Going on a date in less than an hour going to meet for coffee. Wish me luck. also any last minute advise

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Do not get negative. If the line is long, use the time to people-watch. If they screw up your order, take it as an opportunity to try something new. Do not act rudely toward anyone; show patience and understanding.

The temptation most people experience when things to wrong on a date is to get upset because it's ruining their perfect plans. No, a piss poor attitude is what will ruin the plans. Your date will still have a fantastic time if you roll with the punches.

just be cool and don't catch feelings for her too fast


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thanks frens

Hijacking this thread because I'm suddenly also going to a date for the first time in my life (not underage, I'm in my early 20s) two hours from now and I'm almost panicking.
We're going for a walk.

What the fuck do I do?

Buy condoms

Talk about her. If she says something, follow up with a question to learn more. Once she's done you can bring up some stuff about yourself on that same subject. A bit like this:
>Doing anything fun this week?
Her: "Oh my family is all going over grandma's house for dinner on Wednesday."
>Big family?
"Yeah my mom has three brothers and two sisters so a lot of nieces and nephews."
>Wow, no kidding. Do you guys see each other a lot?
"We try to do a get together once or twice a year."
>Yeah that's about how often I see my cousins too...

Also try to be a little spontaneous. If a donut shop or something catches your eye during the walk, ask if she wants to pop in. Stop to take a picture of a nice looking view.

Thank you, user. I'll try not to blow it.
It's really sudden for me because I've always been the fat kid but then recently I lost a lot of weight and started lifting and then a couple weeks ago this girl started talking to me and started giving clear signs, kissy emoji, etc.
I may look a bit chad now but it's hard to act one.

You might be the first protoChad she's found who doesn't act like a self-absorbed ass. Play it cool homeboy.

alright I'm going in. I will let you know how it goes after

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Good luck fren

good luck brother, have fun!

>premarital sex

You'll do fine

How's it going OP? Is she hot? Post shoes or feet of girl

That's it guys, it's time to meet her.
Wish me luck, I'll need it because I'm a serious sperg.

You got it in the bag dude.

Post feet of girl OP. Please?

Just show her your fap sock and shit jugs

Walks are the best first dates.
Find a few things about her from social media and bring it up in a casual way. If she has any hobbies, try to talk about them. And see if there are any events around you that correspond to what she does and likes. You can mention it in the conversation that you might be going to such and such event and she can join if she's interested. Also keep a few conversation topics handy if it all goes quiet. If you're walking by an interesting spot, like a store, ask her if she's been there or if she wants to check it out. Google is your friend, do some research about your route beforehand so you know a few things.

How do I ask girls on dates? Where do I take them?

To your basement, obviously.
Always phrase it in a way that makes it seem like you're gonna be doing that thing regardless of her joining you. Like "So I'm going to this place to check it out this Saturday, since you said you like this, feel free to join". That gives her an out, but also makes her know that you're going anyway and she's welcome to be a part of your plan. Once you've gone on a date like that once or twice, then be more direct. "Would you like to go to dinner sometime?" or whatever

But I don't know any places

Unless you live in some bumfuck nowhere rural town, you can easily Google and read some forums about your city and find a few places where people usually go to for dates. Just use the internet

Good luck user !!

but he needs to remain a jerk to look masculine. remember women like jerks/assholes. although he doesnt need to do this 100% he does need to apply it towards her in some shape or form

if he's too nice she might see him as a weakling and get turned off quickly

can back like an hour ago my b homies. it went well and we ended going to a Korean place she knows close by. setting up the second date. thank you for the advice anons

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Good going, OP.
I'm the other dude that went on a date today, it went okay but I think I should've been more assertive at first, but we broke the ice when we went to an amusement park and played a bit.
We're going out again next Sunday so I think things went well.

Good job lads. It will go easier from now on even if this doesnt work out.

Happy for you fren

Wow very well said!!


A quick tip don't set up the next date while on the current date. Wait a day or 2 and see if she reaches out saying she had fun. Then ask for the second date if she liked hanging out with you.

remember to be a jerk next time

I also just happen to go on a date today and this thread gave me a little hope, but I'm still feeling dreadful.
How do I just make the date into a good experience? I've never had a good date, there's always this nagging feeling that she's just waiting to be amused by me. I want to adopt a more loose and relaxed attitude but whenever that happens we just go cold and silent. I swear if I were to shut up the whole date, we wouldn't exchange a single word except hi and bye.
How do I stop being the entertainer and be the entertained instead?

so how’s the date?

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Ok, date canceled. Gee, what a surprise, not like it didn't happen times before. Fuck man, why do I even bother anymore? Why can't I just go my own fucking way and actively ignore any woman that shows in my life?

If you are not good at talking, plan some activity you can suggest instead.
Plan the date so it is fun even if she doesn't say a word to you the entire time.

Sorry to hear that. I remember that two of my dates got cancelled and then I stopped trying, though tbf I don't like girls that much anyway.

Hijacking the thread to also ask for some post-date advice:
Went on a first date with a girl, we got on together quite well, talked the whole time etc. This was on saturday, she said she's very busy but we can go out again on friday and that she enjoyed spending time with me. The next day I told her that I too liked being with her, but what do I do now?
Should I not text her until thursday, wait for her to text me first or what?

don't even imagine that while she says she's busy and won't meet you, she's dating another guy
you'd overthink

I am not, I am just wondering whether I should text her or what to do until friday.

Just do whatever.
Don't artificially restrict yourself.
If you want to send her a funny meme or some shit, just send it, but don't force yourself to text constantly when you don't actually want to.
Just be yourself and go with the flow.

To preserve your mental sanity, I suggest you make some alternative loose plans for 2nd date day, in case she cancels, then text her without mentioning such plans, if she cancels last minute you go for the alternative plan instead of being left hanging with your dick in your hand.

Whatever you do, have some self respect. It's ok to text first and all that, but don't be desperate about it. If she doesn't respond, she is ignoring you, if she is ignoring you, you're wasting your time.