People complain if you wear makeup

>people complain if you wear makeup
>people complain if you don’t wear makeup

Why do most girls have to wear makeup to be considered attractive by men?

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Because they started wearing makeup due to peer pressure, fucked up their skin and then never figured out how to unfuck it.

The rest of the girls don't smear shit on their faces and have a good skincare regimen which includes dietary and environmental elements.

Because most women are not attactive

>The rest of the girls don't smear shit on their faces and have a good skincare regimen which includes dietary and environmental elements.
No they just perfected how to wear subtle makeup which ironically takes longer to put on.

t. girl who gets complimented by incel on her great """natural""" complexion and how great she looks "no make-up"

You spent a lot of words being wrong. I literally married one. Something you unfortunately may never enjoy.

>your fugly ass wife
>considered attractive by men

>to be considered attractive by men?

What men? Literally which ones? I will fight them. With words, obviously, and they won't know that they've lost because they're probably fucking stupid, but I'll totally make the case that makeup is really just some tool of misogyny.

But you won't really care, because I'm like 42 and pudgy and white, and the dude you're tryna fuck isn't, probably, so like this is just some catfish bullshit, right?

I mean, most girls don't have to wear makeup to be considered attractive by men, but most girls don't really give a shit what most men have to say about their makeup.

Aaaaand, you think I'm gay.

But I never complained about lack of makeup? Dont lump me in with those clown fetishist

nice bait thread

i don't think makeup is attractive. Girls look way better natural

The pressure is not from men, it's from other women.

Human attraction dynamics is like the peacock's: it is actually the male that has the traits and beauty to attraction.

Since beauty is the most important factor to females, because it is the reason for attraction itself, then, females give value to whichever mechanisms are there to enhance beauty.
Therefore, women regard makeup usage as worthy. Moreover, women give social acceptance to other women if the latter is, in someway, socially superior to them; and being beautiful is one way to acquire this superiority.

> The pressure is from other women
Yes, and that's just the peer pressure that comes from the social dispute on the 'superiority' aforementioned.

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This also explains why women love, really LOVE fhs, putting make up on men.

Because natural beauty is and has always been extremely rare. But that dosent mean girls, or anyone want to do the best with what they got.

This exact same thread was posted 2 weeks ago, with the question posed being near enough the same. Femcels need to fuck off.

The only people that push makeup on women are other women.

life sucks and isn't fair, some people aren't attractive. It is what it is.

And all the men who likes makeup on women. Big world.

Men just like women that look good, if you're ugly you need makeup, if not, you don't need makeup.

i dont like it across the board. but
aldo this women compete with each other more than anything.
>injecting shit into face
>fake tits
>fake ass
all womenly things going out of hand. for the most part, the (straight) male equivalent is just being /fit

girls look better without makeup

I like girls without makeup better because they aren't trying hard to look attractive and I find that trait desirable.
Honestly you barely ever see girls that put 0 consideration into their appearance before going outside, but you see a bunch of guys that do.

I don't wear makeup and don't care what men think of my looks. I live my life for me, not some random nigga on the street. Anyway, depending on how make up is done, it could go either way. If it's a lot of make up (cake face) then the woman looks older and fake, whereas natural make up is okay once in a while.