No gf, incapable of ever getting one

>no gf, incapable of ever getting one
>never had sex, never will
>can't really fit in
>thought I'd compensate by becoming an autistic science guy
>work your ass off with high school physics
>get accepted to uni
>2 weeks of uni happens, you're completely out of the game
>the exercises are just way beyond your level, even the basic ones
>realize you have nothing else left in your life, this was your only shot
>you have nothing to live for
>all you have is that student loan you took

So umm what do I do after realizing I have no place in life?

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I'm doing uni physics as well, are you doing general physics 1 as a freshman?

Don't lose hope and apply for something else?
>Can't fit in
>Can't have sex
Why? Are you actually impotent or are you just putting yourself down?

you shouldnt think you have no place in life. No one has a place in life. Dont be the best you you can be, be better than the fuckers sitting around you. Have the balls to work harder. Your so self defeating its hard to take you seriously. Its gonna be hard,but you need to be harder.

It's just fuckin' maths
Moving numbers around ain't that hard

>Your so self defeating its hard to take you seriously

Try uni physics, I fucking dare you. It breaks you if you're not a genius by birth.

>It's just fuckin' maths
>Moving numbers around ain't that hard

I wish it was! The thing is, it's not. I'm good at math but in physics you have to come up with the function / math yourself. You have to be creative, I'm not.

It all boils down to male life being infinitely harder than female.

How to succeed if you're male:
>become actually good at something hard like physics or bodybuilding

How to succeed if you're female
>exist. you will be picked up and worshipped by guys

This might sound defeatist but it's the honest truth of 2019. Just look at insta thots, they just take mediocre pics of themselves and receive Patreon money.

>Plugging numbers into physic functions is hard.

It's a false easiness, user. All those young women are being deluded into thinking that their youth is permenant and that they should value nothing else. A woman without any kids or stable partner interested in her personality will become a miserable drunk later in life

You always have the opportunity to kys. im not being edgy, but just being realistic

lol no

There's only so much information presented. You have your axioms. You apply those axioms until things slot together.

Do whatever comes naturally, never try in life.

so if I stay home and play video games and work 7 to 5 i get a gf and a car?!

I don't know how to break through the barrier of not developing relationship skills in youth. At this point it will just be a massive red flag to anyone

Ask for help. You now need to practice asking for help. The professor, tutors, study skills classes, whatever

You just gotta keep at it. I was like you I studied astrophysics in university but came from a poor family and shitty high school. Just barely scrapped by first two years but I got better and better. By the time I got to graduate school I was above average. The key is always to improve even if just a tiny bit. As long as the direction is right you will make it.

I prefer to be a miserable man than a successful woman... imagine getting fucked by a chad daily... fuck no.

I really want to kill myself guys but I can't do it

This is fucking hell

man stop complaining you fucking retard and do something, try to live your best life
if yous just gonna be a little bitch then maybe the world is better off if you kill yourself

Not OP, are you from Pittsburgh by any chance?

The really good thing about Maths is that it is a lot like weightlifting in that you get out exactly what you put in. Just keep going every day and study hard, put in the time and the results WILL come. I failed maths my entire high school career until year 11 when I got a tutor and turned my study habits around, in my final year of a mathematics degree now.

switch to math if you are so good at it retard