Depressed about college. My mom picked my major. I don’t want to become a medical laboratory scientist...

Depressed about college. My mom picked my major. I don’t want to become a medical laboratory scientist. I want to be a teacher or chef. What to do?

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Don't do it then fs

Lol mom picked your major, are you Asian?

Tell your mom you're going to do what you want, and if she's not happy with that tha you're going to drop out. See how she reacts, she will probably cave. Granted, I'm a teacher and though it's rewarding in a lot of ways it's thankless work.

You can be a teacher or a chef with that major, you'll just need some supplemental coursework afterward. I bet that you also have a couple years before you even finish your general education courses anyway.

Honestly, if you're ready to put in the work for what you want to do then do it. Apart of life is coming to these crossroads. The path you take is uo to you. Just make sure before picking which road to take, that you take it with no regrets and feel ready to take on thw challenges ahead.

Choose your own major and lead your own life.

Oldfag here (40s yes I hang out on chan)

Is there arrangement your mom finances your education? Its a contract I know even seems like extortion if she will pay for what SHE dictates. But higher intel debt is ridiculous for you guys Could you take chemistry and minor in cooking? Gastro-chem cooking or whatever called is popular thing. Make your capstone project whatever if they have that a cooking idea.

Teaching as PUBLIC school teacher seems to be nice gig to me (private sector worker 30 years--I told you oldfag) the old joke about gov being worse then private sector NOT true unless you start your own enterprise. You get summers off and choice benefits and defined benefit (NOT defined contribution pension) as .gov fag. Chef? TOP chefs as I understand it work in Vegas--I like in MI and one of best schools for culinary arts (srs--I eat there and amazing) is a community college (Schoolcraft) so the model of "traditional public education) at secondary/tertiary level in USA is dying model IMO.

You gotta REALLY want your work life (and believe me I know--I got degree and have worked as private investigator for 23 years and I love it--sure I could make more but I like my job and being a PI is as professional as you want to make it)--my point is if you strike out on your own, and pay your way with debt, KNOW that you will struggle and fight.

I think problem with lot of kids (I say kids because I got my M.S. in 1995) is they think education is start of huge $$$--ITs the VERY BEGINNING of working your @$$ off--degree is to teach you to learn and you better learn continuing ed and for G sake dont go into major student debt for a unemployable major/lack skill.

Oldfag opinion. I think do has some wisdom but someone will troll me so be it its the CHAN

OP are you literally me? I'm 30 and have been depressed and miserable constantly since I was 18 as my mother forced me to study Medical Biology too. I hated college and couldnt even get a proper job after graduation as my grades were terrible.


I mean at least you're a doctor. That's a good job

I'm not a doctor. I said Medical Biology not medicine.

I dropped out of university because of this same shit. My Asian parents convinced me to study law because that's where the money was, I remember sitting there in the lecture hall one day thinking "is this really me, do I seriously see myself sitting in an office doing paperwork all day and in all likelihood representing shady characters in court when I have the confidence of fucking mouse." I was depressed as hell, I couldn't even bring myself to make any friends.

I quite without telling them after the first year, some months passed before they found out, I got the typical Asian punishment of course but eventually the tension subsided and I got to choose the course I wanted when I re- applied to a different uni the next year, by that point my parents just wanted me to have a degree, ANY degree.

It's not worth the depression and eventual wage cuck lifestyle that's sure to follow. Do what you want, bear the resentment from your mom, it'll pass.

listen to this guy or you end up like and its too late to change career at 30.

Your depression is a life lesson for a sin you have committed. Accept your punishment and move on.

> medical laboratory scientist

Aren't these jobs being automated? I could be wrong and mixing it too much with another job type that's not as related as I think (lab tech).

It's not too late or not worth it, just unfortunate because you'd be a decade behind where you'd be otherwise.

Oh. Maybe you should go be doctor

Tell her
drop out
study to become a chef/teacher
>but they won't accept it and they pay for my studies
find a part time job and pay for yourself

The only reason it wont be automated is that they want a human to blame if an error occurs.

people in the industry are worried about it but they’re just tards. We’re always going to need human eyes and hands doing daily quality control and making sure everything is working properly. Labs still hire approx the same amount of people they have ever since lab equipment used to come with ashtrays (not joking)

are you able to find something which you like in the major you're in?

Have another perspective. I can’t afford college. I’m 24, have had HPV damn near a decade and it will kill me likely soon due to cancer. I have not been verified for that of course, but you at least have a future. I can’t get a loan, I have to lie to get hired to a new minimum wage job because I’m white and since I’m a white male they put me below non whites and women (it’s a thing in Canada). You’ll likely live longer than me and actually have happiness. What is so bad about your situation? Honestly?