Gf's been having extreme stomach pains around the abdominal area for the past two weeks or so...

Gf's been having extreme stomach pains around the abdominal area for the past two weeks or so. After the first 4 days it looked like it went away, but now it's back after she ate a bit too much. Her belly is somewhat swollen, to the extent even her bellybutton is pushed out. Last time she had something like that we thought of appendicitis, but the medic said it was only stress and anxiety (lots of uni exams, now the year barely started so I doubt it could be the same). What to do? Should we go to a hospital asap, or is there anything that could ease the pain? We tried paracetamol but didn't do anything

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pop the bloating by stabbing her with a knife

I don't think that's a good idea

Wtf go to the hospital ASAP

It's what I'd like her to do, but it's too late for her to go alone and I'm nowhere near her to bring her myself

She could get a taxi or call her parents while you work on getting your useless ass over there. Any chance she is pregnant and something wrong with the baby?

In two planes away and 12 hours of flight away, so fat chance. She also had her periodo literally two days ago, so no baby

Okay in that case you are excused. What about a family member or friend?

She has an uncle close but she doesn't want to contact him now, and I don't have his number to do so myself. She also has some flatmates, but they don't have a good relationship

Tell her to call a cab. Don't be dumb.

Get her a cab then. Tell her to stop wasting time.

She says she's feeling somewhat better now, but I don't think she feels good enough to even walk outside her room. Plus it's midnight there right now

Does she have problems with being constipated? Does she drink enough?
Some things she can try right now is using a hot-water bag to ease and relax her organs.
Peppermint oils and teas can help, as can fennel, anise and caraway.
She can also try laying on her back and gently (!) massaging her abdomen with a lose fist, clockwise around the navel (but only if it doesn't cause pain).
If she feels up to it, she could try this:

But, yeah, she should see a doctor about this

>Does she have problems with being constipated?
>Does she drink enough?
Kinda. Some days she barely drinks, other days she drinks 3-4 liters of water or non fizzy drinks like bottle tea.
Will tell her to do all that, thanks

Constipation in addition to bloating cause a really nasty combo. Would be good to find out why she's constipated (could be stress, could be lack of fluids, who knows).
She could try to drink two cups of water (not too cold). Constipation and bloating can be a sign of water retention. Sometimes, just drinking a bit more can help.
I hope your gf gets well soon

> (OP)
And I forgot: Don't let her take painkillers because of that. They can make it worse

She's been suffering from constipation since about two years ago when she developed anorexia (though that's now history, as she got better now), but apparently it's also a family thing as her father has it too. She took painkillers only once I think, will tell her not to do that anymore. Thanks user

How are you two planes away?

No direct flights from where I live (Scotland), so I have first to fly to London and from there to her

The wonderful thing about cabs is that they drive 24/7. I hope it's nothing serious and she feels better tomorrow but she should have someone look at it asap.

Is it a good idea for her to skip breakfast and lunch? She says the only thought of food makes her sick right now

go to a doctor, you don't ask for medical advice on the internet and since you both aren't doctors and neither the people around are you don't know jack about abdominal issues, referred pain and the similar.

Could be serious, you'll never know unless you check.