you can't take it. Just leave her, others will be happy to support her and be with her. You can keep sucking mr shekelbergs dick if you think it will get you anywhere.

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Stop it user I'm starting to run out of breath and my ribs are getting sore XD.

Wow lol truly based

>it's your choice. Only a few decades ago did women get the chance to live out a career. But from what you typed, it seems you want a fellow DUDE, not a female. Females never like to work or eke out a living. That's your job. Their job is to produce babies for you.

She won't shut the fuck up about feminism and empowered corporate women and Hilary Clinton. You can't have your cake and eat it too.


>t. Shitskin marrying a naive white girl

My dad designs furnaces as well. What type of furnaces are they? Not gonna lie, it sounds like BS. There are a ton of factories in the US that closed recently, and only a few new ones are being made in the past year. If a new company starts up they tend to use machines from factories that closed because they're nearly free.

I doubt some steel plant in Gary Indiana that is barely alive is gonna pay some pajeet 2.5 million a year to make a furnace.

Only a pajeet, spic or black is going to put up with a stupid ginger because of her "delicious pussy"

Ahmeds post is maximum cringe.

savage af

Yes, OP, you are elitist. You are proud over things. Over fucking things. You're being competitive against your significant other.

What the fuck are you gonna do together with your gf, once she "gets her shit together" and is "up to your standards"? Absolutely nothing, because she will never be able to reach that place. For one thing, you won't let her.

You're not an achiever, you're alienated from the concept of "human relationships". Good luck using your success and couple grand trying to get out of that alienation. If you can't see it now, don't worry, it's gonna hit you on the head with a frying pan once you reach 40-something.

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THAT is your signal to ditch her
It indicates that not only she's not going to change - she actually sees it as a huge effort on her part and will clearly not try to do as much as you say you do

Regardless, do understand that everyone's different and if it brings you so much pain or you feel it's not fair, roughly half the population of the planet is female.
Didn't work for me, but hey, you seem to have a "shark mentality" like they call it and should have no problem finding another.

Why would you date a feminist?

>My gf won't cheat on me if she makes powerpoints all day

L.M.A.O. If you don't have kids she'll just get bored and leave after a few years

>You're being competitive against your significant other

But her saying death to the patriarchy and men are toxic while being funded by daddy is totally fine? Go fuck yourself cuck

If you're not being a patriarch or toxic in your relationship, this shouldn't concern you, because she's not talking about you. Take some initiative and put some effort if you want the higher ground.

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>It's okay if girls say death to the patriarchy as long as you're not a "patriarch"