I meet my perfect girl

I meet my perfect girl
we hade so much in common, we both wanted the same thing for the future, family wise etc
we are both very conservative and traditionalist
spent almost a month talking, 3-4 hour phone calls at time
problem is shes REALLY conservative and a virgin, shes all or nothing, unfortunately my grandfather was jewish, im probably mixed with 5 nationalites, and ofc that does not make me marriage material in her eyes
we talked about meeting several times plan it down to a fucking key, last minute she bails, later tells me its because shes afraid she will fall in love with me, and she cant have that because off the fucking genes in my blood, I fucking get her though, if I wasent so mixed I would feel the same way

stop talking last Friday, ends up with her blocking me on all social media, I text her and say I really need to talk to her, we have a call and she tells me nothing can ever happen between us, but blocking we was a bit to dramatic and she still wants me around, we decide that we should refrain from talking for a while atleast get some distance before we talk again

ofc I cant fucking hold my self and send her a meme, she responds instantly, I could tell she was eager to hear from me, we text for a bit, and she ends it by saying she really needs to go tend to some shit and that we should not be talking, yet....

im so fucking lost, I want this girl more then anything, honestly don't know what to do, she seams dead set on this never ending up romantic, yet at the same time I know shes wants it deep down, I mean she told me several times she was falling for me, and I cant ask her to change for me, to give up her morals only to be with me

well that was my blogg post, any replies are welcome, advice, taunts, sorry for all the typos and whatever

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Sad Bump.....

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Just keep being there and make her see that she can't be without you. She will falter quicky given your account.

Thanks man... I hope so

I will try my best, but I feel I cant be pushing her

>when Jow Forums backfires

You don't need to tell me again brother

the irony is what stings the most

She's based, user. Take solace in the fact that there are still great women out there, but don't spoil it out of selfishness.

I'm also a quarter Jew, and I get where you're coming from, but I'd never be able to live it down if I made a girl like that give up what makes her special. Wish her the best, but it's the right call for both of you to move on.

>unfortunately my grandfather was jewish, im probably mixed with 5 nationalites, and ofc that does not make me marriage material in her eyes
What utopian, third world, ex-soviet country do you live in where women stay virgins and refuse to marry mutts?

well since I am a mutt
i obviously feel the most important part is the values of a house hold

im still white, i can still my raise my white kids with strong morals and critical thinking

but yeah i get it....
its hard giving up on someone which you click with on so many levels and share morals and future hopes with

ready for this one brother? its a real shocker, sweden

>inb4 not white

i can trace all of my family to Europe, even the jewish grandpa

>its hard giving up on someone which you click with on so many levels and share morals and future hopes with
I can only imagine. That's why breaking contact is for the best, since you wouldn't constantly be reminded of the loss of such a woman. It would only drag out the pain for both of you if you keep the current arrangement.

No, don't push. Just keep going the way you are. Send her a semiromantic meme or pic and say you thought of her when you saw it. Send her a text late at night on Saturday or Sunday and say you miss her, that you're sorry for texting, and wish her a good night. Just small but meaningful things. If you're right, she's thinking about you all the time as well and will your words will break down get resistance when she feels safe that you good her in the same regard.

>your words will break down her resistance when she feels safe
That's just wrong. It's exactly the same strategy that predatory men use to exploit young and sheltered girls.

The furthest I would say is acceptable is if OP goes no-contact himself, and she contacts him on her own initiative, then he can go along with it while being entirely honest about himself and what it would mean for her as well. 1/8 Jewish (not even from the maternal line) is hardly the end of the world, and can be worked through, but it will take effort from both of them if they want to keep their values intact.

Even that's not ideal, but better she get someone like OP (who at least partially shares her views) than someone without a conscience.

>It would only drag out the pain for both of you if you keep the current arrangement.

this right here is totally true, but i guess im an emotional masochist so imma drag this out just for the slim hope that it will work out eventually
i have never felt like this for a girl before so im not going to give up on it at the first sign of struggle, even though i should probably take your advice and just let her go

thanks for the advice, i will probably lay low for a few days and then send her just a couple snaps, maybe see if she wants to have a call next weekend, the part that's bugging me is that this ever leads to something it means she will have given up so much for me

>(who at least partially shares her views)
its more then just partially, we agree on almost every single subject matter we have ever discussed, you know except the small shit like what music is good and shit like that, some disagreement is always good

forgot to add, yeah it feels predatory, but i have already been fucking honest with her that i wont let her go that easy and she still wanted to keep in touch so...

i mean i know she wants it as bad as me just that her ideals are holding her back, shes told me several times

>Showing emotions is predatory behavior.
Yes, pursuing someone with honest comments is morally bankrupt.

Go for it, op. If you truly want her in your life, you have to fight for it. Nothing worth having in this life ever comes easy.

I just want to say Thanks a lot anons

this has really helped a lot, its always nice to have some more perspective on the subject, and both sides have made valid points

but imma go with this guys advice

It is not for you to say what she gives up. She is an adult, just like you, and she is responsible for her own actions.

Also, don't suggest a call. Just keep sending her those small reminders until she wants to talk. If you try to expand your communications again she will feel pressured, and it's too soon for that. If she responds immediately and wants to keep talking, do that, but otherwise such to the plan.

Yo, it's time to stop, OP.

Tell her to stop being racist.

Eh shes a stupid girl she doesn't know what she wants

her words not mine

yeah that will go well

She will never respect you if she doesn't confront her racism head on and gets rid of it.
She will always see you as a lesser and she will always think she settled for you.
Not a good start.

These kind of women tend to be golddiggers.

They say they are "traditionalist". What they really mean is they want to never work a single day in their life.
And do not be mislead. They can call themselves whatever but when it comes time, they will make full use of the feminist family court to screw you over.

valid point, but shes not really a racist, she just wants her children to be pure, i mean okey we are both racist to some degree but not full blown white supremacists

You fell in love with a girl that you never fucking met? Nice fantasy, goldberg.


doubt it but noted, and i hey i would love to be able to provide for a my family and not having my wife work

when did i say love?

I just fell for her pretty hard. i wanna see where this could lead

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being racist.
Preference for one's own is natural and beneficial to societies.

This is a common thing the individualist mindset will lead one to conclude. It isn't true, though. A woman is a gold-digger if she marries a guy FOR his money. She's well within her rights to expect that her partner is financially stable. Similarly, a guy is a predatory dickhead if he chases a girl FOR her virginity, but expecting that she's not a degenerate is a perfectly reasonable standard.

her being a virgin is just icing on the cake


Take your steaming pile of diarrhea back to

you are not making much sens

>imblying consumerist wagecucking is traditionalism
If you aren't harvesting the wheat fields along with your wife and kids, you're doing it wrong.

Well that's actually what both of us want, but you have to be realistic too

Single income households being "traditional" is a modern invention.
In the past, the women would be household keepers. They had to tend not only to the house and the children, but also the farm and animals if they were subsistence farms, or to supervise the staff if they were rich.
Today's modern family has no household. Just a house. And with modern inventions, there isn't much to do. Certainly not 40 hours of work a week. So what used to be an actual full time occupation is now something you can take care of in a few hours a week.

Dual income households are more adhering to the conservative value that both man and woman have to pull their own weight. I don't see how it is a conservative attitude to let the wife do an hour of chores a week and then spend the rest of the time doing bullshit like Yoga and spending your hard earned money while you're slaving away for her.


and i sure as hell want a real household, not just a home



Where did you meet her in the first place?

Heh, wheat fields.

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